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  1. Thank God for that. I'm not sure how I would have survived.
  2. Everything is moving mostly north to south. Until there are storms north of me I’m out of the game.
  3. Getting shafted here. Everything just west of me.
  4. I just installed a weather station in Mount Joy and thought it must be erroneous when it only recorded .08. Guess not.
  5. I was dressed for a late season Penn State game at my son’s baseball game.
  6. This may not be a very popular post, but I am happy to get rain. Even a few inches of wet snow could be damaging to many trees in the area.
  7. Another issue is why does it have to be above normal for people to consider it spring? 75 is not normal for April.
  8. The Vet was truly a dump but it was our dump.
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