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  1. It does sound like two different people. Lol. Disco was newer I think
  2. The individuals looked so-so to me. But you’re right. This looks good.
  3. I’ve been singing their praises all winter but man…I think they are wrong here. I think this has big potential. It’s gonna be fast and furious. Easily a warning event- maybe more.
  4. I’ve never read a more dismissive disco ever. NWS has spoken and there is no storm. I’m dumbfounded. I guess they went with the ICON.
  5. GFS op has got a good handle on this. Hope the operational is better than the GEFS again.
  6. If the Canadian is an extrapolated RGEM then it should be a big hitter.
  7. GFS is still a big storm. Just ticked east. Maybe leaves room for those final shifts west?
  8. My concern has always been too amped. This is a pretty robust set-up.
  9. I’ve been in your exact shoes! You’d rather just a little snow and predictable weather. It’s anxiety inducing to be sure. I’ll be in Brantingham and could easily face the same dilemma in a few runs…
  10. RGEM is much further east compared to that 18z ICON run. Would be a good hit!
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