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  1. Same here, looks like we have bare patches and 3-4" of snow over most of the property, one of those situations where its a judgment call as to what to report for snowdepth. Given another 8+ hours of mid 40s and rain, it might be an easier call in the morning.
  2. Relax. Enjoy the snow. We'll enjoy our rain here. Nothing of substance is going to happen there. It's baked in theatre.
  3. 6Z GFS looks decent for BUF and maybe to ROC. It even manages a couple/few inches into the SizzleCuse. Down to 3-4" of snowpack.. but the mild air feels good this a.m.
  4. Hells ya! Burn.it.all.down. probably underdone, we may get a 60 handle in here! Spring is coming.
  5. Road trip to Canada, Montreal or Ottawa, for one of these storms could be cool. But muh, covid.
  6. I'm logging 0.5" tomorrow. Unless MOAR falls, which seems unlikely.
  7. Just measured before the INCREASING SUN ANGLE and LATENT HEAT OF SUBLIMATION does its dirty work. 0.5" of fluff as this wraps up. Not quite jackpot level snowfall but these pennies will eventually add up. To a nickel.
  8. Some very large dendrites, SN+ burst here. By eyeball I am near my 0.8" jackpot hopes! I am literally stealing Matt's snow!
  9. Pretty good bursts of snow in progress here. Hopes for jackpotting snows resurgent.
  10. Heavy sunshine breaking out here interspersed with snowflakes. Expectations for jackpot level snowfall is waning minute by minute..
  11. We need 20+" just to reach last seasons miserly totals. We gonna need something better than some half-assed Clippers and gullywashers shown of GooFuS to get there. Of course, on the bright side, April and May are always there to fluff the totals.
  12. Snowing here now. It's not outrageous to think that we could jackpot another 0.8" with this band.
  13. We picked up our 1.3" of nickel and dime snow last night. Up to 57" on the season! Yay us!
  14. Well, if 0z GFS is right, we Torch, we rain, we cool then we retorch and we rain some more. At least in CNY and east. 1" tonight, band has fallen off L.O. and dispersing. Looks like this winter is about a wrap. Time to start thinking about planting the garden. Thinking of growing cannabis this year. Bring on Morch!
  15. You've been cancelled. Or, maybe delete some of your filespace here? Just a thought. Snowing nicely, small dendrites. Should be good enough for another 0.8" on our march to futility...
  16. I was in Schenectady in some work training for that storm. Solid 24" there. Was a fun one stranded in hotel overnight as everything was shutdown. Being a seasoned vet, I anticipated this and trudged through the snow when we got released early to get a few big bottles of wine before the liquor stores closed. I was popular in the lobby as the hotel had a restaurant and put out snacks...but no bar...
  17. Joe Bastardo used to squawk and monger about Feb 1899 going back well over a decade. Maybe 2 decades...
  18. Espn insider had a really insightful article on the game, the adjustments made, what worked and did not, and does touch on the officiating aspect at the end. It's paywalled, and I apparently can't copy the link to here. I have access thru my espn+ sub to watch soccer. Upshot on Refs is that they have a demonstrated tendency to "let them play" in playoffs and teams take advantage of that with more aggressive individual tactics but...there is also a pattern for the refs to start throwing flags late because it becomes too much by late in these bigger games. If teams were smart enough, they could tone down taking liberties late in games to avoid exceeding the referees limits. Easy to say, hard to consciously do I'm sure.
  19. Yes, my snowboard in backyard. Oops...caveat. the first 3 years are KSYR. NWS lost my first 3 years of data in the old system pre CoCoRaHS.
  20. In fact, here are my annual snowfalls: 04/05 139 05/06 128 06/07 144 07/08 132 08/09 155 09/10 114 10/11 178 11/12 44 12/13 121 13/14 143 14/15 130 15/16 72 16/17 103 17/18 138 18/19 136 19/20 88 20/21 78........ Avg 122.8"
  21. I'd agree. Given the surrounding results and having a longer term view, I ascribe this 3 year run in the SizzleCuse area to random probabilities. And of course the Jonah moving locally. ;) I'd have to check my records but I seem to recall that of the first 10 winters here only 2, maybe 3, that were substantially below avg with the rest being at or a bit above avg.
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