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  1. Today looked fine until I scheduled a Friday tee time a couple of days ago. Let’s face it: we don’t know what the weather intends to do up until an hour beforehand.
  2. More rain fell IMBY than forecasted. I’m at 1.95”. And we really needed it. Wettest single day of the calendar year so far.
  3. Nice to have some rain finally. Right at 0.30” so far with a smaller band coming through later. Edit: Looks like that “smaller” band might blossom and be larger and more sustained than expected hopefully.
  4. Another windy day today as usual. Wind gusts IMBY over the last several days: 4/30: 24.7 mph (so far) 4/29: 22.7 mph 4/28: 18.4 mph 4/28: 17.6 mph
  5. I sit outside a lot, too. We have two big rockers on the front porch. As a matter of fact, I plan to replace our outdoor ceiling fans tomorrow. The original ones are acting all sluggish and getting noisy. Every time I check for (the very limited) tickets, the only ones left are for the nose bleed sections. It’s just not worth the bother. Hopefully, we’ll return to full arenas in the fall. Winning the division would be huge.
  6. Idyllic place you have there. I like the koi pond and big front porch.
  7. If April showers bring May flowers, those pilgrims are S.O.L. The latest drought map is showing abnormally dry conditions starting in South Carolina and spreading out. I guess we’ve had pestilence and famine lately. Might as well add drought to the list.
  8. Well, it looks like Friday’s rain chances are slim to none now. It only rains when it’s 33 degrees anymore.
  9. I was surprised that I received (0.8”) close to what was modeled for rain over the weekend. I’ll take what I can get during this dry April. Looks like a little something is possible for this Friday. Morning low of 38.3. Today should be nice before this week’s heat sets in.
  10. Up to 0.74” now. Not much left out of this.
  11. Thankful for the 0.44” of rain so far today. First decent rain since April 10.
  12. Could someone call RNK and tell them to change their radar from clear air to precipitation mode? It’s annoying. We really need some rain and I’d like to actually see it coming in on the radar.
  13. Morning low of 28.8 today. Covered the garden and brought the potted plants and tomatoes into the garage. Spring should be just around the corner.
  14. It might actually rain on Saturday. I’m shocked.
  15. Bring in or cover the plants Wednesday and Thursday nights. It’s going to get cold.
  16. I had a whopping 0.02” of rain this morning. I’ve tried to convince the vegetation that we’re running a surplus on rainfall, but they’re just not convinced giving how dry this month has been.
  17. Morning low of 48.6. No measurable rain since April 10. A 35 degree rain was easy to come by all winter. Now we can’t buy a drop. It’s been great for outdoor activities, but this is going to get old quickly if we’re not careful.
  18. April showers can only bring May flowers if it actually rains. I hope we’re not going into an extended dry period. The last two decent rains I’ve had IMBY were March 31 and April 10. Looks dry for the next week or more.
  19. Looking to be an absolutely gorgeous day today. Currently sunny and 55/46. Expecting mid-70s this afternoon. I checked RAH’s forecast to pick a day this week for a round of golf. Scheduled a tee time for Wednesday morning. Woke up to see rain in Wednesday’s forecast. I need to check model output in advance more regularly from now on rather than relying on humans to update their websites. Moved tee time to Thursday morning. Bad news is that it’ll likely be cart path only after Wednesday’s rain.
  20. The couple of thunderstorms that were supposed to roll through here yesterday weren’t nearly as strong as the HRRR was indicating.
  21. What a sinking feeling it would be to have your home crumble into a pile of toothpicks while the guy across the street lost a few shingles and some lawn chairs. That’s what makes these storms so frightening. It’s a lottery.
  22. Everyone please welcome our newest forum member, King of Prussia Dental Ass.
  23. Like Spann said earlier today, just because it misses you doesn’t mean it misses everyone. Like that retired couple who live a little farther out than you.
  24. Not liking the look of the cell in eastern Guilford County. We weren’t expecting much from this.