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  1. Tonight’s storm just camped out over the Triad for well over four hours. Intense downpour for half an hour then moderate rain for the rest of the evening. I’m at 1.4” right now. Most of the heavier rain was north and south of me, but I won’t complain. Saves me from turning on the sprinklers this week.
  2. 7.2” total as of this evening. (Tue: 2.4”, Wed: 2.1” Thu: 2.7”) Might squeak in another quarter of an inch or so through Friday.
  3. Hit the 7.0” mark this afternoon. Can we save this rain for when we’ll really need it in August?
  4. I’m at 6.4” total right now. Weather radio alerted this morning to a flash flood warning. I’m expecting another inch or so through tomorrow. PTI is reporting 5.93” so far. I’m ten miles northeast from the airport. I’m just a tad ahead in precip.
  5. 4.5” IMBY so far. I wish my lawn could bank this rain for the next month, but I guess it doesn’t work that way.
  6. I read that DH was progressing well and would likely be ready by then.
  7. I’m at 4.0” of rain on the dot since early yesterday morning. My original over/under for my place was 5.5”, but I’m thinking 7.0” now by the time all this clears out.
  8. Currently 52 and 4.0” of rain since yesterday morning. That train of moisture to the south looks impressive.
  9. Intermittent periods of light rain this evening. Standing at 2.4” for Tuesday. The action really gets going for the Triad on Wednesday and Thursday. I’d say the over/under for around here is 5.5” total for the week.
  10. The abrupt end to the NHL season has sort of left a “what if” feeling for me. I was growing confident that the Canes could at least earn a wildcard and then who knows what else. Ugh. I’m not optimistic that the 2019-2020 season will be resumed. And based on articles I’ve been reading, there are questions about if and how fans would be admitted into arenas and stadiums for the upcoming fall hockey and football seasons. I won’t take the simple pleasures for granted anymore.
  11. I’m at 2.3” so far today. Expecting maybe 5” by Thursday evening.
  12. They now have a watch effective at 5:00 PM today through Thursday evening.
  13. That train of heavier precipitation came through early this morning and left 2.0” of rain so far. I think an estimate of 4” total this week might be on the conservative side.
  14. I’m so bored lately that I’m finding myself pretty excited about the prospects of an unusually rainy week. I don’t mind 4”-5” of rain over several days. I just don’t want it all at once.
  15. The last measurable rain I had IMBY was 0.1” on May 5. (Before that was 1.7” on April 30.) I’m reluctant to waste my well on stupid grass, but I did run the sprinklers early yesterday.
  16. Pffft. Brad down in CLT. Half a world away in my book.
  17. Another gusty day. Does the NWS keep wind records because the last three months have to be the windiest period on record I’ve ever remembered? Maybe I’m just paying more attention than before.
  18. So far, so good. Hopefully, nothing will verify.
  19. Yes, there are several providing some good information. And there are a few wasting electrons.
  20. I assume you don’t visit the Southeastern forum during one of our (increasingly rare) winter storm threads.
  21. The April 19th Severe Event thread is full of interlopers I’ve never seen before. It’s the weather equivalent to rubbernecking. I appreciate the insight from several of them. Others, not so much.
  22. HGX tornado possibly over a Phillips refinery at the moment.
  23. Low of 34 this morning IMBY. Wind gusts have picked up this afternoon to 30 MPH. Continues the pattern.