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  1. Who remembers the surprise storm around the week of March 7th, 1999? We were not supposed to get much and I don't think they got much east of the beltway, but I was trying to drive from Fairfax to Georgetown and it quickly piled up during rush hour. I think we ended up with 10-12 inches or more. I was very pregnant which is why I remember it pretty clearly.
  2. Is that the Ukie?
  3. Euro and Ukie are a great combo when they agree! It should be an Interesting weather week!
  4. Holding out hope that the Euro will keep us in the game.
  5. Thanks for the great analysis for those of us amateurs. I am sort of feeling positive about the chance for Thursday's potential because I tend to have more confidence in the Euro and I remember reading somewhere last week about a chance of a storm on the heels of the Super Bowl storm (that wasn't meant to be). I remember several instances in the past several years of the Euro seeing a storm 10 days out and then losing it, only to bring it back. With that said, I'm not holding my breath, but one can hold out hope.
  6. I know I have nothing scientific to add, but I have noticed that the models frequently show a storm (or at least hints of a storm) 10 days out, only to lose them in the mid range and sometimes they come back in the short range. For example, the clipper we had today was there in the fantasy period and came and went frequently, but did turn out to be a 1-3 inch snow for much of the area. I remember seeing something about Feb 1st and 3rd in addition to Feb 5-6. Now it looks like there is an even better signal around Feb 10-11th. Should I give up on anything the rest of this week and look forward to the next 10 day fantasy, or is there still potential in the short term? Thank you all for sharing your expertise!
  7. 4-5 inches is definitely not enough to end winter around here. Besides the fact that a good snow storm to me is over 10", I work for Fairfax County Schools and we have 13 snow days to use! Besides that, we have been spoiled the past few years and I'm getting used to big winters. So I am going to be optimistic through the end of March and hope we end this winter with a bang.
  8. I loved waking up to see these pretty pink colors over our area! I know it's still in fantasy land, but it was great to see 4 pages of commentary overnight! People have been talking about the good pattern for a storm around Feb 5-10 for quite a while now, so this seems like it has the best potential since the storm that went south (hopefully it's better than that one). I know better than to trust the Ops this far in advance and so I'm glad to hear of some pretty good Ensemble support. How does the Ukie look?
  9. Less than 1 inch in Fairfax near Fair Oaks. It's better than the flurries we got on Thursday afternoon, but .... My parents have a couple of inches in Waldorf and it's still snowing. It's been a really fun storm to track and at least we got something out of it. Glad someone is cashing in southern VA and parts of NC.
  10. Thank you all for your analysis of the upcoming patterns and model insight. As a girl who just loves snow, looking forward to the next possibility of a coastal gets me through the winter. I will remain optimistic for snow until at least the end of March because I know that we live in a crazy weather area! I grew up in Southern MD where I frequently looked out my window to be disappointed, but also remember several big storms. I've lived in FFX for the past 23 years, where I am still frequently disappointed (like Friday and today), but we have a good run for a few years. I know there is always a chance of a sucky winter, (last year wasn't great, but we did get a HECS), but we do tend to have our biggest storms in February. Isn't there always a 10 day storm to track?