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  1. Looks like “it’s training time” for me here in southern York county.
  2. I have grown tired of hearing the reasons that this has nothing to do with climate change or that things aren't abnormal. The oceans are on FIRE. As much as I respect a lot of local mets, it's insulting to my intelligence to see them continue to make excuses for the extremes we are seeing.
  3. 90 in November? No way man. That’s straight up disgusting.
  4. At this rate, we’ll be posting snow maps in May that we all know are completely divorced from reality.
  5. Hahahaha, that happens to me sometimes. At least it’s not Coors Light.
  6. I was in my son’s room for bedtime and we heard it up against the window. At first I thought it was hail but I guess it was snow. The wind was INSANE.
  7. What do you expect? He’s a dangerous idiot emboldened by his enablers in the Senate and cultish followers.