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  1. Has anyone found a surf/beach webcam that is still live? The ones on Surfchex seem to be down...
  2. Someone answered me. Thanks. I tried to do the like button, but I didn’t download tapatalk, and I have no idea what to do with my photosynthesis.
  3. Get outta here with your fancy logic and reasonable opinions.
  4. Which potential threat is this one? 4 days out?
  5. Yeah, that was me that originally asked the question. Constant lurker. Infrequent commenter. Was bouncing around between threads and didn’t realize I was on the Obs thread. A couple pics of our members with him piqued my interest.
  6. How tall is Cantore? Looks pretty short...but you might be tall.
  7. CAE is saying that there's not even a chance for ice. Wouldn't have expected that for Winnsboro and the north midlands.
  8. It's still in beta stage and likely being tweaked.
  9. Basically, it means "further south." In terms of latitude, the high pressure system to the north keeps the low pressure system (the moisture) from going further north.
  10. It's strange to me to see these northern midlands (SC) totals modeled, when the 3-hour loop of the model does not show a snow/sleet line reaching down this far.
  11. I think it may have JUST gone out. Here's the last 2 shots I was able to capture.