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  1. Join the club it happened to me just last month!
  2. 36.9F with high winds continuing. Still holding a solid crust of snow cover.
  3. I know there is a wind advisory but damn the winds that came through here the last 15 minutes rivaled Sandy, hard to believe the power has stayed on.
  4. Deceiving ice today the deck was just wet and didn't know until I was leaving the house bushes and trees have a sliver of ice, power lines look the heaviest with little icicles. Surprised afternoon sun through the clouds did not melt it. Currently 33F
  5. One last dance with the devil chance to get snow late month I guarantee it.
  6. Managing to maintain snow cover out to day 4, that qualifies as hard core winter in 2017 lol
  7. 32.7F off and on light rain this morning no icing to report just warm enough by a couple tenths, fits this winter perfectly
  8. In 2 - 2 1/2 weeks we will get some more cold that has been the winter pattern up and down. We will have that why couldn't this have come a couple weeks ago storm chance.
  9. I see you kept that nightmare on your hard drive as some form of battle scar. I remember that map the only thing good about that abomination was the rug wasn't pulled out in the last hours but nice slow and gradual the last 48hrs, and of course it came in a good winter which made it easier to get over. Nemo in 2013 which was right around this time in February was the storm to save what had been a lackluster winter. It saved everybody's winter from about 50 miles northeast of here north. Trade that winter for this one with no second thoughts at least I had 20" up to this date that year.
  10. NYC is trending toward a weak Nemo repeat, good luck making out being on the southern fringe of a Miller B with the ECM. Just when I thought the winter was as terrible as it could get the Nemo storm I managed to block from memory pops up. Yeah never mind the Thursday debacle being the worst last minute fold in decades, Nemo was only four years ago. Miller B southwest quadrant was suppose to nail the north burbs here with 8-12" and ended up with something like 3.5"
  11. This winter was about as memorable as a lead balloon
  12. Fascinating observation today when I saw icicles hanging at an angle off the Eve's of a house like the house had been tilted or from anti gravity. Perfect circumstances from the combination of yesterday's melt, cold air advecting in and sustained high winds. Sure enough on further observation it happened in many places.
  13. Probably 6" here going by the nearby field but I took the average from my yard and saying 5", now on in winds storms getting all my measurements from the cornfield. All the good snow came before i got up at 7:45am I truly hate this winter with a passion.
  14. Of course NYC does well, miller B's tend to be that way