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  1. Weather World going with a mild next 5 weeks, I couldn't stomach another freezing November what a relief this would be.
  2. Looking like solid frosts and freezes will be late this year for most despite the mid September near record chill.
  3. The analogs popping up for winter 2021 are like 3rd string QB's that never threw a touchdown
  4. Climate society has it in the moderate range already, just to confuse you a little bit more.
  5. Rather pedestrian chill compared to how it was advertised a week ago, must have used up the cold in mid September.
  6. Changes afoot for next week, the refrigerator door doesn't open until late week but before then we broil. At least that is the ECM take.
  7. It deep troughed in September this year so maybe the March cold next year will last into July
  8. More anomalous cold for early October, no flakes showing as yet, we know what flakes in October means
  9. 34F low and first ever September frost
  10. 44F strangely a couple degrees behind last night btw next weeks weather is the best of the year