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  1. magpiemaniac

    Sept 2019 Observations

    I’ve been a NUFC fan since Alan Shearer’s early days at the club. It’s a miserable existence with all the underachieving. P.S. Still no clouds.
  2. magpiemaniac

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Well, at this point, I’d settle for just seeing a cloud. This is ridiculous.
  3. magpiemaniac

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Show-off. At least the humidity is reasonable here today.
  4. magpiemaniac

    Sept 2019 Observations

    Nice thundershower making its way through northern Guilford right now. Really helping cooling things off. Should help the new grass seed, too.
  5. magpiemaniac

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    Well, you know it’s not really a disaster unless it affects Manhattan.
  6. magpiemaniac

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    “Show me the CarFax.” https://twitter.com/aztecphotog/status/1169691769610625025
  7. magpiemaniac


    I don’t expect much IMBY other than a breeze. Doubt we see much rain. After four days without power during Michael last year, I’m just not in the mood. As far OTS as possible is what I’m cheering for. We’ve had a long string of evening thunderstorms and heavy rains up until about a couple of weeks ago and we’ve since dried out. So I think we could handle the rain here. I just dislike the wind.
  8. magpiemaniac

    August 2019 Obs

    I’ve been under this ever-growing cell in northern Guilford for the past hour or so. Continuous rumbles of thunder and hard rain. I want to go to bed, but my German Shepherd is an outdoor dog and he sleeps on the screened-in back porch at night and he’s not really a fan of loud thunder. He’s not terribly scared of it. He just likes company during thunderstorms.
  9. magpiemaniac

    2019 Banter Thread

    I’m moving from 3 miles west of downtown GSO to 11 miles north of downtown GSO. Being farther away from the I-40/I-85 battle zone hopefully increases my chances for wintry precip. I can’t complain though. At the old house, I did pretty well most winters. This upcoming season should be interesting. I’m so sick of this humid heat though. Bring on the months ending in BER.
  10. magpiemaniac

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    True. I had 13” of snow IMBY and it came from one snow on December 9. If you had told me last October that this is how winter would play out, I’d have said your were nuts. I would have rather had three 4” snows spaced out from Christmas to mid-February.
  11. magpiemaniac

    February 2019 Observations

    Nice, white coating of sleet already on the grass and cars here in Greensboro. RAH: “Little or no sleet accumulation expected.”
  12. magpiemaniac

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    The ridiculously obvious rule of thumb in NC is those north and/or west of a given location will usually receive more winter accumulation during any given season. Even within a single county. Individual storms might pan out differently, but this rule seems to hold true over an entire winter.
  13. magpiemaniac

    Ice Storm Photos from Stokes County NC

    That house is on Hooker Farm Road between Moore’s Wall and Tory’s Den Cave. It’s a pretty new house. I own 18 acres in Stokes for a future house and I’m in that area all the time. I like getting away from the city slickers.
  14. magpiemaniac

    January 12-13th Winter Storm Obs

    Two-hour delay for Guilford County schools (GSO) on Monday. Stokes County schools will be closed on Monday.