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  1. I would cash in all my chips on that map for GSO. Not a chance it’ll happen, but I’d take it. This early, I’d take flakes and call it a day.
  2. I was not expecting to see such a western shift in the Day 5 path in the NHC cone. Assumed it was going to run up the Apps. I might have to send my spare water and batteries to the folks in St. Louis.
  3. LF in Florida is about the same, but the Day 5 path is considerably farther west compared to the 8PM advisory.
  4. Eyewall coming within PR radar range. 142 MPH winds.
  5. They plan to resume streams at 2:00 AM local time.
  6. Make sure the generator you buy has an inverter. Otherwise, you are likely to fry anything you plug into it that has a microprocessor, i.e., almost any electrical device or appliance nowadays.
  7. Let's take this winter out back behind the shed and shoot it. Thank God for the January 7th weekend. Only thing that halfway saved an otherwise boring season.
  8. He hasn't been on the board since early this morning. He either did so well that he's preoccupied or so poorly that he's depressed.
  9. Our already hitting climo average crossed my mind earlier. I'm ready to spread the pre-emergent now. 27 and still a steady snow right now with big flakes.
  10. Just took several 10" measurements in my backyard in Greensboro. This bonus snow over the last couple of hours has really helped. It has been nonstop.
  11. Haha! True. The little metro with only 1.7 million people. Of the three metros in the NC Piedmont, never bet against the Triad to win the snow contest. It will win 3 out of 4 times.
  12. You'd think they'd want the most dramatic images and stories. They should've done their homework. We should have warned them about the legendary northwest trend. That's how it works in NC.
  13. TWC has Reynolds Wolf and Scott Newell in Raleigh and Mike Seidel in Charlotte. Great job, guys! Greensboro? Where's that? Our weather pros have never heard of it. Haha! Fools.
  14. My German Shepherd is loving this snow. He keeps wanting to go out. 24 degrees, 8.5" snow, starting to pick up again. Can we reach 10"?
  15. Measuring on my back deck, 8.5" of snow in GSO when I woke up this morning. NWS says that another 1" to 3" is possible by noon. Great event for us. Sorry to those who busted.