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  1. You mean the same fv3 that gave Philly 2 feet of snow last new years eve?
  2. The one coming off Cape Verde now looks almost certain to be a threat to shipping lanes only. The orange coming out behind it also looks like it might recurve.
  3. I am in Boca Raton about a half mile form the ocean and we are still under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch. I certainly have no problem with either being issued when they were but at this point not having had any wind gust of even minimal TS strength much less hurricane strength I think that at least the hurricane watch could have been taken down and the TS warning downgraded to a TS watch by now.
  4. Even though it looks to be heading due west, the fact that it picked up even .1 degree of latitude moving a 1 or 2 MPH means that there has to be at least some NW component to its movement.
  5. Has the UK ens solution of a retrograde to fort lauderdale been taken off of the table?
  6. Wow That certainly seems like an outlier. Question for the Mets on the board: Given all of the other guidance saying otherwise is that just an outlier or is it possibly on to something that nobody else is?
  7. Crazy weather all around. I was at West Palm Beach airport yesterday afternoon and there was 2.66 inches officially in 36 minutes or almost 4.5 inches per hour.
  8. Looks like the 12z GFS never really fully develops it and takes a weak system harmlessly out to sea
  9. Pretty to look at and doesn't mess up the roads. Not the worst thing in the world.
  10. Actually that may have been Evan Myers
  11. Joe Soble. Joe Lundberg Evan Abrams
  12. How many digital feet of snow has the Para had this winter so far? I would estimate several feet .
  13. I think that the entire concept of using analogs is a somewhat flawed science now as many of the analogs are from years when the planet and more specifically the oceans was not as warm of a place as they are now.
  14. That looks like more than a tick north. About 70 miles or so
  15. Very bullish forecast to say the least. Even more so than JB