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  1. Yeah, next weekend is looking nice. Sign me up please.
  2. What a fantastic afternoon ! 66F and mostly sunny here. Sign me up for more of this please.
  3. I was hoping for some prolonged warm weather myself. Don't really see that with that look. Probably ends up more back and forth for a while. I'm all set for snow. This season has met my expectations locally. Interior areas could use a good month though. I have this gut feeling that March this year could cook up some sort of big storm at some point though too.
  4. Here's the end of the EPS from 00z.
  5. Sunday/Monday PNA spike has trended to flatten out. Shame. Looked halfway decent from a distance on ensembles. So looks like the northern stream just crushes the southern vort now. Instead of being able to dig more and turn the southern one up the coast.
  6. Sure it could. But it'd be in April/May.
  7. Looking forward to Wednesday. 45 and sunny here now feels great with very little wind. I'm personally enjoying these more tolerable temperatures. Wouldn't mind a torched March at all, but that doesn't look realistic currently. Probably more back and forth.
  8. This is around the time of that PNA spike. Keeping an eye on this one.
  9. You must be looking forward to that after those occasions of hypothermia this month.... Hopefully you're fully recovered.
  10. Yeah, was just looking at that. Wednesday looking really nice for temps. The nws model blend is a bit toned down. But we overperform on warmth these days. So I suspect the euro is closer to reality. Looking forward to that in a couple days.
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