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  1. Before I forget, I need to add the 1.5" from the mid-march storm. That puts me at 38.4" for the season. Hard to complain given the temps this season.
  2. Kinda like the Euro 700 and 850 track. I'll be interested in the 12z runs. Didn't look at Ukie though.
  3. One eye open for the weekend?
  4. At least I got the day off of work for a rainer, easy cleanup
  5. Nice!!! Hope you guys up there are taking lots of pics.
  6. As of 10am: SLP 850MB 700MB
  7. I'm not sure if you realize how close this was to getting it done. If this ended up being just not quite as amped up, or the upper air pattern is just a shade further east we end up buried. As it is, I'm slightly above seasonal average for snow here. If you were to show me the map below before the season and ask me what kind of snow totals we would end up with, I would take the way way under.
  8. Something like a 50/50 sleet/rain mix going on, getting windy, brutal to be outside in this right now
  9. 2' of snow is not a disaster..... 2' of wet snow would be disaster.
  10. Back to some sleet here actually, winds are increasing, nasty outside.
  11. Raining here after a period of sleet, had some snow before that. 1.5" No model had rain here this early. Except maybe one of the uber amped nam's from yesterday.
  12. I lose power on that Euro run. Period. Heavy thump of snow, followed by mix and rain to add weight to the snow.With winds gusting to 80 (!?!) @ KFOK
  13. According to the 12z Euro run, any mixing is relegated to the south fork. Say from Southampton east. That's due to the mid level tracks encroaching on that area. Otherwise, good to go and even out there was still a foot of snow.
  14. The Euro has wind gusts in the 70's mph out this way.
  15. H7 goes just SE of me ever so slightly. Hammer time on the Euro...WOW