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  1. Tornado warning issued for Davidson, Forsyth, and Guilford. All you dorks who predicted a bust can go suck an egg. It’s completely different when it’s your own life and property.
  2. Currently 54. Supposed to be at 60 by now according to RAH’s forecast. Had 0.97” of rain overnight.
  3. That’s a good thing. Don’t want any of that.
  4. I’m at 52. It’ll have to warm up quickly, but I’m not expecting much anyway thankfully.
  5. One of those dreaded category 4 storms! I bet the writer of that email is “super concerned” about this “super dangerous” storm.
  6. With all the unfamiliar visitors in the southeast severe thread, I’m reminded of how much I appreciate my fellow southeast posters. A few of those folks—not all of them course—are insufferable.
  7. Tornado on the ground in Tuscaloosa with the western cell.
  8. Spectacular video from Brad Arnold right now.
  10. Especially when said guy has no skin in the game.
  11. I wondered the same thing. Better isn’t better if you’re filing an homeowner’s insurance claim. I guess it’s “better” for the voyeurs.
  12. KFCX had a hardware failure and they had to order a part. Could be up as early as today. KRAX is replacing a generator. Likely down through tomorrow.
  13. Both KRAX and KFCX are out. Hope they’re up before the upcoming severe threat. Bad timing.
  14. 36.9 this morning with 0.32” of rain overnight. It’s about time.
  15. The next update should come out at 0730 UTC or 2:30 AM CDT.
  16. For most of NC, the NAM and its high-res cousin are both pretty dry for the Mon/Tue rain event. Not a lot of QPF.
  17. No measurable rain IMBY since the 0.15” on March 1. Last significant rain was 0.67” on February 26. Beware asking for dry weather because you just might get it for good. Maybe we’ll get something on Monday and/or Tuesday.
  18. For northern Guilford near the county line, I measured 3.75” of snow over four light events (1.75”, 0.75”, 0.75”, 0.50”) and 0.50” of ice between two events (0.30”, 0.20”). It’s embarrassing that I’ve resorted to totaling fractions of inches for snow.
  19. No. This idea of this thread had nothing to do with irrational exuberance. Posters realized this storm was a Hail Mary going into spring. This thread was a tongue-in-cheek experiment to see if we could change the apparent jinx of how storm threads are started. Please don’t read more into it than what’s there.
  20. Oh, so now the models decide to be consistent. Where was all this run after run consistency in January and February?
  21. Just wait, y’all. This thing is going to slingshot northward any second now. Y’all just wait and see.