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  1. Nice package. If anyone is wondering where everyone has gone. We are now at Discord. Ask for an invite. .
  2. Big jump west. I’d hold of on watches- too many limiting factors/ variables. But you’re right, could be a heavy wet snow. Nothing has leafed out here yet.
  3. The fantasy storms have vanished. About right. I believe that’s a wrap. I loved all our interactions this winter. I’ll see ya next chance of snow. Peace and love.
  4. It’s really sad. It looked hopeful in December but that went to shit.
  5. Bingo! But it’s still fun to watch. Active, cold pattern. The chance is there. I wouldn’t rule out a final snow storm.
  6. Super windy. Very hot in the summer. Very cold in the winter. Very little average snowfall. Flat. Otherwise it’s awesome.
  7. I finally agree with you. It’s generally too late for anything interesting and I’m tired of mud. That being said, it would be lovely to get some 60’s instead of the traditional slam into 88 and humid.
  8. I always get asked, “You must love to ski”, which I now answer, “I do but it has nothing to do with it. I just love snow”
  9. Valley near Lowville very evident for its lack of snow cover
  10. Total, 100% lack of situational awareness! I’ve seen it in almost every scenario like this. It makes you just wonder how these morons even breath. He almost died for his stupidity. You need to stay in your car and wait for a window and then RUN into the woods to get behind the biggest trees you can find. I hate sharing the road with people like that.
  11. Amazing! So cool. Only caught caught 2” here in Irondequoit. 0” in Pittsford. So pretty much a bust. I’ve been really impressed with the Caz microclimate! Is it a nice place to live?
  12. Check that. Extremely heavy snow in Irondequoit. Like listen for thunder stuff.
  13. No snow in Pittsford but my cams show heavy snow in Irondequoit with maybe a couple inches already.
  14. It always astounds me when the tug can cash in on a NW flow. It makes no sense. Lol
  15. Very wet snow with some rain drops in Pittsford. Going back and forth. Obviously not accumulating.
  16. Looks like it’s starting to come down on the ridge. Any good cams?
  17. I saw a lot of Amish driving in their buggies. Apparently LED lights are permissible. You gotta get some snow tires bro
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