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  1. That is a pretty aggressive forecast. 3 majors in October!
  2. Wow. If we can't get a decent winter it feels to good to see the California drought be dented.
  3. I was watching the local news for NYC and they have a 6-12 inch swipe all the way from NYC SW to everything east of Phila
  4. As a practical matter how often does this set up work out? Probably not too often.
  5. Based on the Euro's timing of the frontal passage on Wednesday there may be record highs on Wednesday.
  6. Could not agree more. It seems like all winter the "pot of gold" has always been at the end of the rainbow and the end of the rainbow is always 10-15 days away
  7. I am supposed to fly out of Newark on Monday at 4PM. What are my chances?
  8. Great to see you posting on the Philly forum. Many times I go to the NYC forum just to read your posts. You are truly one of the class acts on this board.
  9. I know that stat wise it goes into the record books the same way but an overnight low of 45 just does feel as torchy as a daytime high of 60.
  10. Some lightning and thunder here in Hamilton NJ
  11. From here in Boca Raton: NO COMPLAINTS!!!
  12. Thank you
  13. Maybe it is my imagination but looking at the radar it looks to be going NNW to even N at times instead of NW. Is anybody else seeing that?
  14. Question for the experts: NHC says that hurricane force winds extend up to 40 miles from the center. I presume that the 40 miles would be on the right side. Would it be less on the left side. If so how much less.?
  15. The weather channel has a slightly different take on it lol https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USFL0149:1:US