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  1. They do that all the time. They come up with their own intensity estimates that many times have zero data to support it. I don't pay any attention to them.
  2. This looks like at least a TD to me, even though the center is exposed. Up to 70/70 odds of development on the latest TWO.
  3. Looks really sloppy for tornado potential but that was never the main threat. Hail and wind potential is definitely there
  4. Looks like an OFB about to enter Tulsa county from the north
  5. Yep it's been a warm one for sure... The potential is there
  6. Starting to get some clearing here in Tulsa so that will be concerning if it continues. Currently at my outdoor job so I hope the big stuff holds off until I get home (I'm off at 2). I would much rather track it at home than drive in it.
  7. 10z HRRR has the storms developing much earlier than previous runs. As early as late morning. I feel like that's too early for tornado potential but it will be interesting if those storm end up materializing or they even remain on later runs
  8. Tomorrow still looks like a big severe weather day but not as big as it did earlier. Might see a wind-driven moderate somewhere but I think they'll hold off until the 13z or 1630z outlook for that, if even at all. I think morning convection could be a big issue but then again it's late May so who knows. We'll have to see if we get any clearing later in the day.
  9. I'm in the southern part of the 10% tor risk for tomorrow. We'll see what happens. I've only had 1 severe thunderstorm warning this year so this should break the inactive streak. As long as the tors stay away from my house... And anyone else's
  10. Wow that's one of the more bullish ones I've seen from them at this range. Usually they are a bit more on the conservative side. Definitely concerning and I think we'll see a wind-driven moderate risk (tornado risk might be lower but still significant) by Day 1.
  11. It's shots like these that make me want to start chasing https://mobile.twitter.com/matternst34/status/1394091020556673028
  12. It may have some severe potential but likely not much
  13. Looks like a weakening closed low will be moving into the plains early next week which shouldn't bring much of a severe threat I would think, at least for the first part of the week. Could bring quite a bit of rain though. SPC hinting at a possible severe threat after that though.
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