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  1. Walked my dog this morning - 41 degrees at 7:30. I shouldn't have needed gloves at the end of April.
  2. It’s been a while, but it snowed in Charles County, MD on my birthday, April 23, 1986. In early May of 1992, it snowed in the mountains of NC near my in-laws. It was at least 6-8”. That’s the latest I’ve ever seen.
  3. I'm happy to see our northern and western friends getting some good numbers out of this. I expected/hoped for a bit more here in Western Fairfax, but it looks like 2" isn't too bad. I only had sleet for 30 minutes or less before it changed over. The pixie dust snow that we had for most of the storm really cut down on totals. I remember that happening during one March storm several years ago. Flake size matters.
  4. Started as sleet around 7 here, then started mixing in big flakes. Now it’s been snowing for about 20 minutes, but it’s pixie dust blowing snow. Down to 33 degrees.
  5. I’ll take it! When is the changeover happening in the metro areas. It looks like it will change to snow earlier than expected.
  6. I wonder if this could be a sneaky storm like early March 1999. That one dropped about 13” on us (Fairfax) and was extremely unexpected. It was a completely different story east of the beltway.
  7. No- I started a new thread because it was a new month!
  8. I was thinking that we wouldn’t really need to start a thread since it seems like this is our last chance. If we could get a a decent storm with this one, and then Spring would likely be welcome by many in here.
  9. This might of been the worst storm thread since the internet was invented in 1995 Nah… there have been quite a few winners this winter.
  10. Fool me once…twice… Also, more interesting wintry potential in the other thread.
  11. So the GFS, Ukie and Euro (a bit south) all have a storm for the same time frame?
  12. I think the thread is really helpful since we’ve been talking about various periods of storminess in the next couple of weeks. It seems like the northern areas have a good chance at frozen this time. I’m in Fairfax County so it seems like a long-shot here, but I’m always hopeful for a surprise.
  13. I think this is encouraging for some more winter. The Euro is a little south and the GFS is a little north. Hopefully they can meet in the middle.
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