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  1. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Hmm. I actually agree with @showmethesnow that an evolution to a more Northern and significant storm is possible later in the week. Colder as well.
  2. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    You think this is a sign of a change, as in a return to more -NAO episodes ? ie. next winter maybe?
  3. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    I think more snow is coming
  4. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    Yes, along with some chilled buttered Lobster and battered Calamari , yum !
  5. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    Well, we certainly are not going to roll right from Winter to summer this year it seems. I have been wonder a lot about the summer and the Pacific and what is in store. Meanwhile, the decline of the solar cycle continues. So, you have to think as well to any significant base changes in the years ahead with the NAO, and how melting sea ice, the AMO, Northern Atlantic SST profiles, QBO and other factors will play in. Not to mention we are due statiistically for a blockbuster winter in our parts soon. :-) To me at least it seems the winters here have been Pac driven lately, but there is no denying the NAO domain effected us in March, maybe it was a warning shot.
  6. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    Early April Chill
  7. March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    Yep, the Jan 2011 version put down snow in areas at 4 inches Thunder-snow was reported in Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks counties during the height of the storm. Snow-fall rates exceeded 4 inches an hour in some spots where very narrow mesoscale bands had set up and become nearly stationary for a couple of hours. These narrow bands produced copious amounts of snow that fell very fast and very hard across portions of the Philadelphia metro area and northern New Jersey.
  8. March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    Actually, I believe he is a Euro fan suggesting suppression from the confluence up North. Very low dews up North as well . His actual snowfall map favors our region for the 6 to 12 inches range.
  9. March 20-21 Potential - STORM MODE THREAD

    Bob are you buying the possible stall scenario ?
  10. March 20-21 Potential - STORM MODE THREAD

    I recall a few years ago when there was a mega cold front in Feb , was raining , then sleet started with thunder and the entire transition to snow , and very heavy snow , which left 7 to 9 inches here in the Middletown area. I am sure Balt. County experienced the same thing as well. Was not that long ago maybe 3 to 4 years ago. Some will recall it I hope.
  11. Would appear with renewed blocking a continued negative AO and a negative NAO maybe the month does make it slightly below normal . If i were in the landscape business I keep plows handy and hold off on the mowers. Although my grass is greening up, it is a far cry from some March months, when it can go to 80 and everything was green and growing fast. Keep those bugs at bay for a couple more weeks please.
  12. There some things on the overnight Euro I have not seen so far this winter, and really gives me hopes that the threat is legit.
  13. I like this, we are getitng the drop yet again, as spoken about a few days ago with the wave induced - NAO redeveloping. Then, a rise after the drop signaling yet again a storm might be on the horizon and supports Ji's timeframe.