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  1. Still looks like a strong La Nina though. Any news on if they think that will change?
  2. Andrew was a cat 5 but I can't think of any other A-named cat 5's meaning that's the only season that opened with a cat 5. Has any other season other than 2020 ended with a cat 5?
  3. lolwut? Do people actually only remember storms if the NHC retires the name?
  4. With nothing showing on any global models now, it looks like the season may be a wrap. Quite a crazy season. I think the most impressive stat is out of the 13 hurricanes, 10 made landfall at or near maximum intensity.
  5. And the 2020 trusty HWRF did a terrible job on the track (had it going into the Yucatan for most of its runs)
  6. They definitely redeemed themselves after the Eta fiasco. Very definitely could be their last non-training flights of the year, and what a way to go with non-stop long distance flights into a Cat 5.
  7. There is zero point in downgrading it right now when there's a chance of a single person in its path looking at the downgrade and thinking it's not as bad as it was earlier today, and they let their guard down and end up getting killed. When it's all over the NHC can easily go back and say "yeah we changed our mind and don't think it was a Cat 5 approaching landfall anymore". The ONLY thing a downgrade would do right now is make the situation more dangerous.
  8. Iota: "thanks, I'll take my beer back now"
  9. Here's a picture of the city of Bluefields, which is a coastal city but much further south than where Iota is heading. Regardless, I can't see other coastal towns looking much different. This type of infrastructure does not look like it would do well in Cat 5 winds/storm surge. I think the only positive would be if it hits south of Puerto Cabezas. Puerto Cabezas looks like the only larger city in Iota's path while the rest of the coastline to the south is pretty sparse.
  10. I believe it's the 5th year, starting with Matthew in 2016. But even crazier, this could be the 4th year in a row of a Cat 5 at LANDFALL.
  11. Kinda funny how the predictions here were the total opposite from Eta: Eta: "omg, it's gonna be 880 mb" "I'm calling 180 mph winds" "this one is gonna beat Wilma!"........... recon finds a moderate cat 4 Iota: "no way NHC upgrades it" "probably looking at another 150 mph advisory" "winds just don't support cat 5"............NHC cat 5
  12. On some mornings that looks like my first flush of the toilet after my first cup of coffee. Wait what...?
  13. 4pm NHC now calling for 140 mph at landfall. They are usually conservative, so I wouldn't be surprised to see cat 5.