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  1. Yes, that's about 2 miles from where I live. Hanover Junction is a cool spot that a lot of people don't know about. If you tried to get there now, you may have some trouble. 616 is closed coming from 30 because of flooding.
  2. I think it mostly ran off. Very little sunk in.
  3. I am about the biggest snow lover you can find and I must say I don't get the attraction of snow in April.......unless it is an HECS!
  4. How are people with a job able to chase during the week? I don't get it......
  5. Larry Cosgrove: The luck of the Irish may just run out by St. Patrick's Day. I am sure that many of you have heard about the spike of warmer temperatures in much of North America in the 6-10 day period. But there are some concerns once we get into the mid-point of the month. We still have the same basic players in the pattern set this winter. An energetic storm sequence across the northern Pacific Basin. Persistent heat ridging over the Strait of Yucatan. And an ever-present and vigorous subtropical jet stream running from below Hawaii into the Deep South. Initially, the disturbances moving through California into Texas and then Georgia will be of small size, though occasionally associated with moderate/heavy precipitation during the course of the next seven days. One of the impulses will blow up well off of the East Coast, preventing the warmer air from reaching most of the Interstate 95 corridor until March 8-9. However, a particularly large system near the Aleutian Islands will dive into the American Southwest, accompanied by an Alaska/Yukon cold intrusion. Unlike its predecessors, this cyclone will enforce a change in the overall 500MB configuration. Around and after March 17, with a surface low moving from the lower High Plains to the St. Lawrence Valley. A colder transition will follow.
  6. The worst, and I mean worst thing about the mid-Atlantic forum is the preferential treatment. There's a ton of double standards for how you can post, what you can post, and what is banter. If any of us post anything, it will be policed heavily. When the regulars post something, mods look the other way.
  7. My only memory of them is from 2004. Unbelievably cool and a great learning experience. I loved watching to see which animals adapted quickly enough to realize they had a free lunch...and dinner.... Amazing to see how the long and unique life cycle of the periodical cicada exempts it from many things that other species constantly deal with in order to survive.
  8. It torched Christmas Eve with rain that washed away our leftover snow. Then it got bitterly cold on Christmas Day and we had some flurries/snow showers.
  9. There will be no elevated, south facing snow left by the end of tomorrow. Just piles. North facing and wooded areas might survive.
  10. Probably have around 9-10 inches of snowpack, and it’s icy.
  11. I’m thinking only piles remain by the end of the week. Hope I’m wrong. It’s been a good run, whatever happens.
  12. Gonna be sad to see the snowpack go. I've had snow on the ground at my house since January 31st.
  13. They’ll just be virtual and avoid the whole issue.
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