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  1. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    All true :-) Also , the Euro and the Aussie MJO models are depicting a move into phases 1 and 2 down later in October. The Plains looked like they will be locked into colder weather soon and lasting a while. At least the progression looks good by the models. I guess the next things to watch will be the NE Pac and the PDO, the extent of the developing Modaki El Nino, and looking at the strat and patterns up above, like the QBO , solar, and hints at the strength of the PV.
  2. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    That is a huge spike up, but it may very well may trend down in a few weeks. Your right of all the areas this one is very volatile. Meanwhile the big negative SOI burst continues. Nice to see that at this point . The SST profile in the SW Pacific is very interesting.
  3. frd

    KA and Wx53 Winter Outlook

    Interesting from my days back at Eastern Weather and before then Wright Weather, ( ages ago ) KA was on a roll for a few years . DT brought him more so into the public eye I think. Doesn't KA use observed weather events up to this point in the DC area for his foirecasts ? I thought KA did not use analogs?? Regardless , I think it is really hard to make a forecast this early. Seems he and Weather 53 are at odds with temps. As for Weather 53's analog set I have not heard those years yet being thrown out by many. I think this year with a gun held to my head there is no middle ground , I think it is either going to be cold and snowy or warm and wet , or even the potential for warm and dry despite the El Nino. These days seems the weather wants to go one way or another.
  4. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Early season snow is a bad thing. I read and experienced snowfall prior to Dec 15 th of 4 inches or more always seems to lead to an above average season. For example Nov. 2002 had a steady advance in snow cover and that early Dec snowfall. not always accurate but many times it does work well. I recall reading from Weatherfella many years ago, that looking at Canada in Nov can give hints as to where the coldest outbreaks might be going on later in the season. Of interest as well is November and how much snowfall advances here in the US including snow cover. That has implications for the upcoming Decembers many times We have had a couple super cold outbreaks here recently but have lacked the snowcover to hit record lows and also lacked the moisture as well to cause any snowfall during the coldest part of the invading air mass.
  5. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Well, believe it or not ,Canada has cooled to the point where our neighbor to the North is now below normal. Not sure how this plays out in October and November . As for precip the battle zone continues with above normal precip. As the seasonal changes start to evolve with the long wave patterns in the NH , the onset of a weak El Nino and the continued decline of solar as we approach the winter solstice maybe we can better understand the coming winter.
  6. frd

    2018 Mid Atlantic Lawn/Garden/Pool Thread

    In all my years here in mid Delaware ( nea the C and D Canal ) this is by far the most lawn damage from dew points and molds and mildew and fungus. Never remember a summer with dews so high and so high for so long. Also, an interesting look on some trees I have not seen in years, surreal in a way that everything still looks like summer, but the sunset and the days getting shorter makes it seem strange to me. not sure what to make of it but the longer we go like this I would venture a guess that we experience a massive flip to cold. When , not sure. Because it seems we are not in play with this colder pattern coming up .
  7. frd

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    It's the warm Atlantic SSTs you think? Rather Warm SSTs still untouched by a real storm.
  8. frd

    2018 Mid Atlantic Lawn/Garden/Pool Thread

    Are you seeing mold everywhere in the soils ? And, lawn fungus from this record breaking dew point mess
  9. frd

    September Banter

    What happened ? I looked at the Facebook page and some said that it was maybe the end ? http 500 error is a hosting error
  10. frd

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    I wonder as we near the solar min, or as you state we are close enough already, whether in the winter season the lower solar impact feeds back and supports more expansive snow cover growth . Or, whether as you state the connection between aerosols and the high lattitudes is more so a trigger. ( as in the -AO ) causing a snow advance futher South in the lattitudes. I also wonder if there is any meaningful association to SSWE and the lower solar backdrop/ozone/aerosols, etc. I know we have gone a number of years since this past winter without a true SSWE.
  11. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    I see OK, interesting progression globally. Way to early to draw conclusions, except to take note of the progression itself, and compare down the line to other runs.
  12. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Do you know when the next release is from the Euro for DJF temps/ anomalies , is it the beginning of the every month or is this the normal time ?
  13. frd

    September Discobs Thread

    Crazy + PNA forecasts being forecasted in the longterm, and coinciding with a pretty drastic decline in the SOI. Expect cooler to win out finally . One thing that caught my eye when looking at the PNA is the always persistent + NAO , I think give or take a day, the last time the NAO was negative more than two days was in early June. Loooking back at some recent summers , there had at least been some intervals of a negative NAO , not this summer, what if anything that means for the winter I have no idea .
  14. frd

    September Discobs Thread

    Maybe there will be no real Fall this year, but a continuation of AN temps into Nov. and then a sudden turn to early winter weather by Thanksgiving - I could wish right :-) Maybe we pull the rubberband as far as it can go and then we snap back and head in the other direction. Was thinking about Fall into Winter - Is it true that an El Nino fall normally brings on a early to start to winter threats like 02-03, 09-10 , etc or is it random, any ideas ?
  15. frd

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Thats great, on a side note I have heard various things from mets regarding the configuration of SSTs in the North Atlantic and the coming Winter's dominant NAO phase. Some say cold / warm / cold equal a - NAO signal where others have the opposite configuration, some seem to look at the Newfoundland cold pool as well for indications. Do you put much weight on the Northwest Atlantic SST profile when you look at the winter's possible NAO phase?