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  1. Exactly what I thought yesterday. Sign of the times.....
  2. That reminds me of a March storm with limited available cold air that has to “create its own cold air.” But it’s late January.....[emoji2961]
  3. I can report that we have a solid car topper up here in York County.
  4. Thank you for always posting the latest maps. I look forward to it.
  5. They'll probably align with the Germans to form the axis powers of models determined to ruin our winter.
  6. It was during the 2009-10 winter. They just happened to be right more often than not because that winter was just that good. Sort of like JB.
  7. Not worried about dry. Give me a cold pattern and the snow will eventually come....and stay.
  8. We’ve now reached the stage where many are expecting a flip to a wintry pattern. There will be weenie suicides every time a model takes snow away.
  9. In February of ‘94 I was at Penn State Altoona. The entire state of Pennsylvania was under a state of emergency and Penn State closed (that never used to happen). I will never forget I went to get gas and the pumps didn’t work. It was -20.