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  1. Theres a whole panel of independent scientists that will review all the study data and will be recommending to the FDA whether the vaccine should get an emergency use authorization. Approval is not given based on the required company press release.
  2. You have far more patience than I do.
  3. This is not policy or political disagreement. Were talking about basic science and conspiracy theories. I reserve the right to call someone for being anti mask and anti vax. I mean were in the middle of a pandemic. These ideas kill people.
  4. Wtf does letting me Angrysummons spew his anti vax nuttiness accomplish here? Take your green tag and shove it up your ****ing ass. Because its worthless.
  5. Lol. Good to know that its okay to be anti vax or anti mask as long as you're nice. This board is so ****ing stupid.
  6. Well there's a lot of idiots in the country. I agree.
  7. Lol @ caring about the debt. We haven't cared about the debt in forever and now in the greatest crisis of our time...now we worry about it? This is a war time spending effort.
  8. I had the flu shot a few weeks back and didn't get any side effects.
  9. The choice isn't vaccination or nothing. Its vaccination or covid. We know covid kills. We know covid is debilitating. It's a pretty simple choice and risk assessment...after this going through the approval process.
  10. These are typical side effects of any vaccination. Its the body's inflammatory response. All the moderna side effects in that press release were found in under 10 percent of people and seemed fairly mild. Pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache etc.
  11. No I didn't. That sounds great if that's the case.
  12. That is true. But this vaccine candidate wasn't rushed nor was its R and D funded by the government. The FDA has been better about pushing back against Trump the past month or two after some the early HCQ stuff and maintaining scientific integrity. There's going to be an independent panel of experts that's going to be convening and reviewing the data over the next month or two that will make a recommendation to the FDA for the EUA. I don't see why NYS would need to do any additional review of the vaccine. It's not Trump's vaccine, it's Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine.
  13. He wants a better and more equitable distribution plan. Stop being silly.
  14. Don't make me post the exponential growth chart again.
  15. Yes, but you don't get a positive test the second you get symptoms. You have to schedule the test, then wait for the results, then it gets logged. So positive cases today are probably infections from like 2 weeks ago.
  16. I'd be surprised if we have actually seen much in the way of positive tests yet from any election celebrations. It's kind of on the early side. This is all just sustained exponential growth. Just look at the chart.
  17. Maybe. The exponential hasn't changed much the last two weeks. It's been 1.14-1.16. Nothing is exact, but it gives a good idea of where we are headed if we don't do anything different. At current rates, we'll see 2K/deaths per day on average in about 25 days.
  18. It's not an instantaneous spike from the election parties. Everything contributes. The Rt is relatively consistent the last few weeks. It's just gradual and sustained exponential growth. People have a hard time process exponential growth, but that's what this is. https://www.msightly.com/covid-19/details.php?documentID=Rt by State&documentName=Rt by State&eventID=8001&category_id=COVID-19 Testing&category=COVID-19 Testing&objectID=258
  19. Yeah, that too, but capacity issues contributed. Sounds like things are peachy and completely under control in El Paso.
  20. Capacity means more than just physical beds. Capacity was reached in NYC. Doctors and nurses there were overwhelmed and had to care for far more patients than is ideal. Did you forget they sent patients back into nursing homes rather than using the comfort? It's one of the reasons the IFR there was a bit inflated compared to elsewhere. https://www.kxan.com/news/coronavirus/el-paso-county-judge-extends-stay-at-home-order-until-dec-1-as-covid-19-cases-hospitalizations-climb/ State health and emergency management agencies have deployed more than 1,350 medical workers to the El Paso area, the governor’s office shared Wednesday. An alternate care site set up last month will expand from 65 to 100 beds by Friday. The new resources are in addition to three Air Force medical specialty teams deployed by the Department of Defense last week and six Auxiliary Medical Units from the state.
  21. Given the hospitalizations are about the same level as early April as still rapidly increasing, it's not surprising that localized areas are having capacity issues. Especially given that there is not an equal distribution of covid infections and health care.