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  1. What is the latest that you all remember having snow around here? We had about 2 inches on the grass in Southern MD on April 23, 1985. It was my birthday, which is why I remember it vividly. I also saw about 8 inches of snow on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC while I was at college in early May, 1992 or 1993.
  2. After a week of following a potentially historic snowstorm, it felt more like only getting an appetizer. Such a bummer. What happened to all the potential after this event? There were even signs of things to come Thursday and Saturday! I guess the AO and NAO are still not cooperating.
  3. We had about 10 inches in that storm in Fairfax. It was perfect. The roads melted pretty quickly, but it was a great storm for mid March.
  4. On to the next threat! Anything to look forward to? Or do I need to wait until next winter?
  5. After a week of watching and waiting, in the end, the models did a horrible job with this storm. We got about 2 inches of snow before it changed over around midnight. It is starting to change to very light snow again in Fairfax County (near the city). Can anyone tell me if we are likely to get any more from the coastal low as it pulls north? I read the NWS, but it doesn't look very good on radar. I'm concerned that it is too far north to get west of DC.
  6. Well, that was fun! It gave me 25" in the next 6 days! I suppose I should take that with a grain of salt! Oops..Just realized it was 25 cm. Big difference. Can't get it to change to inches.
  7. What time are the GFS and Euro starting the precipitation into the DC area? Is it still between 7-9 pm Monday or has that changed? And how long is it continuing into Tuesday or Wednesday?
  8. I thought the Blizzard last year was modeled for about a week out, but wasn't sure. Wish they were all that easy. I get really crazy when it comes to coastal snow possibilities around here. Glad to have found this forum since I usually drive my family and friends crazy before snowstorms.
  9. I feel like less than 6" would be a bust. The CMC made me really nervous this afternoon, but otherwise it seems like we have had fairly good consistency for about 36 hours. How does it compare to the model run consistency before the Jan '16 blizzard? I remember feeling really confident about that one, but I think it was a Miller A, right?
  10. I was wondering about that, because someone posted a discussion this morning from WPC that said it was a combination of Miller A and B.
  11. I just checked the forecast discussion on NWS. Sounds promising.... Attention then turns to potential for rapid cyclogenesis induced by digging shortwave that amplifies coincident with elongated baroclinic zone stretching across the Gulf of Mexico into Florida and eastward into the Atlantic. The evolution of the surface low will ultimately determine impact across the Mid- Atlantic and will need to be watched very closely as the potential for accumulating snowfall exists beginning late Monday into perhaps early Wednesday (depending on timing of shortwave and track of surface low). Latest 00z ECWMF/GFS ensemble guidance indicates ~40-70% chance of 24-hr snowfall greater than one inch across much of the area...with the operational ECMWF slightly more bullish than the GFS counterpart
  12. Wow. I haven't been on here such lunchtime and I had about 8 pages to catch up on! I've been rooting for the Tuesday storm instead of Sunday since Monday when it looked with a screwed Sunday storm would enhance Tuesday. And anyway, a weekend storm is a perfectly good waste of a snow day. I can't help but get excited about the positive trends with the models in the past 24 hours. I know that most people are pessimistic about getting any snow this winter, and March does make it more difficult, but we don't really have anything to lose at this point (except the cherry blossoms). Is there any potential of this Friday's clipper inching its way to Northern Virginia? I wasn't sure if it was completely gone or if there is still potential in the area. Clippers are so unpredictable and I saw someone mention it moving slightly south. Thanks for all the great input! I've learned a lot about Miller A's and B's... I just call them all "Coastal Lows"!
  13. Is this the first run that the Euro indicated a 10 day storm? Can't wait to see if something is still there for the 12z.
  14. Raining sideways in Chantilly.
  15. Who remembers the surprise storm around the week of March 7th, 1999? We were not supposed to get much and I don't think they got much east of the beltway, but I was trying to drive from Fairfax to Georgetown and it quickly piled up during rush hour. I think we ended up with 10-12 inches or more. I was very pregnant which is why I remember it pretty clearly.