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  1. I can't believe that first absurd appearing run from like three days ago of Jose hanging around long enough to sling Maria away is now the most likely scenario who would have believed it. And by the GFS no less.
  2. The GAS eh, that will be fun this upcoming winter
  3. lol he hails from the legendary snow mountains of Brookhaven near Philly, legend has it the rugged terrain can only be navigated by skilled sherpa. Angry as a Yeti that one is too.
  4. I feel like I have been watching old Irma's lil Chihuahua Jose for weeks I can't believe it may come close or hit the region this is wild stuff
  5. Yeah not that plague it's mosquitoes swarms and also those little noseeum gnats in the house.
  6. It was a relief to get those 5 dry days before yesterday, I swear since around August 20 every day there is any chance of rain it rains. Here's hoping weather worlds dry 30 day outlook verifies they must be on to some major pattern change. Mosquitoes here might be the worse I remember you need mosquitoes nets to stay outside.
  7. Didn't make a guess last year and boy was that ugly so 10/20
  8. Nobody got a chuckle off the goofus with Jose over DC at 264? Wasn't that how Irma started
  9. Surprised that it only got down to 50F this morning. It's been so below normal cool but the lowest I have managed is 47F.
  10. That's nothing the remake of Stephen King's IT opens tomorrow for really scarey.
  11. Bold. Hearing there has been an 8.0 quake in Mexico which is amazing considering the current sun activity and bold predictions of major quakes out there.
  12. Isabel? That's a bold prediction
  13. You got that right! lol
  14. Better hope the GFS does not come in way east or else the social media chaos that would ensue would be legendary.