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  1. Probably because he’s favoring the DEEP THUNDER model.
  2. I am excited! The pattern is promising. Let’s hope it delivers...
  3. Yes, we’ve had some big snowstorms. But that doesn’t mean the climate isn’t changing. Snow totals or mild winters don’t really signal climate shifts. Years and years of data do. I’m not saying it can’t snow anymore, but to completely deny that our area’s climate is changing is an opinion not based in reality.
  4. I agree. Things have changed and the Susquehanna valley is not necessarily what it used to be (during snowstorms). Things are shifting and it’s almost like the climate we have here is taking on the characteristics of somewhere south of here (Maryland, Virginia).
  5. Yes. Weather Bell’s Joe Bastardi. Must mean the pattern is on schedule if he’s not barking.