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  1. Clearing today is from clouds being pushed southwest good example how bottled up the atmosphere has been.
  2. Well a rainy day overperformer that was suppose to be scattered showers. So much for the bone thrown. Qtown spring festival went ahead despite a rain date people pissed.
  3. Near the top of the chart for cloudiest May after already securing the cloudiest January this year. I'm sure it's all perfectly normal. Weather World says this pattern continues through mid June. Year without a summer?
  4. We got a big bone thrown with todays rainy day bust being mostly cloudy and now the weekend system looking suppressed into Virginia.
  5. GFS is a Goths delight with clouds, rain and cool through the 15 day yeah it's another May 2005.
  6. Rain is here again and the region is now dropping into the below normal range in temperature for the month.
  7. Coldest spot in the USA and southern Canada is imby right now lmao * A couple sensors in the network at 46-47F in the Pocono region so at this elevation *
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