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  1. There was one night I believe that it was Wednesday night of last week going between Portland and Bar harbor where the winds had gotten to 60 knots where only 25-35 knots were predicted. To say that the ship was rocking and rolling is a huge understatement. This was a smaller ship about 1200 passengers compared to the 6000 passenger floating cities . The next day the captain said that he was taken by surprise and had personally spent the entire night on the bridge. Other than that one night it was surprisingly calm considering our hurricane surroundings.
  2. I just returned from a new England Canada cruise. It was insanely hot in Quebec city and Montreal. 93 degrees in QC in late September. Last night in Montreal felt like South Florida. Amazing
  3. Thank you so much
  4. Thank you so much
  5. We have a New England/Canada cruise out of NYC planned for Sept 16th with stops in Boston on the 19th stops in Maine the 20th and 21st and the maritime provinces thereafter. Based on current projections just how rocky will it get? Thanks in advance
  6. We all know that there are no "good" options for Florida in this situation. Of all of the realistic possibilities where would Irma have to track to give Florida as a whole the least amount of damage?
  7. As much as I would like to believe that with my house in Boca i am not quite ready to breath that sigh of relief yet. Last year I was in Boca for Matthew and I remember being spared the predicted 80 -100mph winds by a 2-3 hour wobble to the N as opposed to the otherwise NW direction that very afternoon. It is not going to take much of a back east track to put the east coast right back in the full cross hairs.
  8. Wouldn't that track still keep Broward and PB counties in the sub 100MPH range? Not trying to down play it at all but at least it keeps the very worst winds a bit west.
  9. Maybe i am reading it wrong but looking at it it looks to be lower end hurricane winds for most of the Gold coast. Given the other alternatives I would take that in a heart beat.
  10. 10-15 miles west can be a 30MPH difference in winds in eastern Palm Beach county. Correct?
  11. My house in East Boca was built by a very well known national high end builder( not mentioning names but the initials are TB). In their infinite wisdom they put live oak trees both in the front and the back yards of my house. Spent my last day there(Tuesday) trying to figure out which way they will fall based on wind direction.
  12. Question for the experts: IF the euro track verifies as is , given how large the storm is, how far from the center to the east would 120mph winds extend? 100MPH winds? Thanks in advance
  13. First of all is he talking about Matthew or Irma? Which tract is actually his prediction?
  14. I am about as much as a novice at this as anyone on the board but even I know enough not to declare NC out of the woods at this point.
  15. It is tough to find a silver lining for Florida on that track other then it does look to be a rather fast mover as opposed to a stall.