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  1. Pretty cool, huh? Maui is similar. Rain on one side and sun on the other. You gotta pay attention when deciding where to stay. Especially if doing VRBO or similar. The resorts are all on the ‘good’ side. Glad you enjoyed it. Any bugs? I didn’t see any mosquitoes while I was there.
  2. Check out some of these Killington cams
  3. That is an issue. It’s why the snow belts are so attractive.
  4. I’m weird but I love this climate. I love the seasonal changes. Muck in the Spring is the hardest. It would be nice to keep the snowpack longer like in the Adirondacks
  5. 12z NAM Says, “what snow?” You cant make this up. It’s literally gone.
  6. Unfortunately, this little event keeps tracking south. Pa/NY border now looks to be the sweet spot. Everything has caved now. The 6z HRRR had me holding out hope but the 12z pushed well south. Not many enthusiasts down that way. It’ll be awesome if we can get a pic or two.
  7. I feel like upstate is notorious for insignificant late snows. The early stuff, in my experience, has been harder to come by. I remember once, in the 80’s, Poughkeepsie had over a foot in mid October. I’ve never seen anything like that in Roc. The BUF thing being, in my mind, far and away the most anonymous thing I’ll ever hear about in my life.
  8. Really!?! Hmmm. Rochester has had snow after May 1 several times in my life.
  9. I’d be surprised if it Didn’t bump north. Given the season. This is remarkably far south to begin with. Thus far, models holding the LP just across CPA. Which in winter is the perfect track for all of WNY but this storm is very compact. It also is coming during daylight hours- I think- which will really hamper accumulation. It is a fun last hoorah
  10. October storm was a Stage 100 anomaly. I mean, that will never be repeated. That was insane.
  11. Wow. That’s great. Itinerary sounds amazing!
  12. Yeah. With lay-overs it’s crazy. It took me 18 hrs once on the way there. I recommend the red eye or an overnight layover in SF or Seattle. Great hotels in Hawaii. For 300/night you can be a high roller. I’m a real hotel snob and Maui doesn’t disappoint. I’m sure the Big Island is similar. The whales and dolphins are incredible too. The whales will have migrated north by now but you can snorkel in that sapphire blue water- it’ll cleanse your soul. I like the set up for Sunday. The timing stinks. Middle of the day. We can still get pasted. That’d be fun and maybe kick down some of the allergens floating around. I’m rambling.