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  1. Bright sunshine and 38 degrees here in Winston-Salem. Lol
  2. Been without power since 7am. Lots of trees and limbs down around us. The train actually hit a tree that had fallen across the tracks. Just a small tree and no damage to the train (it was going super slow) but they were out clearing the tracks. Duke Power said they don't know when our power will be back on. I would upload pictures but it keeps telling me they are too big? They are just iPhone photos.
  3. 31/30 Freezing rain Just drove from Kernersville to Greensboro and back to Kernersville (had to meet someone at the emergency vet). By time I got home my car was completely iced over in decent glaze.
  4. 38/18 sleet with a few flakes mixed in.
  5. Light snow here at the Winston-Salem/Kernersville line. Temp 37. DP 25.
  6. Light flurries on the Winston-Salem/Kernersville line! I don't know the temperature. I'm intoxicated. Snow party!
  7. Light snow at my sisters house in Boiling Springs, SC and she also sent me a photo showing a very light dusting on her porch.
  8. My sister just sent me video. Light snow and sleet in Boiling Springs, SC.
  9. According to a friend in Yadkinville she had light flurries about 45 minutes ago. Radar still showing some over Wilkesboro.
  10. It is currently sleeting in Boiling Springs, SC with a temperature of 45. I didn't believe my sister and niece until Chris Justus just posted about it on Facebook.
  11. My mom texted me and said they are brining the roads here in town (Kernersville). I'm so confused. Maybe they are doing a test run for this winter? Edit: No brine was put down. They were just doing practice runs I guess.
  12. Thank you so much for the explanation!
  13. Is it normal for the trees that broke or are leaning to look as though they were twisted. The bark where they are broken is actually all twisted on several trees. I automatically think tornado but there were no reports of tornadoes here in Winston. Power still out all over the place and another huge tree just fell this morning right by my work (off Robinhood Rd) so I'm sure that will delay power being restored. But we aren't as bad off as those in Florida.
  14. I'm in Kernersville and we have been without power since around 2:00. Thankfully dh just got the generator working. There are tons of trees down on the street behind mine and the railroad tracks at the top of our neighborhood have trees across them for at least 2 miles. I work off Robinhood Rd in Winston and there wasn't one single traffic light working when I left. Still a tiny bit breezy outside and I'm really hoping no more trees fall. I have never seen wind like today that lasted so long. That was just crazy.
  15. I've tried attaching photos but it keeps telling me they are too large. We have a tiny stream in our backyard that has been dried up for a long time until this summer. In August it flooded really bad. I have a feeling it is going to flood our entire backyard like it did in August. We decided to have a little fun when it first began to fill up this afternoon.
  16. Not much heavy rain here in the Winston-Salem/Kernersville area but we've had some decent gusts. Curious as to whether or not we get some of those heavy bands this far north.
  17. I just finished reading all of that it it was so informative. Brad P went live a bit ago and he said too that nobody really knows how that disturbance coming from the gulf will interact with Florence. I'm anxious to see what things look like tomorrow afternoon.
  18. Van Denton just posted about this on Facebook.
  19. Where are you at? We are near Captain Tom's and there is no snow sticking or accumulating.
  20. I'm now in the center of town in Kernersville and lots of flakes mixing in. Crazy how just 3 miles down the road it's rain only.
  21. Same here. I'm currently at the in-laws visiting and they are on the Forsyth/Guilford line.
  22. Well now the sun is trying to come out.