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  1. As customary, NBC’s Olympic coverage is atrocious. They’ll spend five minutes on a human interest story while a semifinal is going on in the background.
  2. Sorry about your friend. Hope he’s back to good health soon. My wife’s employer was using some heavy-handed tactics to encourage “voluntary” compliance, so she ended up getting the shots. On public forums, I keep my thoughts to myself about covid and and the reaction to it. Not singing along in the accepted hymnal will get you shut down fast.
  3. 74.8 degrees here and just now had a quick 0.71” of rain over a 20 minute period. I’m at 7.23” MTD for July. Change of fortune lately.
  4. I own a 21 Camry XSE, 18 Tundra Limited, 17 RAV4 Platinum, and 09 Matrix SE. I drive the Tundra. I’m sort of mourning the phasing out of the V8. I’m going to hang on to the Tundra for a long while as a result.
  5. I went from MTD of just over 3” to 6.52” in one weekend. And all of that was from just four separate days of rain. Dry all the other days.
  6. I waited at Spectrum for nearly two hours to pick up equipment for my parents. When they finally called my name, I did my best Steve Ballmer impersonation. Not joking.
  7. Finally. I’m at over 2” since yesterday evening and over 3” since Saturday evening.
  8. Oh, come on! How do you have 360 degree rain and not a drop?
  9. Sorry about your friends. This is one (of many) things that pisses me off about this covid stuff. There are effective, simple, and cheap outpatient treatments that drastically reduce the chances of having to be admitted. But many general practitioners have been told to tell their patients to treat the symptoms and go to the ER if they start having trouble breathing. It’s absolute malpractice. Dr. Peters at Bethany Medical in Greensboro is one local doctor who is willing to treat patients without sending them straight to the ER unless necessary.
  10. My father-in-law gave me his anti-rain force field. I’ve unintentionally bestowed it upon you. Sorry.
  11. Good to hear. I picked up 0.22” today. No complaints.
  12. I’m moving my aging parents from Chattanooga to Greensboro in August. My Mom is hoping to see more snow this winter since they’ve struggled to get more than a dusting the last few years. Of course, the winters here haven’t been stellar lately either.
  13. Lightning hit a tree in my neighbor’s backyard yesterday. Knocked out his cable, internet, and various electronics. He had a pretty good surge protector, too. The strike tripped a breaker on some of my outdoor lights, but that’s all.
  14. I was actually a little lucky this evening. After a few near misses, I was able to get in on the edge of a couple of cells and ended up with 1.11”. I missed out on the big totals, but I’ll take it.
  15. After the 0.20” I had earlier, my neighborhood’s anti-rain shield has resumed operation. It’s been raining all around me for an hour and not a drop here. 1.50” of rain three miles to my south and 2.25” one mile to my north. 0.20” IMBY.
  16. RAH is giving me 60% today, 70% tonight, and 80% tomorrow. I had a quick cell pop up a few minutes ago and give me 0.20”. Thankful for that. I’d enjoy a nighttime thunderstorm that lights up the dark. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those since last summer. Good luck today.
  17. There are places near me that have had half a foot of rain in the last week while I’ve had 0.49” in two weeks. On the bright side, mowing isn’t needed that often.
  18. Thunderstorms popping up in Guilford. Same places of course. Areas that are have had >3” over the past couple of weeks are getting slammed again. Dry areas stay dry. Do urban heat islands promote storm cells?
  19. RAH’s point forecast gives me 0.85” of rain through Monday. Definitely taking the under on that one. Bet the streak.
  20. According to the latest drought monitor, abnormally dry conditions receded along the NC and SC coastal plains and the eastern piedmont, but persist in the western piedmont, foothills, and a sliver of the upstate.
  21. I’m sure you’ll end up with more than 0.09” this evening. I just can’t win lately. Storms are going to skirt you sometimes, but I’ve never seen a losing streak like this. Cell after cell. Storm after storm. I only get a good rain when everyone does.
  22. A whopping 0.09” from that cell. I’m building an ark.
  23. I’m hopeful. Haha! That same cell weakened in Forsyth, split into two, and then filled in and strengthened as it arrived in Guilford. It’s not huge, but it might pack a punch. I’m not picky. Edit: Crap. Cell weakened and shifted southward. I’ll be lucky to get the sidewalk moist. Edit 2: Radar return above me looks great. Yet not a single drop has fallen.
  24. Stations to the east of me are already at 4” to 5” of rain over the past couple of hours. And 0.00” IMBY of course. I’ve had 0.37” of rain in 12 days. RAH has reduced my chance of thunderstorms this evening, so if what’s out there now misses me, I’m toast as far as needed rain is concerned. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s now possible to have a one square mile micro-drought over a couple of months while everyone around you is banking the rain.
  25. I’m not starting off too well. It’s all around me though. I can hear the crack of thunder. No rain.
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