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  1. Jamstec ENSO update. Not very comforting in the long term.
  2. Wow, close. Nice.
  3. Just had a crazy gust. Had to be 50
  4. Kitchen sink over here, some rain, some sleet, and some wet flakes.
  5. Light snow right now, had some mod snow for a while. 1" at 12:00.
  6. Snow is falling here too since the radar got better. Terrible flakes, but snow it is.
  7. Same. 29/27
  8. LOL @ the Euro being deadly at day 5
  9. Kinda chilly here 35/30 Upton sounds like they're staying on their toes.
  10. Some similarities on the EPS with a neutral ENSO phase 8 February composite for late week.
  11. Unfortunately, I'm not the owner of the photos and I had a bit of a falling out with the owner so it may prove to be a tall order to gain access once again. However, if that changes or I come across anything else from that storm I would absolutely share them with you. I would have loved to share them here as they were impressive. Thank you for clarifying for me the coastal front situation. I was totally unsure of that and I trust your input greatly. Lastly, great page there!!! Love the photos.
  12. Don't the kuchera maps only take into account temps of the column to determine ratios? I believe forky mentioned that. You would also need to look at lift in the DGZ, which I don't think is accounted for in that method. Also, wind, high winds will smash any good ratios into oblivion.
  13. Heh, I'm too young to remember it personally (barely), but not very long ago I was treated to some pictures taken right after that '78 blizzard. The photos were taken not very far from where I am now. I had heard stories, but those are the first photos I recall seeing of my local area out here from that storm. All I can say is, they were digging down in order to get to the car. Likely due to drifting, but still. The top of the antenna was all that was visible in one photo. I believe that even had a period of rain here as well early on if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Yes, exactly what I was getting at. Because, given the bolded, this could have VERY easily have been a bottom of the barrel winter WRT snowfall. Meanwhile, it won't be. Sure, the argument could be made for the cold, I get that. I guess I'm just being content with the warm and snow, when it could have very easily been warm without snow.
  15. 2007-08 this is not. I have almost triple the snow total for that year already. No complaints here.