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  1. Damp dank and chilly popped on the old gas fireplace again this month.
  2. Right if I didn't see the data and actual numbers just going by feel I wouldn't have thought April was a top 10 warm month.
  3. I have said the same thing yet May as of Saturday was averaging a few tenths of a degree above average at most observation stations. Coldest March in years, warmest April ever, May a mix of both. 57F with a light shower
  4. So much for not having to water the garden today.
  5. Overcast and 63F. May is the new October.
  6. 57F and overcast, another late October weekend in May.
  7. What is the bigger bust the non blizzard or the beautiful 100% chance of dryness and activity filled May day that is now raining lol
  8. Yet another chilly May day today, one of my top coldest feeling May's up there with 2005 and 2003 yet the month has edged ABOVE normal entirely because of the last two nuclear heat days. Weather gets stranger by the month.
  9. Showering here and 55F. No model on Earth had rain in the region today.
  10. By hook or by crook the weather gods had to screw up another weekend this spring.
  11. Showers and 55F major major bust there was NO precipitation being forecast for today!
  12. 88F again cool air dragging its arse getting in here something serious
  13. It's not the heat but the humidity , which has been relatively low. 88.2F High
  14. Last 12 days of May look excellent, near normal no blasting heat wave or deep chill and periodic chance of garden watering showers. End spring on a winning streak.