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  1. Looks great for Washington, NC. They will join Saudi Arabia, Iran and Tazmania as the score zones in winter 2020.
  2. My parents first winter in their new Horsham home and I was often told tales of that storm growing up.
  3. GFS is almost dropping the PV in late month, been talked to death about late winter cold in the analogs early in the season but it's the last thing I want to happen. Of course this GFS has been over doing the long range chill all season but this would be the time it will get it right uggh. Not three years in a no no
  4. Mystifying because the 60's was a very good decade for snow
  5. 18z GFS has the coldest stretch of winter in late Feb and early March, as in you got to be ****ing kidding me
  6. I experienced the coldest temps of winter in early November and now Feb 15, those three months between total garbage.
  7. Significant 90's and some 100's may help sterilize that pesky corona virus Tonight's mid teens will help kill off the early onset bugs too So below 10F now forecast where did the extra cold come from
  8. That's what you do in hell duh, Lucifer served up something extra special in the 12z ECM lol
  9. Yes it did snow on the coast of the Carolina's
  10. Northern tier of PA is normal to above in snowfall interestingly enough. Only a 100 miles from a decent enough winter.
  11. Just a side swipe of arctic air in mid February though and should be the last significant cold of this pathetic winter.
  12. They just got rare summer snow in Tazmania! Also record cold in South Korea. When it performs over there we get screwed.
  13. Winter 2020 - the year the shiekhs of Saudi Arabia had to import snow blowers
  14. First came Smarch, now for your weather enjoyment we now have Farch. When having one March was bad enough but now there are two.
  15. Posted from today's run in the MA thread, but does it really matter at this range bro
  16. CFS wants a top 10 cold April lol
  17. If there are any fans of the weeklies left they need to jump ship after what they were promising a couple weeks ago.
  18. Get comfortable with cold rain, cause it's and endless onslaught to continue with no end in site. This is making last years winter of azz look pedestrian. The horror, the horror.
  19. This is what it was like if you lived in the Carolina's during the winter of 2014
  20. This is the Curse of Oak Island weather. Last winter there was a chance I got to the bottom of it in March, but no here comes season 2 and every month ARRGhhh another level!
  21. This winter was 1998,2002 and 2012 combined into one neat package
  22. All time record cold and also snow in Saudi Arabia, roads are a parking lot Yeah when this happens over there were done
  23. You realize they won't explode like if it was Star Wars?