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  1. GEFS has been pretty consistent showing a wave entering the Caribbean the last week of October. Maybe this one will finally verify?
  2. 18z GEFS has an impressive swath of strong storms heading up through the Bahamas/Florida
  3. I mentioned I'd put 2008 in front of this year.
  4. Interesting to think back how this season would compare to other seasons say in the past 20 years (even though it's not even over yet). In terms of US impacts, obviously 2004, 2005, 2017, and 2020 stand alone. But other than those, 2011 had Irene, 2012 had Sandy, 2016 had Matthew brushing the coast, 2018 had Michael and Florence. 2007 and 2008 destruction was mostly in the Caribbean and Central America. I can't think of any really bad US impacts in 2000-2003, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013-2015, and 2019. With the mere presence of Ida, in terms of US impacts I'd put this season just behind 2004, 2005, 2017, 2020, and maybe 2008 in the past 21 years. Definitely wouldn't call it a dud.
  5. 12z GEFS still coming in strong. Not really concerned with no other model guidance as GFS has really been the king of cyclogenesis this year while all others have lagged behind. I'd be very surprised if nothing comes of this.
  6. It's cyclical and the quiet pacific shows that. The early 2010s were quiet, 2017 to present is active. In a few years it will get quiet again. The number of cat 5's and strong cat 4's is interesting though and seems to be increasing.
  7. Why are the 12z runs initializing such a weak storm? Euro is at 993, CMC is at 999, and GFS is at 971. We have recon data from last night proving the pressure is in the 940s and it obviously hasn't weakened. What gives? And could that affect the rest of the model run?
  8. I have a feeling south Florida's luck is going to quickly run out...
  9. Looks like over the past few hours it's been moving due west with even a possible wobble to the south. Wonder how long it will keep that up.
  10. Impressive 151 knot winds 447 meters up
  11. 5pm: 140 mph, 943 mb It'll be interesting to see how good the NHC is at estimating wind and pressure based on satellite data as recon will give us the real numbers within an hour.
  12. After Sam, it looks like there will be two areas to watch over the next couple weeks. Most models show the next wave (currently at 50% by NHC) curving OTS but a number of ensemble members have it continuing west maybe into the Caribbean/Antilles. Then the GFS/GEFS has been hinting at a CAG type system forming in the Caribbean, maybe something similar to a Wilma/Matthew/Michael track which climo would favor. Looks like we will likely hit the next list of names...
  13. Anyone know when recon plans to fly in?
  14. Looks like the only land at risk is Bermuda. I'd watch that next wave to see if it can sneak into the Caribbean.
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