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  1. Well, I'll say this and end it bc as we've seen in this thread, and elsewhere, intelligent convo re AGW, or rebranded as CC, is impossible and brings out the worst in everyone. It's a complex subject that doesn't lend itself to easy answers or solutions and has long since been subsumed in politics. Everyone is an expert on the subject and they all have hardened opinions, or more laughably, beliefs. Which is why I don't discuss it, or almost anything, online anymore and probably shouldnt have responded earlier. Back to tracking the next great White Whale.
  2. For the most part no, with caveats. There have been well founded concerns expressed about data manipulation in s couple of instances however, by certain scientists. Having read both sides, I still think that's an open question. But the overall data, depending on your timeframe, show we have warmed in the industrial age. I don't think that's debatable. The literature on this subject over the past 30 years is however replete with examples of research that is directed in a particular way that doesn't always seem to rigorously conform with the scientific method. And its peer reviewed, which is even more disturbing. I think this is mainly a problem when you get further away from the climate guys and into peripheral subjects. As far as making pennies compared to private industry, that's true. But don't discount that in their world, continued access research funding is quite likely dependent on having the "right" conclusion to a study. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. This isn't the first time where the politics inside of science distort, or are perceived to distort, conclusions.
  3. My $0.02...the data shows that sfc temps have warmed. I don't think that's debatable. There are questions as to how much and concerns about data manipulation etc. but sfc has warmed a degree or two in last 100 yrs. Why that's happened, is theoretical. CO2 likely the biggest driver. Likely. Beyond that, and especially regarding "climate change" it's all speculation and a lot of bloviating. Anyone familiar with measurement uncertainty theory and the application of it in engineering / science, should instinctively sense that there is a whole lot of blah blah blah being oversold or misrepresented as actual scientific facts, for a variety of reasons and by people (including scientists) who are out of their depth.
  4. I can't buy this. Undoubtedly because my a** is still chapped from the last bait n switch storm here in CNY...;)
  5. You haven't met some of the scientists i know. At least at the bar.
  6. The 3KM NAM is dead to me. I blame it in whole for last night's bustogenesis. 3.5" storm total as of 8 a.m.
  7. Looking good in WNY. Enjoy, you all get short changed on a lot of coastals. We wont see much of anything here till well after midnight. Should make for a skanky commute.
  8. Still just light mix, and dryslotting, 27F. We are losing previous accumulation ~1.5", hour for hour! An inverse snowstorm at this point. A new concept to explore? (Snowstorm)^(-1)? We can go places with this, Chief.
  9. OT but anyone needing a good flick while they count the snowflakes (or snowflakes not falling), "The King" on NFLX is pretty solid.
  10. It's not much different up here. The "good" news is we get way more chances to have Lucy take the football away up here, as compared to i-95'ers. OTOH, lake effect (fake snow BTW) takes the sting out of the soul crushing nonsense. Until it fails us too, which it will given time.
  11. Mixed precip types here. Pretty much kitchen sink of everything, Snow grains, maybe PL, and ZR. Holding at 27F. Not getting 6-10" like this... A distinct air of Bust-o-Genesis is developing...
  12. Bit of a lull in precip rates around CNY and SYR. Bit of a popcorn snow dendrite type going on now.
  13. Its authorized for those that wish to publically humiliate themselves with old school weenie jargon.
  14. Its authorized for those that wish to publically humiliate themselves with old school weenie jargon.