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  1. I’m 14 miles south of Shiloh Airport and I’m at 37.2. What a difference a few miles makes.
  2. I’m upgrading from a portable gas generator to a propane whole-house generator, but it’s not scheduled to be installed until the week between Christmas and New Year. Y’all can thank me for this early potential activity in December. Once the generator is installed, January and February will be quite.
  3. Probably so. I’m playing in a golf tournament on December 7. For that weekend, I’ll be conflicted between the wish to be sitting at home with a half foot of snow on the ground or out on the course with a mostly sunny 60 degrees. It’ll be a 34 degree rain.
  4. My elderly German Shepherd enjoys spending a lot of time on the screened in back porch with our Standard Poodle puppy. He doesn’t mind a dry (55% humidity) 20 degree day, but he hates these wet (95% humidity) 45 degree days. He gets chilled to the bone, so I bring him in. The pup, however, could stay out there all day. Ah, the benefits of youth. I didn’t realize that Standard Poodles like the water as much as he does even when it’s cold. I still bring him in though.
  5. We could have something to watch (and disappoint us) around Dec 2-3.
  6. 38.5 IMBY with skies starting to clear out to my NW. By the time the cold started to push in, the rain was packing its bags. But, hey, it was something to grab our interest so early in the season, right?
  7. Every town has these “journalists”. They’re the same people who browse social media looking for virtue signaling human interest stories.
  8. It’s supposed to get down to 25 overnight. It’s already 33 IMBY.
  9. I’m still in Guilford County about a mile south of the Rockingham County line. We just wanted to get outside the city limits of Greensboro. So you can still count me in as a Triad club member.
  10. Over the summer, I moved from 3+ miles west of downtown GSO to 10+ miles north of downtown GSO. I might have increased my odds slightly for higher accumulations all things being equal. I like that we already have fantasy snows to discuss this early in November. I think we can all cash in at least once this coming season.
  11. The temp is really taking its time to drop in the Triad. Still a muggy 67 here. Supposed to drop into the 30s tonight. It’ll be a shock to the system after the day we’ve had.
  12. Once a week should do the trick, right?
  13. The rain cleared out this morning and it ended up being nice for today’s race in Martinsville. A little too warm for this time of the year, but the breeze helped. The parking lot was a muddy mess though. Several cars were stuck. I saw a late model Mustang digging himself deeper by spinning his wheels. I switched the Tundra to 4HI and didn’t have any issues.
  14. I’ve had these stupid house flies pop up in the backyard this week. Not a huge swarm, but enough to be a nuisance. Not sure if it’s due to this warmer, wet weather or not. I keep the trash can sealed up and the dog poop picked up, but I can’t go out on the patio without eight or ten flies buzzing around.
  15. 73/71 here this morning. It feels just plain icky out there.