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  1. Iceland gets death band smoked in June, not typical weather even for Iceland
  2. Weather World outlook for 2/3 of days above normal from June 9 through mid July is likely to be quite in error I can't see that happening.
  3. Local forecast has the low into the 40's Thursday AM. Only days from the solstice not a typical occurrence.
  4. Weather world long range outlook made early last week said 2/3 of the time above normal through mid July. Going to be hard to do we are in a streak of close to 10 straight days of below normal.
  5. There were radar problems COD radar is still stuck at mid storm. The other radar I like from baronweather was missing steady rain yet for some reason birds radar was picking it up.
  6. Over 3" down the road here. Neighbors house 9" water in the basement with flooded roads and streams out of the banks, yet no alerts posted and the only update was the forecast cut probability of showers from 30% to 20%
  7. 20% chance of a shower tomorrow, place your bets now
  8. It moved both ways....strange multi level movement Rain is over a dove landed on a branch
  9. Where is Noaha when you need him? Noaa dropped the ball and it floated away.
  10. The arrow be wrong it's all moving ese
  11. Try higher I be into 3.5-4" and it's still raining steady My radar says it's over which is obviously wrong, your radar has it going forever
  12. Back edge has been stubborn as hell to pull through, sitting on a fringe green pixel and it's a downpour. Roadways flooded pretty good.
  13. It's been eagles green since 10:30am with the exception of one hour
  14. Lancaster also has been fire hosed, family members there on vacation today oops