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  1. Big wind gusts here over the last few minutes.
  2. I can guarantee you there will be all kinds of winter mayhem between Christmas and New Year's since I will be away visiting Disney during that time.
  3. He’s the biggest weenie and snow hyper on Twitter.
  4. @Bubbler86 @Itstrainingtime Totally agree. We walk a fine line during this whole process. You’ve got people canceling winter on one side and teenagers on twitter calling for historic cold blasts and feet of snow. Just have to stay steady and try to synthesize all the information that’s being thrown at you. This hobby is hard to explain to people who aren’t in on it. [emoji1787]
  5. Just stop obsessing with the daily forecast and how warm it is (yeah I know it sucks) and keep an eye on the long range. I’ve become surprisingly good at it, sadly. Keep expectations low.
  6. Lots of very knowledgeable posters, not to say we don’t have that too. They’ve weeded out the problems there and it’s a good read. I specifically recommend the December medium-long range thread.
  7. Hahahaha @paweather you need to go read the mid Atlantic board. Don’t focus on one map. Take a look at the pattern.
  8. Sweated the whole time getting the tree today. [emoji2961]
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