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  1. A few days ago it looked like we might have 7-8" of rain in the next couple of weeks, then there were a couple of potential snow storms on the horizon. Now I see I giant "fork" in winter and "dry and windy." I'm perfectly content with dry and windy at this point. It's been a fairly miserable winter for those of us south of PSU. It was fun tracking, but it sucks to have the rug pulled almost every time. I'm happy to start looking for Spring...
  2. I’m one of the weird people who is happy to track snow through March and even early April. We’ve had plenty of good storms in March, but this year has been really frustrating for a good part of this forum. The pandemic adds an extra layer of frustration since people are antsy to get outside and enjoy some nice weather. I can see why many people are ready to move on to Spring
  3. It's not like it can hurt anything. Everything has been a bust around here (except in PSU town and Winchester)!
  4. Completely trustworthy.... didn't the Para give us 4-8" today?
  5. Great perspective. It is definitely better than freezing rain, but it would have been nice for the fantasy snow to actually verify for a change.
  6. I was really disappointed to not see any snow this morning... I guess the NAM strikes again. Couldn't the ICON be right for once? It looks like we got a coating of snow before the light sleet set in earlier. It's sleeting pretty heavily now in Fairfax at 25 degrees. Any chance for a changeover to snow sometime today?
  7. I don't know if it is relevant, but last week, I was watching it snow and later sleet at my house for many hours, but the weather apps and radar said rain. And the other day, it was showing snow on radar, while it was definitely raining.
  8. Over-performing down here:( 28 and mostly sleet covering the sidewalks and streets here in Fairfax Of course- the models get it right when it’s sleet and ice.
  9. I’m still waiting for the below 0 temps as promised...
  10. Lost faith in the Euro. What does the NAM think?
  11. That's about what I've been telling my friends and family.
  12. That works fine- it’s a Saturday. I’d prefer a decent weekend.
  13. I was just going to ask about the MJO. I feel like it hasn't been mentioned too much lately, maybe because we have been focused on having a -AO/-NAO. Hopefully we still have a chance at something before March!
  14. Fairfax Co and Prince William are getting basically zilch from this "event", other than about .2" of snow and sleet. I'm seeing all of these snow reports from less than an hour away --north, east and west. Just looked outside and counted a few pity flakes.