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  1. It’s just the Euro anyway… just ignore it and look at the JMA.
  2. Didn't realize that was a Miller B. We got around 10" in Fairfax, but I remember that Baltimore got dumped on.
  3. Is there any blocking to keep us cold? Or are we just dependent on a strong coastal low to keep it cold?
  4. I love reading these play-by-plays, but I generally have no earthly idea what they mean. Except "wide right" is very bad. LOL
  5. I was just thinking this the other day. Clippers typically are moisture starved once they cross the mountains, but can give a simple way to eek out a few inches or more. No mixing or temperature issues involved.
  6. No last year was way better Only for fat north and west. I’m probably less than 30 miles from you and had an awful winter. Better than 2020, but that was the worst winter EVER.
  7. I remember that we had a brief -NAO in 2016 just in time for our Blizzard. My Facebook memories came up today when I was looking forward to the storm coming. I said that we were getting about 30” of snow, which is exactly what I ended up measuring at my house. Apparently the models were on target back then.
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