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  1. Too much rain washes it down the Crick and feeds the fishes. * Flashes here
  2. Got to pay the price for the recent good weather. Welcome to Seattle all week.
  3. Deep winter in Alaska could be 47F below normal lol
  4. How's that new GFS cool April working out now I'm loving it
  5. Close to 6" in Horsham, Montco
  6. Any old timer will tell ya there is nothing as tasty as free range chicken, grass fed beef and fish
  7. Improvement in the models from Friday onward with less cutoff lows, rexy blocky look. Maybe we catch a break.
  8. Great weather but man mid month looks like endless rainy and cool.
  9. Fish ate them, no idea what a zaga is
  10. My local says snow now, family member would say snow in April is impossible...
  11. Radar has not predicted SNOW inbound. 38F
  12. The background state keeps warming yet the cold anamolies are extreme. Another "mild" month that felt cold afoot?
  13. 36F with a wind chill of 22F. A fairly typical mid January day.
  14. Saw that post and looked outside- decks white. Heavy trace or whatever and I don't care sick of winter in spring again. I'm sure it will snow in May too, hey maybe June this year.