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  1. Closing in on a foot. Next to no wind. Power flickered once.
  2. I will take the over on my 41" GFS clown map...
  3. Give me 4" and send the rest somewhere else. What a disaster this would be.
  4. All of our gravel roads are thawed and soft. Plowing and traveling on these roads is a total mess in big snow.
  5. Look in the bright side. We don't need to plow mud season like roads now. I wouldn't mind 2" or so to freshen things up though.
  6. I hope you folks in SNE cash in on this, but must admit part of me wants to see the epic melts if this trends north and CNE/NNE jacks
  7. Bound to happen eventually. Glad it wasn't worse. I found my neighbors ditch doing them a favor and plowing that 3' storm we got a few Decembers ago. Their plow guy bailed on them and I went in blind. Not a good idea lol. Give me a shout if you ever need a hand, I am over in Sutton.
  8. That comment was not specific to you. Much of CT and Eastern Mass does not typically have much snow by this point. All I am saying that getting to normal or even above normal is not out of reach for most of the region. It's going to be harder with marginal temps, yes, but it can work as we get deeper into the peak of winter.
  9. All this crying, particularly from areas that do not average much snow in Dec, is comical. I am not nearly as educated as many of the posters on here and will not comment on LR, but will say all it is going to take is one or two decent storm for Southern areas be reach normal or even above normal snowfall to date this early in the season. It is the Northern areas that have more catching up to do. Yes the warmth has sucked and yes it has put a damper on the winter feel, but in terms of snowfall (at least IMBY) it has not been a terrible December. We average a bit over 12" in Dec and we are just shy of 12" to date. The lack of retention does suck, but I am far from ready to call this a ratter. We still have plenty of time to turn this around.
  10. Just flipped at our place in Pittsburg. Should make a nice base for the trails.
  11. We got more than that at our camp. Probably closer to 6". I was not there to measure and strictly going off the camera. We are at 1,750' so it would be a bit more than in town if that is where the measurement was taken.
  12. I know, it's in the works. I have one for our primary in central NH.
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