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  1. Uh oh NAM and GFS have dried up Tuesday- set brown lawns to max
  2. The restrictions are workable not setting them off after 10pm most of the year and not spooking the cows But hell yeah all those and fireworks and it's on
  3. Nice I had a few distant rumbles from the five yellow two red pixel dot storm that skimmed me to the NW
  4. This happens mid summer most years. You have a two weeks and sometimes longer stretch where almost all chances of rain fail no matter how good they are.
  5. I was counting on showers this evening after they day bust too looks highly unlikely Must be too hot and humid to rain
  6. For once the politicians are thinking of us, if it's becoming hellworld why not make it fun
  7. So much for the wet Saturday and all the plans that were cancelled, it was virtually a soaker on all the models a couple days ago. Next week after the 4th another difficult one to forecast looks like any day could turn out wet, or not
  8. The storm that died refired to my south. Severe season of azz.
  9. It's tracking right at me but rapidly dying too man I have seen zero storm action and its mid summer
  10. Got action in Berks on a day I didn't expect to see any 91F
  11. The heat dome will finally move into the northeast for October-December
  12. New faster computers for NOAA. They should run the GFS eight times a day and drive weather weenies out of their minds. https://www.hstoday.us/subject-matter-areas/climate-security/u-s-supercomputers-for-weather-and-climate-forecasts-get-major-bump/?fbclid=IwAR0kfDSwpLRWy7Tm01oBCWQ_6PViZkaJYDyDPJ1mr_36QZ4nOEA8LsaZV6A
  13. July 4th is 90F on the new ECM and before and after are turning into a heat wave look
  14. Lost the "cold" wave for 4th of July week
  15. The last below normal June-Aug in Allentown was 2017 But June-Aug 2009 June -3.4 July -5.5 Aug -0.6 First of only two 90's that summer was August 10
  16. It's not cloudy and cold today hurrah!
  17. Thinking it's going to take something major happening like Atlantic hurricane activity to break this permanent trough in the northeast/southeast Canada.
  18. Demand destruction is finally showing itself https://www.wsj.com/articles/high-gas-prices-hit-demand-as-drivers-cut-back-at-the-pump-11655890381 Local Wawa down 4 cents from last week at $4.95
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