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  1. EasternLI

    Total destruction

    Maybe bears? Any bears in the area?
  2. Always good to see this. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0153.html Edit - didn't realize this was posted in the other thread as well.
  3. Indeed. Light snow is falling in Riverhead as well.
  4. EasternLI

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    WPC model diagnostic discussion regarding this event. Just for an idea of what they're looking at. From 130pm : Preference: General model blend (with less weight toward the 12z ECMWF) Confidence: Average The 12z NAM has shifted to the east with its surface low track (when compared to its previous two model cycles), a result of better agreement concerning the timing of the phasing of the northern and southern stream short wave into a broad cyclonic flow over the northern part of the US. The 12z GFS has remained consistent with its previous two model cycles in keeping the surface low further east. Though it has been trending slowly eastward with its depiction of the surface low track, the 12z ECMWF remains the westernmost member of the guidance envelope (joined with the 00z ECMWF ensemble mean). The general model trend has been to phase the northern and southern stream a bit later, resulting on a more easterly surface low track. Given this trend, a general model blend is preferred, though at this point less weight should be given the 12z ECMWF because of its surface low track (and precipitation swath). Because there is still some variability concerning when the phasing occurs, and considering the sensitivity of the forecast to that variability, confidence remains average.
  5. EasternLI

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Based on radar, I'm just wrapping it up over here. That's going to mean 3.2" for this event as a final. That's now the largest snow event of the season here. That brings me to 10.5" for the season.
  6. EasternLI

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    8AM I have 2.8" light snow still falling for now.
  7. EasternLI

    March, 2019

    Now that would be something. Something like that would just rake the whole area.
  8. EasternLI

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    7AM snow continues for now. 2.1" OTG for this event thus far. This looks to be the biggest snow since November 15th here.
  9. EasternLI

    March, 2019

    I was looking forward to a warm up after mid March. The EPS now wants to build a +PNA and dump a trough in the east for that period. LOL
  10. EasternLI

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Nice dump of snow ongoing here in Riverhead at 6AM. 1" OTG
  11. EasternLI

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    I never really understood why it always has to be one model that has it right while the others are wrong. This isn't rooting for a sports team here. These are peices of guidance. A EURO/GFS blend doesn't look so bad for most in here does it?
  12. EasternLI

    OBS thread March 1, 2019

    Had a period of very light snow early this morning adding up to 0.1". Which bumps my seasonal total to 7.3".
  13. EasternLI

    OBS thread Feb 27-28, 2019

    I've been a little busy so I'm just trying to catch up now. I measured 0.4" for this event in Riverhead. So that brought me to 7.2" for the season.
  14. EasternLI

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    Riverhead, this event delivered 1.1" before the rain/drizzle. Thankfully not much in the way of ice. That makes it 6.8" for the season.