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  1. It would be better to score at least 1 warning level event next week.
  2. I don't understand all the meteorological teleconnections, but I do know enough that the raging pac jet is a really bad thing. I thought we were in good shape with a -NAO, -AO, etc, but when I saw the "pac puke" coming back this year, I knew we were in trouble. I remember after 2016, it seemed that none of the long term models had any accuracy at predicting and I heard mets explaining that it was the extremely strong pacific jet wreaking havoc on long-term modeling. I guess that is what is happening again and why we can't get any accuracy in the long-term. Are there any teleconnections to predict when that might slow down or is that tied to whether the PNA is positive or negative? I know we could use a +PNA with our blocking.
  3. If I remember correctly, last week there was a signal for something around the 20-22nd. I would think that it is good that it is still there, or is back. But we still have another week to wait.
  4. Do I still get 21" on the 27th?
  5. Bring that a little south, please!
  6. I'm ok with this... we are picking up our new puppy up your way in Hampstead the weekend of the 15th and I have been stressing over not being able to get there in case of snow. It can snow the 12th and after the 16th...
  7. But the one most likely to produce a major storm. It's always threading the needle around here.
  8. We are just right for Miller A's
  9. Still 58 in Fairfax. I love seeing drastic temperature drops, but I’m not staying up for this one.
  10. It’s raining much earlier than I had expected based on what I read yesterday. I can only imagine that doesn’t bode well to get a changeover to snow. I guess the best we can hope for is snow showers on Friday.
  11. I was trying to remember when this storm was. I went into a Caps game in Landover in a warm rainstorm. When we came out, everyone was freezing and we couldn’t find our car on the parking lot. That was a really memorable day.
  12. I saw the snowpack up your way on Saturday when I was in Hampstead. Really nice start to the season up there.
  13. I was stuck at 32.5 for several hours. Finally around 31 now. It still is raining, but sounds a bit more icy, maybe changing over a bit.
  14. It's pretty moderately snowing big flakes here in Fairfax/Centreville, just west of FFX City. Hoping the snow lasts a while longer before the changeover. On the Euro, we were fairly consistently on the western edge of the line of "have" and "have a heck of lot less". I just measured 1.75" I think thats more than last year's total.