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  1. Congratulations! I found some ground beef and chicken this morning. Limit of two per customer.
  2. It seems like the Southeastern forum has been the least active regional forum lately. Our weather must really be boring. Gee, I wish we had a current event to discuss. Nothing comes to mind.
  3. Mother Nature can really be an @$$h0|€ sometimes. It wouldn’t stop raining in February to the point of being absurd, but as we approach the time when some rain becomes helpful, it dries up.
  4. I realize that March is typically a windy month, but this is absurd. It’s difficult to do anything out in the yard without having to anchor things down.
  5. Canes chances have improved over the past week especially considering that some of the guys are waking up and a few other eastern teams are slumping. I bet some team will miss the WC2 slot on a tiebreaker. It’s going to be close.
  6. In an effort to minimize the further spread of the covid-19 coronavirus, Coach Roy Williams plans to announce later today that the Tar Heels do not intend to participate in the NCAA tournament.
  7. It wrote graupel down earlier, but edited it to hail. IMBY, it wasn’t as soft as graupel usually is. It was solid ice here albeit pea-sized. It was pinging the car roof pretty loudly. Edit: Look at the video I took and the sample, I’ll switch back to graupel. It just wasn’t very soft for graupel.
  8. Pea-size hail falling north of GSO.
  9. 51 with variable winds. Scattered power outages starting to pop up around Duke’s service area.
  10. This place is quite. I guess it’s going to take a viral pandemic, alien invasion, or notable weather event to get this place buzzing again.
  11. Shocker. I guess I’ll take 65 and rainy over 35 and rainy though.
  12. It has rained for 59 out of the last 135 days (44%) in GSO. The longest dry spell was for 7 days in early December.
  13. Yeah, I’m sticking with an F. While I’m thankful to get some snow this week, it’s sort of like a kid turning in a poorly written paper at the last moment to try to pass the class. Too many zero assignments all season to bring the grade up to a 60.