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  1. First bonafide noreaster of the winter comes after my first tick.
  2. I don't understand it because it was cold as 10F just over a week ago and near freezing most nights since. Never witnessed those suckers out in January.
  3. Drought fading fast next system will keep that on track.
  4. How inconvenient a storm with a great track and moisture supply perfectly timed with cold air evacuated from North America and tepid polar high pressure. Reminds me of 2012 and 1998.
  5. Nice work Don an advantageous winter window coming for the areas climatologically snowiest time of year. Weather World agrees predicting a majority of February days through mid month below normal.
  6. Came in from the woods today and had a tick on me!
  7. I love those storms that pass through and make their own cold air like the good humor man truck.
  8. My worst fear now is a two week cold pattern, another big hit south of us and that's all she wrote. Would be horrid.
  9. All that is left to cheer for in a dead ratter winter day 10 Lucy storm. Digital weenies rejoice.
  10. You can have your 3" snow +5F January give me a +12 to get outside and soak in the warmth. December 2015 has grown on me.
  11. NWS high temperatures forecast for the next week don't get out of the 40's, have to say I am a little disappointed had hoped for more warmth during the hiatus what kind of way is this to run a North America torch?
  12. January 15 - Didn't press the button to cancel winter. Not expecting a real good finish to winter but even 5" below normal snow past Jan 25th would be more than double the winter I have seen so far 4.7". It's taken a significant amount of bad luck to do this poorly through mid winter a large portion of NJ and NYC are near normal in snowfall right next door. The struggle post January thaw will be to see if we can pull out a sub par finish like 2013(25.5" imby) or equal the futility of 2012(10" imby).
  13. Hope everybody enjoyed the shorts and tiki torch weather- yeah that didn't work out.
  14. 30.2F Driveway/walkway slippery as hell
  15. 30.2 with snizzle or frizzle. System is pulling out faster than expected.