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  1. I can hear roaring noises like the wind is high above ground strange.
  2. Welp that sucked just a brief downpour and some distant bolts. No wind as yet.
  3. Ealy this morning rained like Niagara Falls for like three minutes it was LOUD. Radar history shows the isolated 1.28" storm total over northwest Bucks.
  4. I been checked out on long range digital snow and missed the 12z yesterday's 12" in SEPA. Anyway wouldn't be surprised if anomalous cold shots happen like have been popping up in the long range. Last April three straight days in the 40's with a low of 25F past mid month this La Nina is good at screwing with us.
  5. Same 42F here, overperforming cold on March 30th whoop dee doo
  6. Any Philly peeps here going to brave chugging that Delaware river tap water come midnight tomorrow?
  7. Who in their right mind wants 40's with rain and drizzle
  8. One thunder and one minute downpour, lame
  9. The April fools snowstorm did not last long she's gone. Was there ever year with better atmospheric memory than this one?
  10. But hey as the planet continues to boil all us frogs, we will always have March as the month showing the least warming
  11. Forecast cloudy day turned out mostly sunny a rare win. Also one of only two 60F days since February 23! Mind boggling following the top 5 warmest winter.
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