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  1. 39, partly-to-mostly sunny and pretty mild on sporadic moments when the wind is calm. But so far we’re getting consistent canderson wind gusts that make it feel significantly colder. My point and click Weather Underground app says we’re getting wind gusts up to 27 mph and that it feels like it’s 30 out. That sounds/feels about right.
  2. As of 12:39 we’re getting some precip here - not quite flurries but not rain, either - something frozen or partially frozen, and very tiny “drops”, like frozen drizzle. I don’t think it quite counts as freezing rain, but it looks and feels very wintry out right now. Edit: coming down much steadier now, and with some legit flurries mixed in. I was expecting the precip to start at 2 and for us to have nothing but rain. My dog has a vet appointment today at 3 so I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn out to be an overperformer.
  3. 8pm, very balmy 70 right now and 67.1 dewpoint. Lots of crickets, too; feels and sounds like a late-summer night.
  4. Overcast with a bit of fog and intermittent drizzle, but very mild 64 here as of 12:20.
  5. High noon, 68 and sunny here about 1 mile west of Rocky Ridge park in York county.
  6. 70 here but ditto the clouds wind. Feels more like mid to late October.
  7. We had .13 in my neighborhood according to the iweather radar, which is on par with what nearby Ambient stations are showing. Hopefully next time we’ll cash in.
  8. It was cloudy and a few degrees cooler about 30 minutes ago when we first stepped outside, but the sun is now burning through this morning’s clouds and fog. It’s an uncomfortable 78 right now with partly cloudy skies, 67 dew point, and only an occasional breeze for some relief.
  9. 79 and sunny with a light breeze here, just shy of 11 AM. Nearby Ambient stations show 66 for the dew point, but it feels lower than that, probably because of the breeze. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful late-summer day.
  10. Had .02” of rain here. Very tropical feel right now with light drizzle, 73 dp and sunlight peeking through as the clouds break up a bit.
  11. Steady rainfall here for at least the past 5 minutes, maybe a bit longer. Training and MJS, I imagine you’ll be getting some rain from this. (Sorry Canderson; if it were up to me I’d send some of this in your direction)
  12. Wind did start to pick up just before I went inside around 7:30. Just stepping back out and there’s a gentle but steady breeze now, too. Be really nice if that persists throughout the day.
  13. Yes, worst here too. We set out a bit later than usual but still, even during this recent heat it’s been pretty comfortable from 6:30 to 7:30 most mornings. Higher temp and DP this morning and very little breeze; makes a big difference. As of 7:15 am, 79 out and 70 dp. More clouds than not, but some nice pops of blue and sunshine streaming through. Uncomfortable but scenic.
  14. Better to be realistic about it but I agree, it’s really hard to watch this fall apart.
  15. Dark clouds overhead and strong wind gusts that make it feel much cooler out than the 85 shown on my point-and-click app. I wasn’t expecting any storms this way and I’m still convinced we won’t see any rain, but the clouds and wind seem to suggest at least a chance.
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