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  1. Alternating bouts of snow and cold, followed by interludes of sunshine and 70*F temps...almost reminds me of a certain storied winter around these parts, one which our younger contributors might not have been around to witness first hand.
  2. +0.2F here at 5AM. Frustrating to get so close and not drop below zero, but coldest of the season and colder than any low from past 2 years. For whatever reason, Loudoun never has radiated as well as points further south along the piedmont.
  3. JYO and my PWS concur with a 90* reading...
  4. Read through that article and roll forward the analogs - both for the cold summertime lows and warm May-July period. Ugh. Nothing in there inspires confidence here.
  5. Just passed 2". Death band overhead.
  6. Checking in. It's been raining nonstop since about 11A, picked up about .5" in that time with occasional moderate downpours. Closing in on 1.5" for the event, maybe a little more. Side note: This kind of over performance almost never, ever happens here. Except maybe this time of year.
  7. I want to yak every time I fly on a CR2 in clear wx. That said, lots of buzz on the AV forums about IAD in ground stop until 1PM, landings on RWY 30, tower evacuated...all things that generally don't ever happen. DCA is also reportedly landing on RWY 33, which is extremely rare. AA and DL have all but ceased attempts to operate there.
  8. Roads around Leesburg crazy slippery, frozen slush is no joke. Got rear ended at traffic light, came home and slid back down inclined driveway 2x with brake on and trans parked. That is a slick road.
  9. JYO been running warm this whole cold period if you ask me. Usually we run close but lately I have consistently been 3*-5*F colder on my PWS - which is typically quite accurate with any wind at all (it will run warm in full sun and calm air). 27.5* / 8 maybe 2 miles north of JYO. Up from 16 / 4 at 4AM
  10. If it wasn't for all the exuberance surrounding our fancy LR NWP schemes, these sunny blue skies...mild afternoons and seasonably chilly mornings would be reminding me much more of January 2002 then December 1989 or 2005.
  11. January shows warm for AKQ and cold for LWX. Most likely, one of those will be wrong. But, taken verbatim, hard to see us getting out of that pattern without the Virginia piedmont getting a nasty ice storm.
  12. .92" today (still raining, but tapering off) 1.82" in November 4.18" in October 41" and counting YTD Yes it was bone dry for 2 five week periods roughly overlapping June and September, but otherwise on pace for an average to slightly wetter than usual year. The summer was, by far, the wettest I have seen in 8 examples since moving here in 2010.
  13. 2005 flipped on a dime in December, from historically cold the first 23 days or so to uninhibited warmth beginning around the holidays into early / mid January. Winter didn't really return until February, and even then it was never quite the same. Pretty sure 1984-5 was the same play, but in reverse.