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  1. is the ice still .4? Edit- disregard, i just saw it
  2. i'm superstitious. I'm not starting a new thread
  3. All the cool guys drink the Champagne of Beers I agree with the others, you sit in a good spot here. I'm trying to determine when the icing starts, looks maybe evening rush hour to me. Is that about right or am i looking all wrong?
  4. Ice is always my big worry as well. Usually when they're calling for it, it never really pans out. No science behind this, but i have a weird gut feeling this time that this back end ice is going to be an issue.
  5. serious question as i know you keep records. When was the last time we were to get .25 ice and we got it? seems like a long time ago we had .25 of ice
  6. can you help me out with timing? I orginally thought late Tuesday, but now i think Wednesday morning.
  7. Yup. 2018 just swung right into '19. The ground hasn't been frozen much. at least when we have a couple inches of snow, the dog doesn't rip the yard up,
  8. i want the ground frozen, or dried up. I'm sick of Phucking mud
  9. Looks like tomorrow morning will be like 13 degrees colder then now.
  10. looks like GFS still wants to keep most of it south.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. Looks like today and tomorrow will fun.
  12. post em if ya got em. You're not annoying me.