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  1. Actually I looked at OKX. It’s up there, it probably under 90th percentile.
  2. That’s seems too high. We have dews in 60s all the time in September.
  3. So this doesn't really explain it, although the stuff near the Baja may have helped.
  4. I know....I think I would need to see a OLR chart from that winter. The STJ is a function of some convective blowoff too.
  5. That looks off a bit....or maybe off a year? Like in 15-16 they did not have that much snow. That looks more for 16-17 when they had a great year.
  6. It's only been like 64 for the high, so can't really say that...just moist AF.
  7. Random question. Does a place like Whiteface in the Dacks avg similar to Mt Mansfield? Is it snowier or not?
  8. These last few days have sucked major ass crack. Mowing ftl today with mist.
  9. Looks fine to me. Ensembles were more tame compared to up. Subsequent troughing after.
  10. My comment was directly towards the 48-60” comment. Not happening.
  11. I always thought the STJ stuff was a result of convection in the east pac. For instance if Nina was west based, you wouldn't have such cool waters in the eastern Pacific and naturally there will always be some convection there in the tropics.
  12. Yeah the rest of month looks meh. In October, it may be different..especially beyond first week.
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