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  1. Put your bum in a stream and hold hands with Jspin while he talks about lens exposure.
  2. Guidance has east winds with a warm front south so that’s not a hot look. Redew comes after. Back broken after Tuesday albeit still warm and humid.
  3. It’s definitely relief verbatim to some extent.
  4. What a stretch. What a bust on temps. We soar and summer.
  5. But then returns north Tuesday? Seems like it’s having trouble figuring it out.
  6. There is a weak low that develops on front too which helps propel it SW. I think the euro depiction seems plausible. It’s August, but that is still a hell of a thermal gradient which we know they like and helps accelerate it SW. Although this won’t act like a door in May, I could see later Tuesday and Tuesday night, winds shift more light NE into eastern MA. I guess we shall see.
  7. I could see NE MA flags turning NE later Tuesday into BOS. Maybe more of a seabreeze deal vs 20Kt NE winds. It’s close. Euro says no, but it’s sort of inching south. GFS struggles for 60 in SNH. I’ll sell that.
  8. Even euro shows it. It’s probably more a light Seabreeze vs a door.
  9. I think we door a bit into BOS by later Tuesday.
  10. Seriously though. Get after it this weekend. Beach, pond, Ginxy’s pool full of poo.....whatever it is enjoy.
  11. Like sweat down your ass crack, these are the days of our lives.
  12. What a stretch between now and Wednesday. Maybe Boston on north gets slight relief Wednesday, but these are the days of our lives. At least we have some scattered rain chances to go along with it.
  13. Yep. They’re all slowly going away.
  14. Just play this for me as you start a mosh pit over my grave.
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