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  1. What do you expect? He’s a dangerous idiot emboldened by his enablers in the Senate and cultish followers.
  2. He is literally endangering millions of people every time he speaks about the virus. Most of what he says is BS.
  3. It’s definitely not impossible. Just this year. Two years ago I was making snow caves with my boys on this day. This year sucks!
  4. You know who. Everyone else gave up a month ago.
  5. It’s the least of my concerns at this point. I’m actually rooting for warmer temperatures in hopes that maybe it will help with the virus. Who knows...
  6. Hahahahaha this is only the 13th time this has happened since December.
  7. I don’t even want it to snow. Just end this disaster.
  8. Wasn’t that around March 3rd?
  9. Hahaha, models just completely busted on the snow. Who could’ve guessed?
  10. It's all over now....
  11. Gotta say I disagree about the “if it’s not going to snow let it be 70.” We need cold. We need freezes. Just saw a report that things in D.C. are looking to emerge 23 days ahead of schedule. 23! Good God! Thinking solely about your own comfort or golf game is what has gotten us into the mess we’re in.
  12. NOBODY messes with the Jebman! Go play Fortnite.