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  1. Yeah, I've checked out on this winter. Waiting for consistent warm temps and golf now. Not getting sucked into anything else this season. It's 3 winter's straight with basically nickel and dime snow and the occasional underperforming snowstorm. Next winter maybe we revert to mean. Hopefully.
  2. Yeah I don't really have an MLS team. I Would say one of the NY teams but I can't. NYCFC is tied to Man City who are owned by a middle east SWF and are helping ruin soccer. And Red Bulls...no. I would be disowned by the supporters of the team I support, which is Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga. And we crashed out of the Champions League and Europa League comps this year. I've been to Dortmund match and last October to an Amsterdam Ajax match. Intense and fun.
  3. Oh FFS we should have 200" by now if 10 day snow maps panned out. its all garbage beyond 3 days.
  4. You're kidding right? You see anything in next 2 weeks but more of the same?
  5. Beisbol MLB is a joke. Who cares? I used to be a die hard Mets and baseball fan. Don't watch anymore as team sucks, games too long; season too long, covid mess. I watch more soccer now. It has its drawbacks too but 2 hrs and done.
  6. 3.5" overnight. This puts me over the 70" total. Closing in on last year's 78". Gonna be difficult as nothing looks to be on horizon but rain/snow mixes next 2 weeks.
  7. Winters over. This one failed. There's always next year. Till there's not.
  8. So RaIn then dryslot for CNY. And some say winter's not over. Ok Great.
  9. Pretty much the same here. Not really a bust but perhaps expectations were higher?
  10. Maybe 6" here total? Looks like we got another 1-2" after I measured 4.5" this a.m. Def feels like a bust but not a Yuge one. SN- the past few hrs. Basically flurries. This was our last great hope perhaps.
  11. Nice...I missed the 00Z runs. Up till then seemed like only some NAM runs was looking that aggressive with the primary and mix/dryslot. I think.
  12. Which run? That's where this gets confusing assessing models, it's all a blur in the end, sort of.
  13. Yeah, was thinking same. If the "def band" can deliver a couple/few inches, the lower end of the advertised 6-8" here could still verify.
  14. I think even the NAM wasn't north enough. RGEM, Euro, Ukie a hot mess.
  15. Same here, just measured 0.38" liquid and...4.5" Snowfall. Some light PL/ZR falling now. Glad I didn't stay up for this bone job.
  16. Absolutely seems NWS BGM checks in on our drivel sometimes. If I were them (hint, hint), I'd have gone the other way though...showing a snow minima in that NW corner.
  17. GFS not really showing lake enhancement due south of L.O. We Toss.
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