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  1. Since you guys brought it up, I've read some recent work on the subject suggesting Nov being of more importance than Oct. At least in a NAO sense. Go to the PDF in the below link to see the whole thing: http://diposit.ub.edu/dspace/handle/2445/105794
  2. There's a paper out there on this. Better chance of neg. NAO? https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00382-014-2155-z
  3. While poking around for info on the volcano, I stumbled upon this. Thought it was worth posting in here:
  4. My apologies for jumping into this subforum, but since I was lurking and it's being discussed. This was posted on twitter by a volcanologist.
  5. Looking like a powerhouse on Goes 16 vis.
  6. Not disappointed at all, wasn't trying to imply that. I actually found this to be quite fascinating as well as a learning experience, and it's still ongoing. Being able to watch this unfold with Goes 16 has been unbelievable.
  7. Maybe someone mentioned it and I missed it, but what about the sheer size of the circulation? Much harder to get a large system to ramp up rapidly as opposed to a small one.
  8. 10am radar loop:
  9. Looks like the eye has started warming a bit on IR. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=meso1-13-24-0-100
  10. I want to see what happens when these cold cloud tops exploding around the center right now get wrapped all the way around. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=meso1-13-48-1-100
  11. 000 WTNT61 KNHC 091853 TCUAT1 Hurricane Irma Tropical Cyclone Update NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL112017 300 PM EDT Sat Sep 09 2017 ...300 PM EDT POSITION UPDATE... ...IRMA MOVING NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF CUBA ... SUMMARY OF 300 PM EDT...1900 UTC...INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------- LOCATION...23.1N 80.3W ABOUT 55 MI...90 KM E OF VARADERO CUBA ABOUT 140 MI...225 KM SE OF KEY WEST FLORIDA MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...125 MPH...205 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...W OR 280 DEGREES AT 9 MPH...15 KM/H MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...938 MB...27.70 INCHES
  12. I noticed the same. The big takeaway, for me, was that it showed a strengthening storm after moving back over water right up until landfall.
  13. Going to be really tough to get the center to spend any appreciable time over land in Cuba at this point.
  14. It hasn't made it completely on shore as of yet, and it needs to make a hard left right about now in order to do so from what I'm seeing.