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  1. Not sure if anybody saw this or not, but the storm at the eastern tip of the Island yesterday seems to be the cause of a small plane crash in Amagansett. https://patch.com/new-york/easthampton/plane-crash-water-near-amagansett-faa
  2. EasternLI

    My Summer Outlook 2018

    Just had a chance to read this. Well done and a great read as always.
  3. Great read explaining this event.
  4. 60F and heavy blue sky.
  5. Frosty landscape over here earlier this morning. Looks like another fabulous day on tap though with full sun.
  6. EasternLI

    Spring 2018 banter

    Would be nice to start to warm these up some.
  7. EasternLI

    Spring 2018 banter

    Can't speak for everyone, but I think it's just that folks have more time to post during winter months. I don't post much after winter because I hate spring and during summer I'm usually pretty busy. I'll still lurk in here though.
  8. EasternLI

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    5.5" from this morning's snowfall, and now I have 53.2" for the season. Which is impressive. I'm ready for some warmer days though.
  9. I'm finding 58F with some breaks of sun is quite enjoyable on this Friday afternoon.
  10. Oh I'm sure the 6 hour method inflates to some degree, that way is eliminating at least some compaction. I personally use the max depth of the event like they have laid out in the guidelines. I'd just like to see guidelines be the same for all locations. It doesn't look like that's the case right now. That bothers me. Especially after the first sentence in the preface emphasizes importance of consistency and accuracy.
  11. That's what I don't get. If we were to send 2 groups out to collect data in the name of science, you don't have one group collect it one way and another group another way. Unless of course the difference is what is being studied, but it isn't in this case.
  12. It doesn't make sense to me. NWS/FAA clear a board every 6 hrs. Yet everyone else isn't supposed to do that because it might inflate totals? How is that logical? It sounds like the airports still do it that way, though?
  13. Euro weeklies are only available if you pay for a model subscription on a model site, as far as I know. They need to be taken with a grain of salt as well though. They can be wrong at times, while other times they might have the right idea. It's basically the 00z EPS from that previous night rolled forward. So if the 00z run has the wrong idea, then the weeklies likely do too.
  14. I'm with you here. Love winter, but it's time to move on. I wonder if this will be one of those years we flip right to summer.
  15. 12z EPS wants a trough to hangout in the northeast in the extended. Clearly, it hates us.