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  1. What's left of the band is here. Enough time to add another 0.8" to the totals? Or do we go big and get an actual inch?
  2. Those are usually death for here, seems like the bands don't have enough residence time prior to being over us...hills S&SE of SizzleCuse usually wring out the moisture.
  3. They were probably driving distracted, streaming tv and looking at the perpetually scrolling weather alert while driving.
  4. This scrolling weather alert on tv every 15 minutes is really annoying AF. I think everyone gets it... it's snowing somewhere and windy.
  5. I just caught up and saw that. LOL. Yeah, I was tired and went back to sleep. Hard to excited about 15 minutes of snow, there wasn't really any measurable accumulation it appears. I see laundry list of weather advisories for up north scrolling underneath the soccer match I'm watching on NBC.
  6. Slept in today. Windy outside but nice and sunny. Looks like we melt again on Mon, Tues.
  7. Just measured...2-1/4" since the changeover. Variable intensity but more "on" than "off" here. We take. I think i am about to break 60" for season IMBY. Whoo whoo!
  8. Every time I see these type maps I get a twinge of hope, and then I see the forecast dates...
  9. Same basically. We had an inch at 0800. Another band just slid in here and it got heavy again though I see the sun trying to peak trough now.
  10. By "us" you mean WNY I presume? We all know that there's issues here in the CNY furnace. And we know who to blame.
  11. Yeah not sure how but I'll take it. Been like this for a while now.
  12. Snowing pretty decent here despite radar not looking great. Probably closing in on 2" net
  13. I've been eyeballing another trip to Europe this year, kind of hard to assess what restrictions will be like in a few months but trending in the right direction. Biggest hassle is the testing requirements. I can deal with masks if need be.
  14. Finally melted the frozen solid rain gauge. 0.81" total qpf, including 1.0" new snow.
  15. Snowing decent attm. One of those rare times there are actually decent dendrites. 1" new snow. I have to wait for my rain gauge to thaw as its a block of ice so no idea on total qpf attm.
  16. I remember back when the mesos got something right, back in February 1899. JB's Go-To winter porn month. #Study
  17. Is there still school these days? I thought we gave that up during, muh, Covid?
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