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  1. Whoa! Forgot about that one. That’s really good. I can see Hannibal getting clobbered right now. As usual
  2. I just wish some of the western members would pop back up. It’s not really worth obsessing over without at least one land locked L. Lol
  3. You mean BUFFALO. That single spot of snow is over 1 square mile in Buffalo. Not “WNY”. Lol.
  4. Not that I’ve seen. I can access it on the 10 app but it’s useless. Hasn’t worked all season. Used to pick up snow over you
  5. Irondequoit is just frosted. Our snowpack is great. 13” on my permanent yard stick. 4” in last 24. 2.5” in last several. Band has been hugging the south shore. I love this weather. Truly alpine
  6. That day. Lol. And The following two. If it keeps looking like this I might see if anyone wants to bail and go west instead. Couple of them have Mnt Collective Passes.
  7. EURO is a monster storm for New England and eastern NY. Pretty big shift west. Amped to the max.
  8. Looking that way right now. It can change. Lots of moving parts with this one!
  9. That weird SW feature screws the whole thing. Lol. Who knows. It was a fun 24 hours.
  10. Yeah. That’s the problem with planning these ski trips back East. The mountains cost the same as western resorts but you just can’t rely on good snow. I’m at the age where I have zero interest in skiing on ice. Just none. I’d much prefer to pay 1,000 for plane tickets and get to Montana or Utah. I shouldn’t bitch. My last two trips were great but 3 years ago our trip to Killington was an absolute joke. 55F with torrential rain followed by below zero and completely dry. The worst possible conditions. Ehh, like Tom said, it’s a ways out but the freaking consistency of these models has me very concerned. Warmth is fine. It’s just the washout followed by cold that I’m already preparing myself for….
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