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  1. What is very interesting is that despite the favorable QBO, we have not had a major SSW event I believe for four winters in a row, I believe the average is once every other year.
  2. Ray, do you still think we get a - NAO later in the month , is the period 12/20 to 1/10 still looking good to you still ? By the way I am out of my territory, I am in Delaware but I always love your post's amd Isotherms.
  3. Thanks for posting this here Mark. Your snowfall forecast maps always have good verification for my area in Delaware. Good luck and thanks!
  4. Well, we seem to lose the - NAO on the EPS moving forward , so next week looks drab...... but seeing maybe more potential to a negative NAO later in the month , maybe we indeed get something end of the month . I know here we need the - AO more than the - NAO, but I feel to get a big one this year we need that - NAO to slow and deepen East Coast storms that would hit and favor our area vs NE. Any thoughts on that ?
  5. Thanks, appreciate it .
  6. Well based on CAPE's reponse evidently not a good source .
  7. I heard the weeklies are cold through mid January , can anyone verify that.
  8. All true, and nice to see Canada get reallly cold, although I believe that's the norm in a Nina winter, but snow cover has been hard to come by recently in North Amercia in general. Would be great see even a 5 to 7 day period with winds, cold and snow cover on the ground , like deep winter and a Jeb walk :-)
  9. I am sure there is going to be a huge blast of cold air the weekend of the 16 th . I imagine the cyclone depicted is the storm the EPS has for hour 144 off the East coast
  10. Bob I heard more than a few top mets talk about a negative NAO at this time ( later December ) but looking here on the EPS not there . Some where saying a - NAO would develop and then a relax , leading to a Heather A event , maybe even a KU somewhere in the window of 12/22 to 1/10 /18. Maybe too early to tell .
  11. Bob thats a crazy negative anomaly on the EPS , on the 13th , could is trend further South , impressive - 400 anomaly at 500 . That could be a huge snow event for someone. Also have too think the implications of this next system on that as well. only 144 hours away.
  12. Very cool
  13. Seems the reason behind the GFS and the pulling in of moisture is a crazy forcasted jet streak near Albany NY
  14. The Euro weeklies show the next couple of weeks are very dry, sure it has snowed in rather dry weather patterns, but as for a big dog, or a significant precip event that would seem unlikely until later in the month.