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  1. What did the 13th-15th look like on the overnight models? I know it’s 7-8 days away, but....
  2. I‘m curious about the performance of the GFS since it was upgraded to the FV3 in June. Last year, the FV3 had all sorts of fantasy storms that never materialized. Does anyone know if it is more trustworthy at this point?
  3. Hey everyone! I stopped by the forum to see if there is any cool down in sight, but it’s not looking good. I usually don’t mind summers around here, but I was in the UK and Ireland for almost 3 weeks (it was between 55- 75 degrees), and came back to this nasty heat and humidity. Can’t wait to start tracking snow, but this increasing heat can’t be good for our winter prospects...
  4. PA likely has more potential for snow the rest of this season, but the majority of people on this forum appreciate all of your analysis. I stopped reading all the stupid posts yesterday complaining about the winter potential. That was absolutely ridiculous! Discussing snow potential is the reason people follow this forum! As if any of us can actually wish the atmosphere to snow by our discussion. If people don’t want to discuss or analyze, don’t log on. It’s pretty simple.
  5. It is beautiful outside. If we could stay dry and 60’s-70’s for the rest of March, I’d happily wait until November to start tracking snow again.
  6. That's the only March clipper I can remember. We got 8-12 I’ll never forget that one. Definitely an overperformer. I was 8 months pregnant and driving from Fairfax to GT hospital for a job (I’m an interpreter). It was pouring snow here but I called my office in Silver Spring and it was barely doing anything there. I think we had over a foot in some areas. By the afternoon it was over and the roads were already melting.
  7. PWC is the one most likely to close for wet roads. I work in Fairfax, but doubt they would close earlier. They would have to decide by 10:30-11 am.
  8. This has been typical for a couple of years around here. We often go quickly from winter to summer and fall to winter.
  9. Why do we (almost) always have weekend rain or snow? This is getting ridiculous.
  10. Yay. Hopefully he won’t backtrack this time and ruin our chances.
  11. I’m originally from Waldorf, but always wanted to live in Fairfax as a kid because they had more snow than us. Now I’m in Fairfax and want to live in Loudoun! But I think Waldorf has had more snow than Fairfax in the past 3 years. They often do better with the southern/southeast storms.
  12. We’ve also had things get better as it gets closer in time. I guess lots of people were burned after getting rain instead of snow yesterday. However, I was in the rain the whole time, so I didn’t feel like I lost anything, other than dry ground.
  13. Some of us have missed most storms either north or south this year. We only got about 8” in the January storm too and nothing more than 2” since then. I’m all for Spring (if it’s actially warm), but March still has some opportunities in my opinion. So I would like to request a Miller A for next Sunday please.