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  1. It feels like it’s being determined right now. Not sure there is any recovery from something this definitive.
  2. I have accepted that the coastal is gone for me. I'm keying on the Friday snow from the NS.
  3. The GFS now feels like the Euro used to feel.....like the mom that steps and in and says NO, you can't have that toy your father said you can have, and promptly returns the toy to the shelf.
  4. The important thing is that it trended towards the Euro.
  5. Oh man, he compared it to the boxing day blizzard. That would be brutal to have that happen again.
  6. You say that like it's something he has moved on from, hahaha....
  7. I have a friend right outside of Boston and it would be fun to ride it out there. Can't do it, though. Plans here at home this weekend.
  8. It is soooooooo close to being something bigger for us. Let's just hope the trends continue instead of going the wrong way like late yesterday.
  9. Just click 'animate.' CMC is a crushing. https://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html
  10. In all seriousness, it could be a big day for trends. If this thing keeps trending west.....
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