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  1. So are the models just that bad this year? The GFS now goes out to August 27 and the Euro/CMC go out to August 21, all showing absolutely nothing. Do you think it blows before those dates or after?
  2. From what I read, shear has decreased significantly and the only limiting factor now is dry air.
  3. 9 consecutive runs now, all at the same time period. That would be quite a fail if it doesn't verify.
  4. If that forecast verifies it's gonna be a LONG next three months!
  5. There's nothing more fantasyland than GFS at 384 hours, however... 1) It's been showing Gulf action now for four runs in a row at this timeframe 2) The GFS has been pretty quiet this year with fantasy storms. and most importantly... 3) It's 2020
  6. I used to live in West Orange, NJ (Essex County) and my old neighbor just sent me these pictures of my old house. This large tree fell today. Pretty ironic I now live in Boca Raton, FL and closed my shutters with zero impacts.
  7. Hey wake up! GFS only 384 hours out which means this is gonna happen!
  8. The 12z Euro and CMC are still hinting at MDR development in 10 days.
  9. How much damage does this island of mostly water and land that barely gets above sea level actually do to a cyclone?
  10. No other models showing this but the CMC is on to storm entering the Caribbean next weekend...
  11. This is a crazy impressive convective burst
  12. Got some deep convection popping up on the north side of the center...
  13. CMC brings the center south of Miami then turns north a bit inland. If it did take this track the heavily populated Dade-Broward-Palm Beach counties would get the worst of the heavy rain/wind.
  14. But since there probably won't be any major impacts, we'll be looking at this name again in 6 years. Can we start a petition to retire the name based solely on the pronunciation confusion it made?