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  1. 10 minute downpour here and zero thunder today, Murphy nailed it lol
  2. Missed everything this morning nothing but crappy drizzle.
  3. Yeah we will never repeat the period we just had from post blizzard through this winter of rugs and footballs yanked from us. It's been like the Simpson's when Homer was in hell and old scratch was feeding him an endless supply of doughnuts.
  4. 43F and overcast looking out my window still a winter scene 1/3 the front lawn 3" snow cone ice with buckshot white through the woods.
  5. Curious are you giving winter a D- because of March? I feel like if I give this disaster a D- then I would have to give 2012 the same because it had the destructive 8" frankenstorm in October that skewed the final snow numbers to 15.5" imby. Dec through Feb they were neck and neck train wrecks.
  6. 13F low this morning adds to an incredible run of cold days and nights the last two weeks. Small amount of wintry mix possible tomorrow morning maybe some more of that ever popular sleet lol
  7. 9" snow as of March 1st and warmest ever Dec-Feb and a big zero performance during the holiday season, yeah winter gets an F. Spring so far gets an A+ for best winter impersonation with 11.5" of March snow and sleet, frequent arctic high pressure, long lasting snow cover now past 10 days imby and a white St Patricks's Day.
  8. 4-5" snow cone ice pack remains tenacious. Surreal length of pack with April this close.
  9. Euro today is pleading for Ralph to play ball one last time, they have the stadium to themselves day 9. *mega sleet potential
  10. Near 200 mile shift SW on trough axis and precipitation in less than 24 hours shows the current state of model chaos. There were even some silly posts of a mini blizzard potential tonight. Not too often snow doesn't work out for NYC recent winters though. Made the last storms jog west mere child's play. Even better the NAM which was best with the blizzard mishandled this the worst lol
  11. On the last snap of the season NAM Lucy big time faked the NYC forum
  12. No doubt in my mind I have never had 3 winter events in March let alone in a 10 day span. Weather World 30 day outlook on Tuesday is for frequent chill spring was put on layaway.
  13. January 2016, PDII were miller B's it's different with every one of these.
  14. Zero melt the day after a snow event in the middle of March, about the only time I remember this happening was 2007 26F with flurries
  15. It was a hybrid closer to 70/30 miller A storm and moisture feed from the gulf and cyclogenisis over the Carolina's with the northern energy pulling it all north up the coast. Every computer model known to man had my region at 15"+. NWS forecast was 18"+ with most likely accumulations around 21" With 7" total I can't call it a bust? Now to be clear you have to break this down to regions. The lower counties of Chester, Montco, Bucks and from there you can run a line ENE to NYC were within the 10-20 miles of the critical change line expected so they KNEW they had bust potential and it could go either way a blizzard or yesterdays result. They can't complain with the outcome. Areas just north of Chester, Montco, Bucks ENE to NYC still had nice totals generally over 10" but were held down by some sleet intrusion from a warm layer. They had a MECS hard to complain about a bust if you still got a MECS. NO it was a thin band of folks in a roughly 15 mile wide corridor essentially running from upper upper Chester, Montco, Bucks ENE to NYC that were the screw zone. People in that zone can b**ch all they want they busted.