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  1. U Drink too much must be lack of snow
  2. Anthony's Wawa sells beer are you joking lol
  3. I'm at the old Gavins it's spring like
  4. Drove back from Allentown yesterday and a Forest mountain full of trees loaded with yellow leaves, I couldn't believe it.
  5. CPC December outlook is average for most of this region and they have a torch bias.
  6. The mild break in December keeps getting pushed back in the guidance. November did the same. Not saying it doesn't get here but it may be short lived it wants to be cold for whatever the reasons.
  7. Occasional flurries and another trace 36F
  8. 21F This is the biggest bust on a low temperature I have seen in a long time it was projected to be 27
  9. Sucks to be having all this cold November and early December if winter is going to be an unmitigated torch. Wasted heating bills and my dragonfly could have had a few more weeks..
  10. Ground truth finally with a dusting and 31F
  11. Right I thought the same, looks souther than modeled. First radar hallucination of the season is in the books.
  12. GFS is a waffle house bro, every other day it shows winter of yore in December or spring. But yeah the euro is looking polar vortex consolidated and Pacific flow.
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