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  1. Haven't seen it mentioned much lately, but I think a lot of the blame for that this year falls on the SSW. I remember discussion about how it would be very problematic if the cold dump was on the other side of the pole. Well, it was. Which doesn't leave much to tap into on this side. Which is what we've been seeing.
  2. Eps overnight is now effectively advertising a transient period of favorability. With the ridging methodically retrograding to the dateline by the end of the run.
  3. Something is lurking out there around the 15/16th maybe. Looks cold after that with cross polar flow and -nao
  4. That's a solid winter pattern on the eps in the 10-15 day. 2nd half of the month looking very interesting. This is a 5 day mean.
  5. For December, top 3 looks like it's been; #1 Euro #2 UK #3 Canadian
  6. There actually is some cross polar flow into Canada on the eps. Starts building on the 14th. Looks -AO driven to me.
  7. Sure looks like its shaping up to be a very interesting 2nd half of winter.