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  1. My questions too. Someone mentioned that it could be due to liability. In some countries, cancellations are directly tied to these products. sounds as if they are going to warnings or nothing (other than a vague text product nobody will read). Maybe it’ll be as great as their new radar roll-out! Lol. Just kidding. They do a good job for the most part.
  2. NWS going to do away with advisories and Special weather statements by 2024. “The public gets confused”
  3. We had one really warm day. A few mildish days. Nearly climo
  4. I’ll believe the warm up when it happens. About a week ago, we were looking at a warm up for now. These backdoor fronts are murder to predict. They sometimes hold on much longer than the models expect. Unfortunately, our storm set up has gone to Bermuda.
  5. When did Matt move there? Haha. I’ll bet he wants to choke us whenever we make that stupid joke.
  6. YeH, we have about 5” in the field at my folks in Pittsford. Neighborhoods in Irondequoit are showing a ton of brown grass. Huge snow mounds remain. Some of the meso models show a couple/ few inches over next 48 hours. Wouldn’t surprise me. Limiting factors are the wind and dry. It’s always disappointing to get a long duration north wind event only to have it crushed by dryness. EVERY DAMN TIME. Lol. Should be pretty windy today for you!
  7. Last night pretty much did it. All our snow is gone (tear).
  8. Irondequoit spent the entire day in the upper 30’s. I took the dogs for a walk and I was as cold as I’ve been all year. A chill, damp wind was blowing that I wasn’t expecting- not to mention it was about 12 degrees colder than advertised. I’m guessing it was the lakes doing? On the positive side, I’m thinking my ski trip, to the Tug/ADKs, in 12 days is no longer in any real jeopardy. Maybe even get some fresh. Nobody knows. Lol
  9. You ain’t kidding! It’s been a long winter of every synoptic potential just dying. At least for us! I remain hopeful that March can deliver one or two. The overall set up is there. I’m wondering about blocking though.
  10. Lots of energy but nothing grabs. One thing is for certain, GFS is waaaay colder in the coming two weeks than just a couple days ago. Big changes. Now we need a storm!
  11. Aha! I guess I didn’t realize why they wanted holes. Lol Falling thru the ice and drowning is an irrational fear of mine. I get spooked walking on ice in January.