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  1. Thanks! Mine love peppermints, Granny Smith apples and the German muffins for horses (it's rare I buy those though because they are so expensive). Thanks for the advice on what to plant. We are still pretty new to donkeys.
  2. Have you ever planted rye in the winter? My yard used to look like that in the winter. This year we planted rye in the fall. Our fenced in backyard used to look like the field. In the summer we will plant more Bermuda. I know people hate Bermuda but we had it at our old house and loved it. It thrives in heat and is low maintenance.
  3. Do you keep yours on a dry lot or can they forage freely 24/7?
  4. Van Denton is already talking about next Fridays system on his Facebook page.
  5. This is probably a long shot but do any of you have donkeys? We need to seed our pasture and I have no clue what to plant or where to buy the seed. Donkeys can gain weight quickly and weight gain can kill them so I am trying to find people that have donkeys and hear what they use.
  6. We are up to 33.1 and the ice is melting but the trees are still weighted down a bit. Our power just went off and on twice a few minutes ago.
  7. Up to 33° here and looks like it's probably over according to radar.
  8. So will the rain lower temps at all? Or is that cold air from the north still supposed to push down? Wondering if I can dump all of this water out that I've put in jugs all over the place (we are on a well so when we lose power, we lose water). My temp is now up to 36.
  9. They keep lowering our forecasted low. Showing a low of 23 now.
  10. I spoke too soon. Temp is dropping pretty fast now. 34/23 now.
  11. What site do you rely on for current conditions? TWC has me currently at 35°, NWS has me at 40° and Accuweather has me at 40°.
  12. Got the camper pulled up to the house. Our house is on a well so when we lose power we lose water. Got the water and propane tanks to the camper all filled up so we can have it as backup. It also has solar power. Hoping we don't have to use it but thankful we have it if we do.
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