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  1. Surprised nobody has mentioned Munich just had their largest December snowstorm on record, possibly ever. Also most snow cover in Europe since 2010. Can't tell if this is good or bad news for the northeast.
  2. One is buzzing the electrician outside right now lol
  3. In bee news the yellowjackets are back today, on December 2nd. Ain't ever seen anything like this, oh and a fly. * And a honeybee lol
  4. There kind of is after all, witnessed first hand today honeybee's trying to "pollinate" the C9 lights. It probably helps that the neighbors have honeybee hives but come on now
  5. The winters first thread the needle possible threat next week somebody should keep count
  6. Pictures from Qtown looked like .5" there. Only a couple miles north just flurries
  7. 476 is 1.5 miles to the west I would say it scraped me. But hey El Nino early snow kinda confirmed in the region
  8. Slept through this, will I have to wait for February?
  9. Oh great just when you thought you had a chance here comes the Arabian jet streak it's always something..
  10. Something tells me don't try and remember this one, vague memory of very heavy radar echoes for hours with nothing but light snow and me being beside myself over it, but then hours of heavier snow under light returns that helped
  11. Have to say December isn't looking Nino mild like most winter forecasts predicted. Another case of analogs fail? Now I done it the kiss of death..
  12. Just happened to see this two minutes ago. Dentist appointment that day lock this one up
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