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  1. If one looks closely you can observe Frodo and Sam climbing the side of the mountain
  2. I am hearing moocho lava and run for the hills if you live in Jersey!
  3. The #1 disaster scenario with La Palma would send a tidal wave to Delaware Ave. in Philly so keep an eye on the surf... The eruption looks like it's growing larger by the minute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQaldXbtE08
  4. My non weather related comment - La Palma has begun erupting
  5. Come on now Newman the new GFS in the long range is capable of conjuring up a polar vortex in the summer lol
  6. Extra summer is great, maybe we won't have ridiculous glacial cold waves like the last three falls. This time last September was threatening an unheard of mid September frost. Got down to 36F too if my memory is right. Polar Vortex in September that was insane.
  7. ECM gives us summer we'll into October, global torchining back in full force if it's right.
  8. The smoke is back and going to stay awhile.
  9. Yeah the cool look for the first half of the month died really fast on the vine the 10-13th was projecting near record chill ten days ago and it's going to be above normal.
  10. The front has hit the brakes and back building to the SW Lehigh Valley has 2-4.80" with more to come, flood verify
  11. Garden variety thundershower, if your garden is a window box planter
  12. That's what is curious it doesn't look on paper like a training problem
  13. Flood watch already in effect for tomorrow
  14. Bye bye to a truly crappy summer Most of the holiday days rained and were chilly,it rained on weekends and parades and on all personal planned days, I believe it was the worst. Ironic that Labor day is a decent day lol.
  15. Quite the bust of a Sunday, cloudy dreary dank and wet holding near 70F not the day in the forecast all week. But 30% chance of shower was added yesterday the kiss of death.
  16. What happened to the warm September there was all kind of guidance supporting it? First half of September is looking like running -6F
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