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  1. You literally edited my screen shot lmfao.. Next time don't forget to edit the averages lol https://www.weather.gov/wrh/Climate?wfo=buf
  2. A hot and moderately humid airmass will be found over the region on Sunday. This will encourage apparent temperatures in the afternoon to climb into the mid and upper 90s. A heat advisory may be needed. A cold front moving through this airmass Sunday afternoon and night will generate thunderstorms...some of which could become strong with heavy rain. There will be the risk for localized flooding.
  3. Few non accumulating flakes possible over the coming days..
  4. It all depends on the timing of a potential CF..It always warms just ahead of it.. For W/C NY it's perfect timing to sizzle lol It doesn't make it to ENY until overnight.. But obviously 174 hours out, timing will change..
  5. Looks like a few inches for the higher elevations east of Ontario overnight through morning..
  6. Obviously surface temps are to marginal, does try to cool somewhat overnight..
  7. Euro with a messy mix, heavy paste job to the east..It is counting some mixing as snow..
  8. Probably going to be fringed in kbuf CWA which means liquid this time of year lol
  9. Temp took a nosedive, down 20° from the earlier high..
  10. Front on the doorstep, temp already down 6°-7° from cloud cover..
  11. GFS still has burst of snow early Saturday, especially KSyr South and east.. Looks like another LEK special lol
  12. Nam hangs up the CF a little farther southeast but still wants to throw some snow into the mix.. Timing sucks though, through the day on Saturday..I think kuchie is showing half these numbers if that lol
  13. The next issue...when will this next front push into the forecast area and then how fast will it exit on Saturday. There is some suggestion that it will hang up and then slow its forward progression with a tightening of the thermal gradient and strong baroclinic zone developing across the forecast area from SW to NE Friday night. This could bring a fairly decent period of precipitation as it slowly works through the region. P-type may even become a bit tricky as it could get just cold enough to support a mix of rain and snow across the higher terrain overnight. Have added a mix of rain and snow across the higher terrain to cover this potential beginning the second half of Friday night. Saturday...the cold front appears to move ever so slowly through the region and then it turns sharply colder on the backside. We might even see precipitation mix with or change completely over to snow late in the day at all locations. This is considering 850 hPa temps are forecast to fall to -7C then to -10C by evening. Saturday night...its looking more likely that it will be cold enough aloft (-10C/-11C) to encourage a bit of a lake response. This is taking into account that Lake Erie and Ontario are now in the upper 30s to low 40s...marginal over lake instability. Nothing significant but nonetheless impressive for this late in the season. Could see some minor snow accumulations on grassy areas across the higher terrain SSE of the lakes overnight. Temperatures wise...lows will be found in the 20s to low 30s across the forecast area by daybreak Sunday.
  14. Nam showing this as well.. Could see some wet fatties mix in lol
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