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  1. I’m into holistic treatments. And cannabis. Lol. I’ve got a massage scheduled for this afternoon- get one every few weeks. I was taking lots of supplements and antioxidants until recently when I decided to stop. Ever since curtailing, I’ve actually felt better. Who knows. Im up for anything. Even though I’m scientifically biased, working in medicine has opened my eyes to the truth that we know very little about the human body. Many of our ‘cures’ were discovered accidentally or through trial and error. Rare is the treatment that was designed via understanding of physiology and chemistry.
  2. Keep us informed on this grounding stuff. I’m very skeptical but willing to admit that I know very little. Hope it works. I’m riddled with inflammation. Joint problems, low back pain, chronic pancreatitis, anxiety, on and on it goes. So if anything works, I’m willing to try. I’m currently on NAC and a few other antioxidants. Ive been walking around in bare feet because of this. Lol
  3. Wolfie!!! WTF! I never check in over the summer and I just thought I’d see what you nerds were talking about and saw your news. I’m shocked. Dude! You pretty much keep this board alive! All your posts will be missed. As will the reports from Altmar or wherever lol. So you hanging it all up huh? Gonna go get those teeth fixed and everything. Bet you lived in that house for free. God bless ya bro. I’ll miss ya!
  4. The writing is on the wall. The public will no longer tolerate complete shut downs. We shall see where this takes us. I’m so sick of this. I feel horrible for my elderly mom who basically lived to play bridge- her entire social circle was it. At this rate, she’ll never play again. People suggest playing online but it really isn’t anywhere near the same thing. She plays to be near people- to chat and laugh. She sees her life as pretty much over.
  5. When you said that he’s “pretty good at ruffling feathers”, I thought it was a compliment in a way. I apologize if I misinterpreted your meaning. There are lots of supporters who find enjoyable sport out of “owning the libs”, you disapprove?
  6. I’ll never understand why you guys appreciate this about Trump. You should dig deep and evaluate why it brings you joy when he brings anguish to others. It’s the one thing I hate most about the movement. It’s sadism.
  7. It actually fits, to a T, every defender of Trump. The guys a con man, a liar, a phony. I can respect lots of divergent opinions (I’m even open to being influenced), but at this point, I can’t respect anyone who defends Trump. I just cant. Today he’s accusing the past President of treason....
  8. Raging against the 3.7 that went to Wuhan is a mistake and here’s why: you want government funded research scientists on the ground in the part of the world where (unfortunately) so many of our viruses come from. Trump, in his nationalist way (and anti anything Obama way) shut down lots of things having to do with pandemic research. We shouldn’t look at this as tribal warfare (I’m guilty too) we should take a real look at how we can avoid this in the future. it just boggles my mind that the 3.7 is being used as proof of something nefarious when it was, in fact, exactly what we need more of.
  9. Ugh. Right to 84?! Gross. I run best at 50-65. But I prefer snow.
  10. Timing is bad on this one but another astounding situation
  11. Getting some great LES action here on the south shore. These squalls are really impressive for May 9! Middle of the day no less.
  12. Agreed. Northern finger lakes region is killer for synoptic. We probably get more synoptic snow storms than almost anywhere else. BUF is just a tic too far west and SE NY mixes. ADK’s are great but miss the moisture sometimes. ROC and SYR get the push on the Miller B’s and also are far enough SE to get in on the A’s west flank. Canadian came in pretty far NW. keeps it interesting.
  13. Saturday morning gonna be the time to watch for a pasty inch or two. That’s about it. Crazy late though!
  14. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this bumped NW