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  1. Rain just started here a few minutes ago, around 1:15 pm. Sky had been looking rather ominous for about 45 minutes prior to that and I was starting to wonder if we might get a surprise thunderstorm.
  2. As of 11:45am it’s 70 and sunny here, light breeze; closest Ambient station says dew point is 60.6 but it feels very comfortable outside right now. Some of you would probably consider it too warm but to my mind this is a perfect fall day. Hope you all get a chance to enjoy it.
  3. Just after 2 pm, it’s overcast and 67 here. My point-and-click weather apps are all still saying it will reach mid 70s here but it doesn’t feel like it’s warming up, so I’m not so sure. Occasional light breeze, very pleasant out; perfect day, really, minus the gray sky.
  4. I really enjoy them on occasion. Two-three times a week, no problem. Four or more consecutive days and it starts to get old.
  5. Same here - just a couple degrees warmer, but steady light rain/drizzle for about 45 minutes. I consider this an improvement. If it’s going to be nonstop gray and dreary, might as well get some rain out of it.
  6. Honestly I’m more looking forward to seeing the sun again than the cooler temps. For awhile the humidity was starting to feel like a personal affront (lol) but I quite enjoy fall weather that bounces around between warm (mid 70s) and crisp (low 60s). The constant gray skies are a real drag, though.
  7. According to the MA forum, yes. (lol)
  8. I’m out later today than yesterday so there’s always the risk that it will get very uncomfortable while I’m out, but yesterday, instead of being warm and soupy it was like walking through a cool mist. Not bad at all. It’s like that now too; hopefully it lasts awhile longer.
  9. 76 here, starting to see some breaks in the clouds now but it’s been near complete cloud cover for most of the day thus far. There’s a large, dark cloud hovering overhead, slowly making its way east, and looks like more storm clouds to my southwest, but no more rain since early this morning. Had a little over a tenth of an inch total. I’m a little surprised by how swampy it is today. I thought the dew points might be at least a little lower this time of year.
  10. As of 6:15 AM it’s a balmy, downright tropical 67 degrees with a 66 dewpoint. I love being able to get up and roll right out the door in shorts and a t-shirt, so I’m going to make the most of it. The cooler weather will be back soon enough to kick the last of the warmth out on its arse.
  11. As of 12:00 noon it’s 76 here with a dp of 71. Surprised by how summer-like it feels today, but there’s a steady breeze with some stronger wind gusts and intermittent rain drops (not even enough to call it a drizzle) keeping it pretty comfortable.
  12. As of 2:40, an Ambient station about a mile south of me says it’s 87.1 with a dewpoint of 72.6. Mostly cloudy/overcast all day so far with just brief moments here and there where the clouds and haze shift just enough that a bit of filtered sunlight gets through. I’d love a couple weeks in the upper 70s to low 80s with plenty of sunshine, a light but steady breeze, and low humidity. This time of year, that shouldn’t be too difficult a request. Do the Weather Gods demand a blood sacrifice for this? Will mosquitoes do?
  13. A throwback to this date last year: looks like the next few days will have “artificial” haze in the form of smoke from the out-of-control wildfires in the west/PNW. The only difference is that last year, the first few days the week of the 14th - 18th were pleasantly cool and feeling like fall whereas this upcoming week is definitely a nod to late summer. At the moment, there are some clouds and light haze but it’s still fairly clear skies. Maybe this year won’t be as bad as last year.
  14. Thank you — couldn’t remember if that was in July or early August, but I was reminded of that one too. As of 10:10 pm this one is giving that July light show a run for its money. Also hearing some pretty loud thunder now and it just started raining. Kinda hope we stay on the edge of this one; no power outages yet this year but every time we get storms with significant wind it feels like we’re tempting fate.
  15. Interesting! I assumed the later start dates were just coincidence but that makes sense on a forum mostly populated with cold and snow-chasers.
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