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  1. Feels sorry for Boston it's suppose to snow there
  2. The jump emoji crashed and was unavailable, not joking either
  3. I tried. Giving it through 0z runs to see if the eastern momentum has ceased.
  4. This is tough I would disregard the euro but it has NAM support and there's still time to salvage what would be the biggest snow on the PA side for the winter.
  5. Euro was actually slightly better with trough orientation then 6z but the double barrel elongated low dried the western flank
  6. Euro still manages a SECS in PA and MECS in NJ
  7. Any point putting a coin in the ECM penny slots today?
  8. Road trip to ECM super computer headquarters with pitchforks and torches
  9. Maybe I will see snow in May again this year like awful 2020
  10. The arctic cold shots this January are like the Marquis de Sade going medieval on us Before climate change this Nina would have been milder oh the irony
  11. Maybe on some ensembles briefly but they get snow like Elon makes dough
  12. This winter is taking a brutal turn imo if this in fact mostly a seagull storm
  13. IF the GFS scores the win it's the new gold standard. Reviewing the runs from 10 days out it's been the coastal scraper in maybe all but two of it's runs. Also the first to show the app runner last disaster storm
  14. 12z runs are a fiery train wreck only the NAM caboose stayed on the tracks
  15. The inflated Kuchera makes it look better, regular 10:1 is slightly better than the Canadian. But the further east lean brings back the abhorent boxing day gradient.
  16. I thought it was gonna be huge and I looked you suck
  17. Mr. Creosote have a mint it's only wafer thin
  18. Canadian half caved(SECS), your move Zeus '
  19. The weather gods are having the time of their immortal lives with us on their chessboard let there be no doubt
  20. Super nice and impossible to resist playing old TWC background music https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=bYXGYf3uTrw
  21. Still leaning to a substantial SECS+ storm I like the ECM/NAM duo
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