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  1. congrats Wolfie. This is your event. Enjoy you deserve it
  2. Show me these verification scores? The GFS has been playing catch up all year. We were talking about this since November that's why I am so confused. NAM has been very accurate in its short to mid range last time I checked Verfication scores. would love to see them for myself and clear up the confusion. I apologize in advance and thank you
  3. CMC is 991 same time GFS is 976. Clearly GFS is way to amped in this set up. also GFS never develops the secondary which almost every model is showing.
  4. please look at the CMC because it validates my concerns... warm and rainy for roc. lets not all hug the GFS all at once lol
  5. GFS is such a bad model. IDK where where its getting these crazy totals. I would cut that by half to one third at least... That would be low ratio isothermal wet snow of Rochester at best that run.... I would go with a blend of the NAM and Canadian on this one... and not get any synoptic hopes up... LE is where you will score. I hope you all get feet on snow just cannot be oblivious to this track and set up. Synoptically not favorable for many in WNY and even my area...
  6. I did not like that Euro run! We need something more like what the CMC(GDPS) or the NAM is showing. The NAM has this sneaky tendency to fish things out and end up being correct in its rather ominous LR! I have a funny feeling we end up with a NAM/NAVY type solution more southern and eastern developing SLPS
  7. There will be a CCB band forming and where that forms will dictate where the heaviest axis of snow occurs. I am very interested in this . Most models are cold for upstate now! I am talking about the synoptic system! That is where my interest are. Obviously my area gets zero lake effect
  8. This storm is trending in the right direction! My interest has risen significantly now that that Surface LP forms south and east of my area! Looks like a potential page job incoming for the northern Dacks with significant frontegensis!
  9. NAM is best case scenario with that H5. Nice back door CF.
  10. Finally some moderate snow after hours of virga. Very windy and cold out. Expecting an inch or less. Pretty inactive pattern ahead it looks like. Going back into hiding. Have a good day
  11. Just chiming in real quick. This was the reason why I wasn’t excited for this one from the get go. It looked very disorganized, very weak(strung out), and lacked any type of moisture. I was forecasted 3-5 inches and seen less than a trace of snow. BUST. Glad I didn’t get excited for this one
  12. Nice looks like a widespread 1-3 2-4 inch deal adding to the pack
  13. That day 4-5 threat is very interesting for the NYC area with potential for at least a few inches of accumulating snow. ICON and GFS hinting at this well