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  1. Spring 2018

    Does anyone have any maps to post?
  2. Spring 2018

    Non-event here in southern York county.
  3. Spring 2018

    One cool thing about having a big storm after daylight savings is having more time to play in it. My kids love it.
  4. Central PA - March 2018

    Send that guy to the Mid-Atlantic board. They’ll eat him alive.
  5. Central PA - March 2018

  6. Central PA - March 2018

    Just saw a report from Justin Berk who lives about 5 miles from me here in York County and he said he has 14 or 15 inches on the ground, but that he received a total of 20" before compacting/melting.
  7. Central PA - March 2018

    I keep thinking that this is not even the main show. Just ripping!
  8. Central PA - March 2018

    Eyeballing about 6 or 7 inches here outside of York.
  9. Central PA - March 2018

    Currently getting crushed in Mount Joy. WOW.
  10. Central PA - March 2018

    It's coming. Just be patient.
  11. Central PA - March 2018

    I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this storm. I think it's going to make us all happy.
  12. Central PA - March 2018

    It just picked up big time. And it's windy.
  13. Central PA - March 2018

    Bring it!