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  1. I'll take it. Although some rain for my veggies would be good. This is one hot steamer of an air mass. Dewpoints been mid to upper 60s for days now. This weekend might actually feel "refreshing." Which is one benefit of living up here in summer. As much as I like the heat...not gonna lie, some relief at times feels good.
  2. It is a hassle but it does work. During a "normal" summer i can keep my pool temp upper 70s to low 80s for the most part. I've thought about getting a solar heater but undecided as to where i would place it so i'm still looking around, stuck in analysis paralysis. Not that it will affect us but GFS been trying to gin up a tropical system in the caribbean the past few runs and head it somewhere towards the FL Keys, maybe into the GOM. Early start to the season for sure.
  3. I do that. It's still difficult to maintain above ground pool temp in CNY unless the Summer is a warm/sunny one. Two years ago i barely went in the pool as every time temp got up to mid 70s (my threshold) it would rain and get cloudy for days, dropping it back down in to the 70 degree range. That's happened a couple of Summers.
  4. I have a pool and rely on warm/sunny weather to make/keep it warm. So once the snow stops i'm pretty much rooting for a blast furnace most days (with afternoon T Storms for the garden and lawn).
  5. We had ~2" of overnight snow near Albany, Clifton Park, on May 18 2001. Could have been May 2002. So once every 2 decades or so for upstate lowlands based on very limited sample size. If this continues after dark we could easily see a few inches. Although melting between 6 hour measurements, esp in daylight will really knock totals down. I suspect we may see some inflated numbers with people over measuring. Actually, not sure what the cirrext protocol is when its melting between squalls.
  6. 1" on elevated surface with the last slug of snow. Melting quickly. New round incoming
  7. You know, I was going to expand and clarify but why bother. you are quite unlikable. Seek help.
  8. Fair enough. I havent seen a lot on antibody testing on the Covid Tracking Project but I could've missed something. There's way too much information flow out there the last 3 months, overall.
  9. Problem is we don't kknow if they're actually shitty tests or just Dems seizing on concerns about the rapidity by which FDA approved them. It will be figured out if they are shitty tests in due course but sitting around navel gazing and jerking off in peer reviews doesn't seem like the best approach while Rome burns.
  10. This is part of why we are in trouble as a nation. So this is now evolving as the latest anti-Trump political ploy to oppose the release of covid-19 antibody testing. First, in Jan the MSM and Dems line was, "this is all overblown". Then, when Trump shifted gears to denial and trivialize space, they swapped 180 to oppose that. This fit hand in glove with "not enough testing," ... bad Trump. And correct. Now we're getting more testing and its but but but, it's not good testing. GMAFB. When the Democrats (correctly) pointed out that the Admin was fumbling the testing rollout during Jan-Mar timeframe, and fingered the FDA as being an obstacle in the process, it made the Trump admin look bad. Ok, fair enough. Now, when they begin rolling out a lot of antibody tests, and have improved covid-19 test availability (somewhat), its: oh no no no, those tests didnt get rigorous enough scrutiny by FDA. And lest one feebly state "oh so you're ok with bad tests," read this: "But in the rush to get tests to the public quickly, there are worries that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed companies to market tests with little to no oversight, raising the potential for a surge in inaccurate results." There are worries. Really? By whom? C'mon, this is horsesh!t and clearly an attempt to keep the nation paralyzed for as long as possible to drive dissatisfaction and maximize economic destruction...which plays against Trump ostensibly in the election. These people better be very careful as people's patience with both sides is drawing thin. Unhinge enough people and frankly it'll be great entertainment watching these people all get what they've probably got coming.
  11. Agree on that. In the end, I suspect that "excess mortality" might be a reasonable way to figure out a real number of covid-19 deaths. Not exact as seasonal flu lethality varies but we know statistically how many people die over the course of a year so any deltas ought to stand out.
  12. We still have limited testing, whether it's due to a continuing lack of test kits or other procedural reasons, not sure. I'm not sure if there's an under or over count going on. There's been no shortage of claims both ways. Until proven otherwise, likely after the fact, I look at this issue as similar to bad washes out in the end...usually.
  13. I dont know how granular they will, or can, get. Many counties have very low infection totals and it seems way overboard to be walking around in masks and all the other limitations on businesses. Problem is, if it gets relaxed in low infection upstate counties, its impossible to limit travel out of higher infection counties. So you rancid, infected mongrels in Rochester and Buffalo would have to stay home for it to fully work!