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  1. If this was snow GFS had me at 3" 0z with the ground truth likely near 12" today
  2. Today's rainy reality for all here and the forecast one and two days ago, what if it had been snow. Especially how the NAM "backed down" on amounts last night. Gone be a long winter if this is any prelude.
  3. Light's flickering soon the generators buzz like locusts of summer
  4. Tree's are fully leafed i feel a great disturbance in the grid
  5. Waiting on that mini nuke reactor from Amazon hope it gets her before the inevitable power outage.
  6. Last three winters were all Slugworth *xcpt blizz of 2016
  7. Remember how ridiculous snow happy the new GFS was last winter
  8. Real nice day thanks to the forecast missing the mark by 100 miles
  9. The year of azz is almost in the bag
  10. 98F in Wilmington yesterday Can't stop no more 90's...and me saying the worst was over in early August
  11. 87F before noon in October, ouch
  12. There are states called Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico might want to look into it
  13. Never could have imagined 20 years ago about having to deal with these abominations of nature. They somehow know to come inside this time of year, even on hot days and warm nights they KNOW cold is coming soon and where to find a winter house retreat. What the frack did they do before houses?
  14. Enjoying the heck out of this mini drought keep it coming
  15. July in October enjoy, pumpkins reduced to orange puddles? We should be safe from this by January