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  1. I have about 7-9" o.g. in North burbs. City has less due to the usual city factors.
  2. After the Seattle v Pittsburgh Super Bowl, which the Steelers won, I was open to the idea that someone bought off a game official or two. And I am a neutral. I don't recall ever seeing a game of that magnitude with so many big time penalties, and ref decisions, in key spots being so one-sided. Seattle still could have overcome the refs but choked away chances. Their margins for error though was cut to nothing.
  3. Maybe...unless the receiver gives himself up right away, in which case maybe only 1, at most 2 seconds comes off. But field position probably worse. And if he mishandled kick at all, yeah, would've chewed up more time. Special teams blew it for GB, this was more subtle.
  4. Well at least this weekend's NFL matches, and this game esp, gave me a distraction from the covid blues. PCR'd + today. I was boostered 2 weeks ago. It's like flu so far.
  5. Actually, the more i think about it, the Bills coaching decisions were what lost that. The lack of squib kick and then a ridiculous prevent defense. Romo even pointed out that Bills had 4 rushers on the 1st or 2nd play at 0:13. You only rush 3 if ur gonna do that...
  6. Yeah, these were the 2 best teams we saw this weekend, and last weekend for that matter. I wouldn't draw huge conclusions based on the last few minutes of the game...other than Allen and Mahomes are real big time ballers. The game was out an out of control train for both teams from 2 minutes and in.
  7. True. Would've given the Bills more field margin given the defense they played there. Which was inexplicably awful.
  8. Big missed opp for Bills. Noone thinks Cincy is winning next week. And for that matter, Rams and SF? I don't think either of them could beat Bills or KC.
  9. Romo said they should have squibbed it to eat a few seconds. I think receiver could have just given himself up though, might have only taken 1 or 2 seconds off. Prob wouldn't have mattered as KC had timeouts.
  10. Was pulling for Bills but it's times like these I'm glad I'm a Giants fan...haven't played a meaningful game in like 7 years. An almost inconceivable loss for Bills after Allen TD pass at 0:13 and 4th n 14 TD before that.
  11. They could've pooch kicked like Romo was saying perhaps.
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