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  1. We both know there are many that get very worried when the fall is dry. But, alas that is not a bad thing, just like so many misconceptions out there from sunlight in March and snow accumulating , to SSWE and blizzards are coming, to early season snowfalls are a curse to winter snowfall, ( hold on I have to think about that one a little more )
  2. frd

    March Discobs 2019

    Winds are wicked here. Gusts to 46 mph Still thankful the leaves are not out yet. Trash can flying around - had to bungie it . Simply nasty out there.
  3. frd

    March Discobs 2019

    Super wet here as well. Mold on many surfaces, much worse than last year. Ground super saturated and soggy. Farming might be delayed if we remain cold and wet.
  4. frd

    March Discobs 2019

    I see this on Mount Holly Update too : With the heaviest of the rain being over, will go ahead and cancel the Flood Watch. Any lingering flooding will subside, but localized street flooding may redevelop with the passage of additional showers. Cannot rule out some convectively induced 40 to 45 mph wind gusts this afternoon. Highs today will range from the 30s in the far northern zones, and otherwise in the 40s to low 50s. &&
  5. frd

    March Discobs 2019

    Well, stay dry mappy, hope things improve soon. Seems the numbers of storms that drop high amounts of rain are on the rise. Last year was actually a good year for me in the garden, I preferred that dry period kept tomato disease away, but once the rains came combined with the very high dew points everything went downhill fast. By early Sept I already cleared my garden out. Gardening requires a love and a passion similiar to the weather weenines when we have a snowless winter. If I dont plant a garden my wife will get very mad at me, so I say, " yes dear, of course, I am planting a garden this year" , ha ha !! ( I don't say the ha ha part though )
  6. frd

    March Discobs 2019

    Wow, incredible ! Are there farms near you mappy ? Here in my area we have many corn fields and it is truly a mess with flooding and it will take a while to improve , if and when, we ever get any drier weather. Plus the sod farms hit very hard. Everything pushed back, plus the garden centers, well some of them will not even stock flowers of any type yet because next week we go below freezing in the AM hours again.
  7. The fine line we live on here. But true, honestly impressive for late March in a crap winter. Keeping the buds in check and the grass from growing. All good if you have to care for your landscape. A gradual spring is fine in my eyes.
  8. Too funny, granted it's far from certain, but that would be a fitting ending to a fitting beginning. And, the Euro did not get the memo form DT stating winter is over, make that never started, or was ii cancelled. Hard to keep track.
  9. I know the final outcome is more than just the NAO and AO but flow, and confluence, etc., but I almost can see this happening. Regardless though, will not be doing any gardening yet. Its cold out there.
  10. Ah, makes sense, maybe a novice example might be a combo way of forecasting such as : 70 % modeling and 30 % persistence and see where the chips fall.
  11. Thats fascinating , wonder whether science supports this at all or whether it is simple persistence but then is that based on some repeating formula that gives us the least snowiest outcome on most long range forecasts. So persistence is science based, certainly not random noise or luck ??
  12. Consistency does not = correct outcome Two years ago the GFS for 22 runs in a row had a SECS for us, the Euro never had such a forecast. Guess what, the GFS was wrong, duh...... never got a flake. Problem this year is the Euro blows too and its brother the weeklies.
  13. just cutters and surpressed. or once in a while a hugger and rain.
  14. Nice to see your are so kind to Old Man Winter. I can think of a few choice words for this winter that are not very nice.