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  1. It’s not even a melt, but everyone is at each other’s throats and it’s just a waste of time until something looks more imminent.
  2. I’m just taking a break. Hopefully something comes up.
  3. I’m out. Planning my summer lol. At least we can count on extremes in the warm season. Can’t wait.
  4. Well congrats to those who got a decent storm. Nice man base for winter activities up north. Much needed.
  5. The setup again looks tenuous at first with a shit positive tilted trough, but then curls left and up lol with the nrn stream s/w behind it. Why not?
  6. I didn’t know the freezing point was 35!
  7. Nice to see the sun. Hopefully a decent aftn.
  8. I don’t see much support for more than a dusting.
  9. Yeah I saw that. I dunno, I’m starting to get sick of this winter. It’s like a slow death torture.
  10. I love the wind. Glad you guys got a taste of that.
  11. Friend of mine at 500’ looks like at least 6-7” there.
  12. I was mentioning the downslope component of the mtns the other day. I think some of that is occurring as cold air forces up and over the high elevations where it’s ticking warmer. Almost becomes katabatic and boosted by strong LLJ.
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