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  1. The first GFS fantasyland tropical system of the 2021 Atlantic season!
  2. I'd love to know where you're getting your data from being that the models are not showing that... https://twitter.com/philklotzbach/status/1384171583023968259
  3. Interesting graphs being tweeted. This one shows the average ENSO for peak season is heading to a weak Nina: While this one shows a weak Nina producing the highest ACE:
  4. TSR and CSU should be coming out with forecasts any day now. Anyone know when we can expect them?
  5. Lots of models now showing potential for something to spin up off the SE coast early next week...
  6. Still looks like a strong La Nina though. Any news on if they think that will change?
  7. Andrew was a cat 5 but I can't think of any other A-named cat 5's meaning that's the only season that opened with a cat 5. Has any other season other than 2020 ended with a cat 5?
  8. With nothing showing on any global models now, it looks like the season may be a wrap. Quite a crazy season. I think the most impressive stat is out of the 13 hurricanes, 10 made landfall at or near maximum intensity.
  9. Iota: "thanks, I'll take my beer back now"
  10. There's a pretty decent signal for another TC development next weekend. One ensemble member has a major going into Miami.
  11. It would have to get over quite a ridge to make it up to the CONUS
  12. Looking back on some earlier posts, it's pretty amazing that the GFS got the dip and stall near the Keys pretty spot on 10 days in advance, even if it was way too bullish on the intensity.