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  1. We will need a pretty solid next 4-5 weeks just to reach the putrid snowfall levels of the past two winters. And this week looks lost already.
  2. Well, this is in my signature (not viewable on phone) but here are my last several winters: Snowfall 2021/22 55.8” Thru 2/05/22 Snowfall 2020/21 78.3” Snowfall 2019/20: 87.7" Snowfall 2018/19: 135.5" Snowfall 2017/18: 138.3”
  3. Stop hitting the crack pipe so early in the day! Soon, many rains come.
  4. The final drive flag fest really changed my perspective on the overall game which I thought was a good one. Prevailing consensus on TWTR (the experts LOL) was that the initial PI call on the Bengals during the final drive was a makeup call for the missed offensive facemask on Cincy's TD at start of 2nd half. And then it's like they couldn't help themselves. I'd like to think the refs are better than that but looked fishy to me given that almost no ticky tack penalties were called all game till that point. Did the better team win? Probably but the Rams were just a shade better, not convincing...
  5. Rogers so hard to warm up to, and his postseason history is not great. But...great regular season numbers. I'd take him on the NYG over the current options...
  6. Snowpack here, about 6", is glacier like. My Husky walks on it without leaving footprints.
  7. I'm at 56" of total snowfall for the season and it's looking like we will struggle to reach even 70" at this rate, unless we nickel and dime our way there over the next month. Which is what i suspect happens.
  8. About 6" of avg snowdepth here still though we've lost over 1/2 of it in the past few days. Looks like most of the rest of it will be gone other than snowpiles over the next week. Sigh.
  9. What if Aunt Gertrude was run over by a snowplow in March because her glasses were fogged up wearing a mask? How insensitive. Do better.
  10. I think a lot of people who report can usually only do about once a day, or maybe x2 if motivated/home. I've seen where more frequent measurements make a difference, esp if you measure right after/during a snowfall vs waiting overnight where settling/melting can reduce measured amts. Not always but...
  11. Down here in the heart of the Sizzlecuse, a few flakes have been spotted despite the roasting temperatures.
  12. Well, it's gone on 12Z but always lurking in the shadows for @TugHillMatt
  13. 12Z GFS has 5 synoptic misses in this run. Most are offshore and/or S&E. Hope that's just its usual bias showing up.
  14. Usually, I'd say we need a storm to end the nonsense back n forth but how'd that work this time?
  15. Adults are having a discussion. Go back to your room and take your meds.
  16. Harder to figure exact ratios for Oswego cty and when they occurred based on CoCoRaHS as reports are usually 7-9 a.m., which includes the high ratio LES/enhancement after midnight. And the KART qpf data from NWS for 2/3, 2/4 are "M".
  17. ROC Climate data for the 2 days. Weighting the ratios based on % of total precip each day yields net ratio of 11.9:1. SYZ was 9.9:1 using same method for those days combined.
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