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  1. True, but we also had about 5 -6 consecutive years of really good winters (minus ‘12-‘13’) from 2010-2016. So the past few years have felt out of the norm after that stretch. I don’t remember a worse winter than this one. I’m in Fairfax where we have seen about 2” total this year.
  2. I typically love February for its chances of snow, but I feel like the calendar has been mocking this month. I can’t wait to turn the page. If it isn’t going to snow in March, bring on the warmth.
  3. This is all we have. It’s better than watching snow in NC.
  4. I have felt this way too. Tracking snow, even fantasy snow, usually keeps me busy through February. Knowing there is nothing in sight for weeks has been awful.
  5. I believe that NC, SC, Central and Southern VA, Ocean City, and SE VA have all had more snow than DC in the past few years. It’s truly depressing.
  6. How was it any worse than the rest of any of the days in January and February? At least nothing took away 2 feet of digital snow today!
  7. I’m resigning myself to the fact that the PV is comfortable in the Arctic until something unleashes it. It’s so frustrating to have all of this rain all week and then cold and dry by Friday. I’d rather have cold and dry than warm and wet. Maybe we can get a surprise snow like the South had last week.
  8. It’s snowing in Georgia today. So maybe there is hope for us.
  9. I believe it was the ‘13-‘14 year that started the hype of the Polar Vortex. It became part of everyday vocabulary that winter because it split and caused so much cold air and basically acted as a substitute for a -NAO. It’s not budging from the Arctic, so that’s not helpful.
  10. I’m always optimistic that we will win one of these and glad you are still posting about the possibilities, but it feels like we are always so close lately. 35 and rain is just a few degrees off of a blockbuster. This week’s huge rain while Texas snowed was really bad. It’s been a truly frustrating winter (for a few years!). Regardless, thank you for continuing to highlight the ways we might be able to score.
  11. The Euro and/or GFS has had something for the VD/PD weekend on and off for at least 2 weeks. I’m not holding my breath this time, but maybe one of these long term storms will actually pay off.
  12. Did the overnight EPS hold our glimmer of hope around Feb 20th?
  13. Thank you! I need something hopeful to get me through the month. It is freaking cold outside. I’m so sick of 35 and rain. It’s hard to believe we can’t manage something frozen!
  14. Isn’t the 18z Euro low resolution? I would think that would affect its validity. I thought the 12z and 0z were really the most important players here.
  15. OMG. PD2 was in 2003!!! I remember it well because I was pregnant and sick most of that week. It sucked, but it helped that FCPS closed all week and I saved up for maternity leave! That 16 1/2 year old baby is getting her license this week!
  16. You can’t show that here. Completely inappropriate!
  17. Today is February 1st. I wonder if it’s time to put this thread to bed and move on with a new February one. Unless the February Banter thread is the new Model Discussion thread??!!
  18. This is better known as Presidents Day weekend. A frequent weekend for strong snow storms (up until the past few years).
  19. I was just wondering about that earlier. I feel like we have not seen a clipper in years!
  20. I always love when you discuss how snow could potentially work out. I look forward to your morning analysis every day and I learn a lot from all the different viewpoints on here.
  21. This is starting to sound like the Panic Room. Is there anything positive/hopeful in the morning models?
  22. I don’t think Ji is the only one. Tensions are getting high around here.
  23. I was getting ready to watch it, but I guess I won’t bother.
  24. I believe the Euro had this coastal idea last week. I know the GFS did.