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  1. DI-OkX3VwAAO2zP.mp4
  2. Another band setting up...
  3. That band looks like a funnel cloud on radar.
  4. Looks like pivot and backbuilding ongoing. Hopefully it flips soon.
  5. Back to mostly snow in York.
  6. I hope so - I'm in York for the storm so I'm hoping I'm far enough west.
  7. Horst: My big concern from the start has been a changeover to sleet across SE PA. Step outside and you'll feel a SE breeze off the ocean...already!
  8. Horst is talking about sleet concerns and current SE wind.
  9. That is a thing of beauty.
  10. They are always the last to the party.
  11. We need the NAM to run and jack all the QPF back up, although that would probably mean it came too far west.
  12. Sounds good. I hope you're right.
  13. Ours too. I wonder how long until it goes out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk