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  1. 54F low, great four days of weather
  2. 79.9 today give me these all summer
  3. 2.10" and real good weather coming
  4. 2.1" total
  5. 72F just had a firehose move through
  6. 60F low. The next week after tomorrow near perfect summer weather two thumbs up.
  7. It's the year of the 20% chance verifying
  8. 62F good comfortable low this morning, with the exception of the chill and clouds the first 8-10 days a good feeling summer month. 75F
  9. .85" at least received a watering out of it. 68F
  10. There was a tornado warning 50 miles to my west lol
  11. .6" a gusty breeze and some distant thunder, and a dark cloud. All my anticipation for that?
  12. Slugged on a trace to my 2 day total of .10"
  13. Two day total .10" Cold/hot & dry/wet weather all over the place in 2017 70.2F Never seen so many cloudy days with little precipitation in a warm season.
  14. Dense overcast and holding at 70F what a strange spring summer this has been.