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  1. Heard first cicada two days ago but quiet since
  2. Amazing how it all went poof so fast around 5pm and prevented flooding
  3. SEPA is in the heavy rain axis pivot as Fay moves north. Some serious flood issues coming.
  4. Over performer for most. Another impending drought axed.
  5. 24 hours out and nobody can pin it down where the heavy rain will fall.
  6. Guidance is hinting at an end to this big heat for several days possibly longer in another week, that would be sweet.
  7. Good looking activity moving SE toward the region.
  8. Slammed again it came down in buckets. Near 5" rain for June as the rest of the region dust bowls.
  9. Give it time, it's groundhog season.
  10. Mega redsky days coming courtesy of the Sahara dust cloud. In other news I be doing a summer without A/C for the first time since about 1982 - gone be brutal.