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  1. Had .02” of rain here. Very tropical feel right now with light drizzle, 73 dp and sunlight peeking through as the clouds break up a bit.
  2. Steady rainfall here for at least the past 5 minutes, maybe a bit longer. Training and MJS, I imagine you’ll be getting some rain from this. (Sorry Canderson; if it were up to me I’d send some of this in your direction)
  3. Wind did start to pick up just before I went inside around 7:30. Just stepping back out and there’s a gentle but steady breeze now, too. Be really nice if that persists throughout the day.
  4. Yes, worst here too. We set out a bit later than usual but still, even during this recent heat it’s been pretty comfortable from 6:30 to 7:30 most mornings. Higher temp and DP this morning and very little breeze; makes a big difference. As of 7:15 am, 79 out and 70 dp. More clouds than not, but some nice pops of blue and sunshine streaming through. Uncomfortable but scenic.
  5. Better to be realistic about it but I agree, it’s really hard to watch this fall apart.
  6. Dark clouds overhead and strong wind gusts that make it feel much cooler out than the 85 shown on my point-and-click app. I wasn’t expecting any storms this way and I’m still convinced we won’t see any rain, but the clouds and wind seem to suggest at least a chance.
  7. 88 here with 68 DP. Felt very hot around midday, no surprise there, but even with the high-ish DP it’s not bad out right now. Warmer than I prefer this time of day, but still another beautiful evening.
  8. Another beautiful morning so far with clear skies and a steady breeze for most of the past hour, keeping things very comfortable. Most of the breeze tapered off about 10 minutes ago and it’s finally just starting to feel humid. Currently 73 and DP 67.
  9. Those DPs do not sound bad at all… that’s downright pleasant for this time of year.
  10. No rain here yesterday but it’s a beautiful morning; 68, clear skies and until a couple minutes ago there was a light but steady breeze. It doesn’t feel muggy yet, the light breeze is mostly taking care of that, but there’s definitely that feeling that it’s gearing up to be a scorcher.
  11. Steady, soaking rain here for the past 5 to 10 minutes. Hope everyone who needs it gets some rain from this system.
  12. Yeah, we definitely did not have anywhere between 3/8 to 5/8 cloud coverage during the day; it was more like 8/8 with brief moments of 7.5/8. On the bright side, the iweather.net radar says I got about .35 of rain today, which checks out with nearby Ambient stations. (And it’s been legit partly sunny for about the last hour, so even that was delayed not denied)
  13. 83, overcast, dp 72; predictably muggy when the wind is still, but not bad at all when there’s a breeze going. Wind has been picking up a bit over the last 15 minutes or so and some darker clouds overhead but no rain so far. My weather.gov forecast says “partly sunny” for both today and tomorrow. I’ve come to realize that “partly sunny” here almost always means “wall-to-wall clouds, but with a few rare moments, spread very intermittently throughout the day, where the sun might very briefly, and only partially, break through”.
  14. We’ve had lightning and several loud thunderclaps here. Some moderate rain now, but don’t know if it will stick around long enough to make much difference. My parched lawn and I are hoping so.
  15. 76 here, at 12:10 pm. Mostly clear skies, lots of sunshine. Feels warmer than 76 to me, but either way, beautiful holiday weekend so far.
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