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  1. Looking to be an absolutely gorgeous day today. Currently sunny and 55/46. Expecting mid-70s this afternoon. I checked RAH’s forecast to pick a day this week for a round of golf. Scheduled a tee time for Wednesday morning. Woke up to see rain in Wednesday’s forecast. I need to check model output in advance more regularly from now on rather than relying on humans to update their websites. Moved tee time to Thursday morning. Bad news is that it’ll likely be cart path only after Wednesday’s rain.
  2. The couple of thunderstorms that were supposed to roll through here yesterday weren’t nearly as strong as the HRRR was indicating.
  3. What a sinking feeling it would be to have your home crumble into a pile of toothpicks while the guy across the street lost a few shingles and some lawn chairs. That’s what makes these storms so frightening. It’s a lottery.
  4. Everyone please welcome our newest forum member, King of Prussia Dental Ass.
  5. Like Spann said earlier today, just because it misses you doesn’t mean it misses everyone. Like that retired couple who live a little farther out than you.
  6. Not liking the look of the cell in eastern Guilford County. We weren’t expecting much from this.
  7. They’re in the middle of jury selection apparently.
  8. Hopefully? Sure. Likely? No. We’ll probably see another strong line before late this evening.
  9. MacLeroy (or his driver) probably should not have attempted to pass on a double yellow. The other driver was apparently attempting a very slow left turn without signaling. Hard to tell what he was doing exactly. I hope everyone’s okay regardless.
  10. Steven MacLeroy just now had a massive collision with another vehicle on his live stream. I was watching it live and the feed cut out a split second before they crashed. Pray hard for him.
  11. Here come the chirping Bust Birds in the severe thread. It gets so tiring after a while. Some people just want to see the world burn and are disappointed when it doesn’t. No wonder this place empties out during non-winter events.
  12. Watching the road traffic on the live feeds from chasers makes you realize just how dense some of our fellow human beings are. They’re driving wide open heading straight into the beast like it’s a sunny day at the beach. Good grief.
  13. Give us a couple of town names you had in mind.
  14. I take my father-in-law out for golf often and he says the same thing. It’s tough to limber up when it’s chilly. I get warmed up by the turn and then exhausted by the 14th tee.
  15. A bust for an 8” snow event is sad and depressing. I don’t know of anyone who’s sheltered in the basement for flakes. But a bust for a widespread tornado and severe weather outbreak should be celebrated with ticker tape. When that NOAA weather radio starts singing and a hook echo is heading towards the house, you better believe I’m praying for a bust.
  16. Guilford County EMS reports overturned tractor trailer on I-85.
  17. WGHP reporting roofs off buildings in south High Point.
  18. I like how a severe event is considered a bust if we don’t get a TOG that destroys stuff. Talk about rubbernecking.
  19. WGHP is having evacuate the studio during their broadcast.
  20. RAH needs to issue a tornado warning for NW Randolph County. Edit: They just did.