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  1. Fog overtaking southern York county as well.
  2. The GFS sucks, plain and simple.
  3. Not even sure what to think on the southern tier. My guess is 1-3 and then sleet.
  4. I wish I had your optimism, but I really feel that we are cooked.
  5. I could move to southern Vermont tomorrow, but we stay here in southern PA for now. But I dream about getting casual snow.
  6. Weenie suicides in 3,2,1....
  7. Looks like snow showers moving across the state. Anything notable?
  8. Yes, absolutely. I was going for the tortured squirrel look.
  9. Hopefully, that's where he's been because I can't imagine what overdrive would be like.
  10. I think it is the poor performance in the long range and also the expectations for the winter that have combined to sour people. I really do think that whatever happens the rest of the winter is unknown. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a gangbusters end and also wouldn't be surprised to see an early spring. Extremes are really becoming the norm, IMO.