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  1. What the heck happened? I slept in and I see my rain gauge is near an inch of rain?
  2. Pretty much with you. I've been hitting golf balls indoors over the winter and looking forward to getting out on thr links. Of course a bunch of spring yardwork awaits...
  3. The Sizzle is on. Bit of time left to hit the big 7-0 but running out of time. Sadly, Dansville is reporting 72, outsizzling the Sizzlecuse. SYR 67 BUF 66 ROC 64 BGM 54! (Sad) ALB 55
  4. The Sizzle will not be denied! Now we wait for the unwelcome late March and April snows. Unless they're big. We always like that.
  5. Kind of agree on the snow or sun, at least by late winter or spring. But have to say, in the dead of winter, cold cloudy days with some lake effect has its appeal. Living near the coast there is usually clearing right after a storm. Kind of nice to have "wintry" weather expanded after a storm, or get dessert snow. Though by mid March...the clouds are not appreciated.
  6. Picked up 1.8" last night and this am. Total of 77.6" for the season which leaves me 0.7" short of last season. We will probably get that last inch sometime in the next month or so but won't really matter.
  7. 4" here is my final answer. We are still just short of last year by about an inch and a half. Pathetic.
  8. I'm glad MLB is using a pitch clock. Also should enforce batters staying in the box between pitches. This BS where they step out to adjust every pitch and then the pitchers being slow is intolerable. Baseball is long enough without the human rain days and drama queens. If they can't play fast, quit the game.
  9. We did have a forecast of up to 10" here about a day or so ago. Sitting on maybe 4"...and the snow has lightened up. Maybe the "backside" lake enhanced snow will inch us closer but right now....kind of feels like a bust, here. Although model trends showed this.
  10. We are probably near 4" here. Getting to 6 may be a struggle...
  11. We are but mere hours away from reaching last season's paltry show totals and upgrading this winter from a D- to a D!
  12. About 3" here. Precip has barely made it into Eastern NY it looks, slow moving front i guess. Now that the sun is up, guessing the accum is about over since rates aren't impressive. KALY and KBGM forecasts could be way overdone at this point with just a weak wave riding up thr front.
  13. Rain and wet snow (white rain) has started here in the Sizzlecuse area. Expecting 4" from the "storm" (looks more like a frontal passage) and maybe another 2" in lake effect or hybrid on the backside, for our standard 6" here.
  14. So you're going with the low end of the BGM Forecast probabilities? Smart. BTW I need 5.8" to reach last year's seasonal Snowfall. Currently at 72.5", somehow. So 6" gets me over the line. Need another 10" after that to get to 2 winter's ago paltry totals (88").
  15. Ski industry would be destroyed if Matt is there. Just a smoking crater...
  16. Whoa, storm uncancel? Or are we laughing at the old news hype?
  17. For you maybe. For CNY, add it to a long list and we'll figure out which was the biggest bust later...
  18. Wait. I thought lack of blocking was why every other POS storm ended up going more N&W this winter? Now we are saying this causes it to slide S&E? Bollocks!
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