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  1. ^ That is going to go south the block is huge, hopefully not squashed
  2. What "could" happen the next ten days Last 10 days of January are COLD
  3. Hour 384 GFS 1000 miles east of Florida is that out first tropical wave lol
  4. 2020-2021 the Whack-a-mole winter I like it
  5. Only 2020-2021 could deliver a slightly colder version of winter 2012 lol
  6. The cold buildup in Canada is three weeks late this year due to torch Pacific.
  7. Never seen a winter that looked so bad on paper, then looked so good on paper but with bad results. Today is a good example- a torch day that is failing low in temps, overcast and with a biting wind. If we fail the next three weeks this one will supplant 2012, ugh
  8. That must be the January thaw storm on time as usual
  9. Yes but I am going to request a 7 day extension. I can't logically make a decision with the data currently at hand simply put. We have either a roaring dumpster fire winter or bookend 2006 type deal playing out.
  10. There is only one that knows and that one is katodog
  11. It's 2010 200 miles north, on to the ensembles
  12. Good to see the euro dangling the carrot of the stick again.