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  1. It’s like a two day disruption. Blink and u miss it.
  2. Another load of crap on the 0z runs. I’m not feeling the chances of good snow for Lake Placid Feb 5-9.
  3. I clicked on the new thread and nothing happened? Anyway, this winter is done. It’s the pacific jet, the Bahama ridge, cold in Alaska and crap indices. Basically everything and anything that could go wrong did. NWS called it. The long range has been an utter joke. Promises around every corner only to turn to slush and rain. I can barely remember a more disappointing winter. Delta, it’s gonna take a miracle to salvage our Lake Placid trips.
  4. It’s not NZ, but the views in Montana ain’t bad.
  5. Hawaii is awesome this time of year. Maui is my favorite island. First class adds a thousand- unfortunately, and I almost need it with my back. Those economy seats are a cruel joke for a 12 hour flight. I flew to Bozeman (currently there) on credit card miles and they wouldn’t allow an upgrade. What!?!? My money is no good? Lol
  6. Fun for u but literally no one else. It continues...
  7. Just finished skiing Jackson Hole. It was fabulous. Driving through W Yellowstone in the back of a huge GMC Yukon on my way to Big Sky. Snowing with big snow banks either side of the road. Life is tough.
  8. I think this one will surprise. Delta, my trip to Whiteface is February 5-8.
  9. I wouldn’t give up on the weekend. It looks like an April storm. It has some limited upper level cold air to work with. Some surprises still possible. Just a couple degrees away from an interesting storm. It’s a spring storm- look to elevation stuff anyway
  10. 850’s are screwy like a couple others already stated. NAM must be seeing sleet as snow.
  11. NAM is a good hit. I’m in Jackson Hole. The flight and 4 hour drive screwed my back up- just my luck, lol. Hitting it with icy hot and ibuprofen. Stretching too. Hopefully be skiing tomorrow. Any suggestions? Tons of snow in the Tetons. Base of 36”+. Beautiful! Hope to get some fresh stuff but I’ll be skiing the curdory to save my back either way.. Supposed to ski 3 days with a massage after day 2- should help. Even if I can’t ski much I’ll enjoy the views, the food and the company. And of course the SNOW! #badtimingback
  12. I don’t see freezing rain wit this set up. Wet snow and rain is more likely. Roads could be bad in CNY and WNY on Saturday evening but not too bad. NWS is best resource for accurate weather forecasts.
  13. Son of a B! I’m out of town until Monday! Figures! Lol Cant ask for a better look.