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  1. I'm on an Isla Mujeres group (after falling in love with the island) and thankfully they said there is very little damage. Mainly just limbs from trees and very little rain compared to past hurricanes.
  2. A friend just sent me a message and said her family was just evacuated by the Gulf Shores FD.
  3. Yep. I was checking in a patient. The ceiling at the office I work at is all wood slabs (it looks like a log cabin) and it was shaking and creaking. We both just stood there staring up at it confused.
  4. Ground is already getting a good dusting and it's sticking to the trees.
  5. Very light snow just started falling here in Kernersville (between Winston and G-boro)
  6. Sleeting in Boiling Springs, SC. My sister just sent video.
  7. 41/26 Walnut Cove, NC (Stokes County)
  8. I understand ground and road temps may be up but with lows getting into the 20's, I do worry about slick roads Friday morning.
  9. Teeny, tiny flurries here in Stokes County.
  10. My aunt and uncle in Canton sent me these photos just now.
  11. We had brief, light sleet here in Kernersville about 30-40 minutes ago.
  12. So my daughter and her husband are in Destin right now on their honeymoon (they got married Sunday). She said nobody down there is concerned at all. Their flight to Charlotte leaves Saturday at 2pm. I have a feeling they will be having a delay.
  13. Bright sunshine and 38 degrees here in Winston-Salem. Lol