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  1. La Nina watch in effect. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/blogs/enso/july-2021-enso-update-la-niña-watch
  2. Smithtown area has got to be getting rocked right now. Judging by radar and the fact I hear constant thunder from that thing here in Riverhead.
  3. Eps looks snowy. Didn't look at the Canadian. This is a pretty impressive ensemble mean. And the end of the run is retrograding Scandinavian blocking to Greenland.
  4. Good grief the 06z gefs long range.
  5. Going to wrap it up with 6" here. Good early call by Upton with the 4-8.
  6. We're in the midst of a - AO winter. First time in forever.
  7. Sure, here's the link. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/snowbands/view.php?cycle=2019110818&model=HREFv2&domain=ALL&field=snowobj_byhour&thresh=0.1
  8. HREF snow bands from the 00Z run. Pretty sweet look for LI and a good part of NJ.
  9. Well, the 18z gefs is deep winter until further notice. Another retrograding -nao in the long range too.
  10. That looks a little bullish to me. But hey, let's see what happens today.
  11. Tossed. We're sitting in a good spot this morning IMO.
  12. Would be a quick hitting smokeshow over here Sunday morning. Come on nam!!
  13. Fab Feb if the EPS is right. Active with -nao right through. Some +pna too lol
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