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  1. Thank God for that. I'm not sure how I would have survived.
  2. Everything is moving mostly north to south. Until there are storms north of me I’m out of the game.
  3. Getting shafted here. Everything just west of me.
  4. I just installed a weather station in Mount Joy and thought it must be erroneous when it only recorded .08. Guess not.
  5. I was dressed for a late season Penn State game at my son’s baseball game.
  6. This may not be a very popular post, but I am happy to get rain. Even a few inches of wet snow could be damaging to many trees in the area.
  7. Another issue is why does it have to be above normal for people to consider it spring? 75 is not normal for April.
  8. The Vet was truly a dump but it was our dump.
  9. Living there is not the same as growing up there or having a whole family who has lived there over generations. It just isn't. And yes, being a fan of the opposing team can be problematic. I agree with that. If you are minding your business and politely cheering for your team, I don't have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with opposing fans who are obnoxious. I just hate the national narrative. Where's the national narrative about Boston fans and how racist they are? Where? Or other fanbases that throw bottles on the field.
  10. Maybe because you're not one of them. Every fanbase has idiots. It is unavoidable.
  11. Most of my family is from Philadelphia, so I am pretty protective. Not to mention that there are generations of Philly sports futility that run through my veins. I was just messing with you. I know you're one of us.
  12. We HAVE to protect the Philly sports fan narrative. I am so tired of being crapped on by everyone NOT in Philly. Don't tell me about what kind of fan I am. We are LOYAL and PASSIONATE. Maybe we get carried away sometimes, but who doesn't, right?
  13. Yo, what are you trying to say about South Philly? Heh? You gotta problem?
  14. Very true. I’ve tailgated at many a Penn State game in the cold.
  15. This. The wind is incessant and often destructive.
  16. I am freezing my tail off at my son’s soccer scrimmage.
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