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  1. Since we aren't really looking for anything substantial until after March 5th, I would think that anything before that would be a nice appetizer. Besides, in Fairfax County, we haven't had more than 3 inches of snow at a time this season, so I will take 3-5 if that's all I'll get. I am holding out hope for a March Coastal though. A March HECS would be fantastic! I would like like to say that I appreciate all discussion, even if it is a little early to really know much until the pattern changes Every bit gives me a glimmer of hope for some actual snow before the season is over. Optimism is much more helpful in this forum than pessimism. I'm learning a great deal from the wealth of knowledge around here.
  2. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    I thought there was something possibly around Feb. 26-28th. Is that gone at this point? Once the blocking begins, could something potentially show up before the end of February or are we on hold until March 3rd or so? By the way, my parents got married in a blizzard in PG County in MD on March 1, 1969.
  3. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Snowing moderately now in Fairfax. Not sticking yet. How does the early start impact this event? I assume it won't continue until 10 pm now. Does the heaviest precip look to be along the Mason Dixon line still?
  4. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    I’m in Fairfax Co. near Fair Oaks. Just started to do something. Maybe grauple????
  5. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    Some people like me actually feel depressed when there is no snow in winter. Its emotional for me. I literally go into depression when this happens and being negative is what helps me survive. In march 2001....i didnt talk to anyone for weeks and couldn't work Same here. In an non-snow winter, I get really down and cranky. I distinctly remember that most recently in 2012. That’s the year I actualky realized it. Tracking snow gets me through the winter too. I’m so glad I found this forum.
  6. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    I know it’s probably not going g to happen, but I love seeing this area get in the pink. I’ve appreciated your optimism. I’ve lived in the DC area for all but 5 ½ years of my life and love the tracking. The snow is awesome, but my favorite part is the chase. I also don’t give up until April.
  7. JAN 4th Coastal

    Actually, Eastern areas have scored the past 2 winters.
  8. Possible Infection of Site

    I’m glad someone shared this information. I have been getting the annoying pop up Amazon gift Card ads for a couple of weeks. I just signed in to the site, and haven’t seen one since. Hopefully that takes care of it. Thanks!
  9. March med-long range disco 3

    What is the latest that you all remember having snow around here? We had about 2 inches on the grass in Southern MD on April 23, 1985. It was my birthday, which is why I remember it vividly. I also saw about 8 inches of snow on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC while I was at college in early May, 1992 or 1993.
  10. March med-long range disco 3

    After a week of following a potentially historic snowstorm, it felt more like only getting an appetizer. Such a bummer. What happened to all the potential after this event? There were even signs of things to come Thursday and Saturday! I guess the AO and NAO are still not cooperating.
  11. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    We had about 10 inches in that storm in Fairfax. It was perfect. The roads melted pretty quickly, but it was a great storm for mid March.
  12. March med-long range disco 3

    On to the next threat! Anything to look forward to? Or do I need to wait until next winter?
  13. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    After a week of watching and waiting, in the end, the models did a horrible job with this storm. We got about 2 inches of snow before it changed over around midnight. It is starting to change to very light snow again in Fairfax County (near the city). Can anyone tell me if we are likely to get any more from the coastal low as it pulls north? I read the NWS, but it doesn't look very good on radar. I'm concerned that it is too far north to get west of DC.
  14. March 13/14th Storm Thread (Storm Mode)

    Well, that was fun! It gave me 25" in the next 6 days! I suppose I should take that with a grain of salt! Oops..Just realized it was 25 cm. Big difference. Can't get it to change to inches.
  15. March 13/14th Storm Thread (Storm Mode)

    What time are the GFS and Euro starting the precipitation into the DC area? Is it still between 7-9 pm Monday or has that changed? And how long is it continuing into Tuesday or Wednesday?