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  1. Yeah, I’m sticking with an F. While I’m thankful to get some snow this week, it’s sort of like a kid turning in a poorly written paper at the last moment to try to pass the class. Too many zero assignments all season to bring the grade up to a 60.
  2. Y’all have been needing some rain down there, haven’t you? Hope you get it. It’s easy to forget that our friends just a couple of states over can be experiencing the opposite weatherwise. I know that south Texas has been really dry. That’s why I tell myself not to complain about my rice paddy lawn. We’ll miss the rain later in the year when we can’t buy a drop.
  3. Only a few patches of snow remaining this morning. Beautiful day. Clear and 46. A few more degrees from now, I’ll refill the bird feeders and smoke my pipe on the patio.
  4. Though I will say that we once stopped in a restaurant in Laurinburg (on the way back from vacationing in Oak Island) and the service was exceptionally polite and attentive. Made a good impression on us to this day. (Pardon the off-topic comment.)
  5. You can see the leeward screw job on full display here. NW Piedmont did better than expected.
  6. My new 22kw generator has passed inspection and is going online this morning. Severe weather season may commence now.
  7. This system did what I expected here in the Triad. Wasn’t a blockbuster by any stretch, but it is what it is considering. I ended up with 2” mostly because the temps were good up this way. We didn’t have the QPF we needed, but everything that fell was snow from start to finish. No rain or mixing at all. The NW Piedmont did overachieve slightly compared to expectations.
  8. Considering these probabilities, I’m not in the least bit surprised that I scored a couple of inches of snow.
  9. Yes, it’s over me right now. Light snow at the moment.
  10. I ended up with 2” ten miles north of Greensboro. Small victory considering the craptacular winter we’ve had. I’ve officially received twice as much snow as DC and Philly COMBINED this season. Think about that.
  11. Temp down to 37. All snow with mulch white and grass areas starting to stick.
  12. 38/25 and moderate to heavy snow. Only barely beginning to stick around mulched areas.
  13. Someone submitted a string of mPING reports while driving down Hwy 52 from Mt. Airy to Winston-Salem.