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  1. We dont know anything with this virus definitively. But I think the evidence doesnt point to schools being "virus reactors" that they are flu season. There's also plenty of evidence that kids are catching the infection outside of the immediate school environment.
  2. You are right that they can be more silent spreaders but this idea just isn't supported. Schools and SARS-CoV-2 transmission Based on the data available, in-person learning in schools has not been associated with substantial community transmission. Although national COVID-19 case incidence rates among children and adolescents have risen over time, this trend parallels trends observed among adults.17 Increases in case incidence among school-aged children and school reopenings do not appear to pre-date increases in community transmission.17,32-34 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/transmission_k_12_schools.html
  3. Yeah that exactly right. It increases the disparities that already exist. It's also another reason why lockdowns are only quasi-effective in the short term. The government didnt/doesn't help the front line workers enough in impoverished areas all that much and they can't work from home. So you end up shifting the infection burden on an already relatively unhealthy cohort in multigenerational households while middle and upper class mostly white people can work from home and order Uber eats. Then, everyone focuses (including the government to shift blame on to the individual) on maybe the 20% of spread that is actually caused by "bad behavior" all the while ignoring the systemic issues behind the majority of the spread.
  4. Pretty sure I've seen evidence that teachers are far more likely to get covid outside of schools than in the school...just like kids are catching more covid outside of school than in school. School doesn't have to be perfectly safe to be in favor of mostly open school given the obvious negative effects of long term school closures.
  5. An interesting discussion with respect to history and legalities of vaccine passports in the US. https://time.com/5952532/vaccine-passport-history/
  6. I believe there is subtle divergence in the weekly death metrics and the case metrics as the oldest population gets more vaccinated. For much of the pandemic from the summer through the winter, the 21-day lagged Case Fatality Rate was somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0%. Latest data suggests a bit less than that, maybe like 1.4% or so.
  7. More great evidence that vaccines are our main way out of this.
  8. I dont really care as to which states it is. It's more about allocating vaccine resources to those places where infection is surging because it saves more lives.
  9. Florida's excess data does not suggest much undercount. There are other states (and countries) where there is a much larger difference. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/14/us/covid-19-death-toll.html
  10. ugh man that guy is the worst. Such a fear monger. This happened in the original SARS too.
  11. The dumb argument was that you literally cant get that vaccine in the US lol. I'd still suggest that if it were the only vaccine available and you were in area of high community prevalence of the virus, it would be safer to "take a chance" with that vaccine than to take a chance with the virus. That complication is considerably more rare than the covid death rate of people our age.
  12. He could just get a US approved vaccine. This one is not lol.
  13. There's reason to be skeptical on that vaccine, specifically for younger women. There's enough evidence that Canada pulled approval for those under 55. There's some reports that the incidence of the SVTs be as high as 1 in 100000. I hope they figure it out because it's a hugely important vaccine for europe and the world in general. It's a cheap vaccine sold at cost and can be stored at fridge temps. Thats the vaccine that was likely going to be used in Africa and the Middle East and the poorer areas in the world.
  14. Dr. Daniel Griffin on his Twiv clinical update was complaining about some doctors still prescribing zpacks and/or steroids very early on in illness. Most covid deaths are covid deaths. They are not caused by secondary bacterial infection.
  15. Theres still some horseshoe theory here for sure, but I believe the largest antivax/vaccine-hesitant group is conservative.
  16. If DTA wasn't embroiled in right-wing politics he would see the vaccine was beneficial to him and society at large. From a scientific perspective, it absolutely is.
  17. You can find a medical professional anywhere to tell you whatever craziness you believe. Look at youtube. That's a haven for some crackpot renegade doctor to "spill the beans on the conspiracy." Its in a lot of ways, so much worse. At least you can understand how a non-medical person in a certain environment could gravitate towards that thinking, but when a doctor does its super sad and unforgivable.
  18. The problem here is that basic factual arguments are now somehow become political. "Well, that's my view." When did the science behind masks and the science behind vaccines become political? It's literally not. Its about scientific evidence.
  19. People have time and time again tried to attempt to show you the logic error in your arguments against the vaccines and against the masks. You are not persuadable. Your thinking is usually on the edge of conspiracy theorist. It's been like this from the beginning.
  20. It's so ridiculous. What the hell is a hardcore pro-vaxer? When the hell did vaccines become so damn political? it's ****ing public health.
  21. lol @ defending this shit. What is wrong with you?
  22. lol. Face diapers and anti vax anti mask weirdos get no reaction from you. But calling those guys trolls? The humanity. Got the vapors now.
  23. Give it a ****ing rest. You're the only person that regularly posts in this thread lately that's anti vax. You have absolutely no self-awareness. You're the odd-ball, not the rest of us. There is literally a worldwide public health campaign to vaccinate the population. ****ing weirdo.