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  1. Thanks Delta! Do you have a link? I tried to copy and paste but I’m on my phone and it comes up weird. If not, no worries! This is what we are looking for. You’re awesome
  2. Hi guys! I’ve got a favor to ask. On or about March 1, the cabin that I goto, in Brantingham, suffered a catastrophic failure of one of its out building roofs. The garage roof caved in under the weight of the snow and ice. The insurance adjuster is saying it wasn’t due to snow and is refusing to pay. I’d like to get some stats on the snowfall, over time and accumulated, for approximately Jan 15-March 1. NWS, being as clunky as it is, is very difficult for me to use, but I know some of you guys are pretty adept at pulling these maps and figures. The adjuster is trying to say it was rot. And truth be told, rot probably played a part. But we also had a huge ice damn slide off another building and smash a set of stairs- so I know there was substantial ice and snow accretion during that time period. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I feel like the drought was busted weeks ago. We’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain in Irondequoit. I keep a wheelbarrow in my backyard and I’ve dumped several inches out probably 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Seriously. Maybe it’s real local?
  4. Interesting night. Walked the dogs in heavy graupel. Looks like another batch is about to sink south. KBUF - Precipitation Depiction 10:46 PM EDT #nywx #ONStorm
  5. You guys have had one heck of a winter, no? Seems like you Jack potted several times. Congratulations. I think it’s a little rare for you guys.
  6. It is pretty neat to have a full blown snowfall in late April! 1.5-2” inches in the grass.
  7. I hear ya. It’s been a terrible winter here in Rochester too; so, at least you aren’t alone bro. Every station across WNY is reporting Light Snow. Light Snow just isn’t going to get it done this time of year. BUF did ok, as did the Niagara peninsula (they’ve had a great winter). Storm track just wasn’t favorable for anyone but extreme WNY this entire season.
  8. Believe it or not, I think we are mixing in Irondequoit. A sugar coating is all. Never had the rates necessary to overcome the warmth. Gonna end up under an inch. A bust even compared to my abysmally low expectations. I knew it. F this year. Lol
  9. Yep. I’d think that dark green is where the accumulation happens tonight. Very sharp cutoff to the east (obviously).
  10. Who knows. But every single one of these have drastically underperformed. I’m ready for that last gut shot. Why not? A year of disappointments one after another, you’d literally have to be crazy to expect anything different out of this one. I just hope it’s a totally different pattern next winter. These anafrontal waves are just terrible to forecast. I want to see clippers and A’s next year. Regular low pressures that start in the south or the west (not eastern Ohio). Lol. ehhh. Should still be fun to watch. I’m just not getting my hopes up.
  11. Yeah. You guys must be right. I think maybe BUF did have one true snow during July in the ‘year without summer’. Due to a volcanic eruption I believe