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  1. Yeah close - Winter 2020 Nov, Nov, Nov Mar, Mar
  2. The AO went + on Christmas and never looked back
  3. Where can i move to get the most snow and least COVID-19? Cabin in the Tughill- check
  4. 60F Relieved to see the GFS March cold wave was just the GFS doing it's bias thing. After next weekends cold snap looks like early spring is on the table.
  5. I thought about different regions of the country and believe parts of Colorado are the place to be. Great scenery and you can go from 70-80F and get slammed with 1-2' snow in the blink of an eye. Better than other areas that are bland and colder that hit their totals nickle and dime all winter. Colorado would give you that big nor' easter hit feel. Almost no long cool dreary wet patterns from coastal influence and slow upper level lows like we get subjected too.
  6. True that, but the GFS is on a roll it picked up on the last two days from far out and also next weekends cold which has ECM support.
  7. Hey man like single digits in March on the GFS, just another ordinary start to spring in the new backwards clown world How can this possibly happen short of some massive strat warming event with such a persistent +AO and strong PV?
  8. We have had many 50's this "winter" lol
  9. Wouldn't be surprising to now see Feb 20-March 20 average closest to normal temps for the entire cold season, just had to happen. * except Nov we had cold then too lol
  10. Yep gotta love the wagon train of arctic cold shots we have going on with no snow to show for it, when it would have been nice to have seen an early spring take hold for a change. February 28-29th on today's ECM is friggid
  11. Looks great for Washington, NC. They will join Saudi Arabia, Iran and Tazmania as the score zones in winter 2020.
  12. My parents first winter in their new Horsham home and I was often told tales of that storm growing up.
  13. GFS is almost dropping the PV in late month, been talked to death about late winter cold in the analogs early in the season but it's the last thing I want to happen. Of course this GFS has been over doing the long range chill all season but this would be the time it will get it right uggh. Not three years in a no no
  14. Mystifying because the 60's was a very good decade for snow