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  1. No analogs no science guestimate supreme December -1F 5" January +1F 13" February +2F 10" March +4F 2" 30" local season normal 31" We are past due to see snow in the Dec 21-31st Holiday window it finally happens.
  2. When is the last time this region had below normal Dec,Jan, and Feb? Has it ever happened in a La Nina winter?
  3. A caveat to that Ralph is guidance up to a couple days ago had the cold locked in, it could just as easily flip back. Wonders if DT flips too..
  4. 39F and seeing flakes pre frontal squall arrival.
  5. Lol i know shes purty wouldnt know her songs i live in a cave and eat grubs
  6. Weather World fearless forecast cold and dry 30 day outlook
  7. None of this looked possible one week ago. Mild December forecasts see your doom.
  8. ECM is frigged Sun-Mon highs in the mid 30's. Only a few degrees milder than the record setting polar vortex cold of 2018. It's going to be close but the second half of the month has a chance to equal or pass the second half cold of that month. Of course that winter went on to suck it meant nothing. Wonders if there has ever been a time where a record warm first half of a month has been nullified by the second half, probably not.
  9. The late month mild up look is mostly gone, the same old pattern is reactivated and we keep getting cold air dumps from the northwest.
  10. Some strange reason I hear Herb Clarkes voice calling out Jim Thorpe. Also the term quaint comes to mind, chick town.
  11. Eight miles and a couple hundred feet elevation makes all the difference.
  12. Snow line is retreating what a tease that was
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