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  1. Weather World 30 day outlook limited number of days 8F above average only 7 of the next 28
  2. Rumor circulating that some gas stations are making modifications so the pumps can post $10+ numbers
  3. Sure it wasn't a spark from the fire that is really early
  4. Same La Nina state as this time last year similar Indian and Australia SST's only difference is the cool blue bubble anomaly centered over the northern plains. Last May did deliver the coolest Memorial weekend on record despite the overall base state was warmer. My best guess is an eventual flip in June with a similar warm humid summer as last year.
  5. Long range looks more below normal then above aside from the few warm weekend days. Same pattern from the winter continues what will it take to snap it?
  6. High winds were reported in the cell west of Lancaster
  7. 20mph breeze knocked my solo cup off the picnic table
  8. Just the tip into northern Bucks, had a 20mph breeze now a light shower
  9. The writing was on the wall...
  10. Round #1 busted in SEPA and left behind instability for a round #2 and I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night
  11. Sure looks like most of the action will miss us to the north. There is activity forming in the middle of the state that could be a round two guidance wasn't seeing.
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