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  1. I don’t remember where the fires were last fall (I thought it was the usual west coast/PNW areas) but last year, the third week of September would have been crystal clear blue skies but here in York we had the same opaque white blanket of smoke most of the week. Edited to add that the wildfire smoke had made the WGAL forecast that time — Joe Calhoun had said we’d be having picture perfect fall weather but that we wouldn’t really be able see or appreciate it because of the haze, and he wasn’t wrong.
  2. Just a lurker here but for what it’s worth, I love that this forum is so active during the warmer months (and don’t mind at all that sports and other interests are sometimes thrown into the mix).
  3. Very light rain started here about 10 minutes ago and seems to have already stopped. Lots of low clouds to the north but it’s looking like this one will pass by without much fanfare beyond some impressive thunder to the east and a really awesome looking slate gray sky. Edited to add: Boy, was I wrong. It’s pouring now. Hope everyone who still needs rain gets a helping of this.
  4. Hearing the first cicadas in central/east York county today.
  5. About 45 minutes so far of light but (mostly) steady rain in central/east York county. It’s about 75 and I can almost hear the parched grass and shrubbery sighing in relief. I visited Alaska in the mid 90s, traveled between Anchorage and Fairbanks, and yes, it was absolutely stunning. Homer is one of the towns that sticks out in my memory, but it was all quite breathtaking. Glad you’re getting to see it, Carlisle!
  6. I was just looking at that — hopefully some of us win the lottery.
  7. Yes, that’s true, and it could just be that the times I was out for any extended period happened to be the warmest/more humid periods that month. In addition to my memory of the July heat being “superimposed” onto June and distorting my memory of it. Psychologically, the lack of rain and the worry about our well running dry probably also affected my overall perception of the temps last summer.
  8. Yes, I’ve been thinking about how it is that this June has seemed very pleasant so far where my memory of last June (and last summer in general) is that it was oppressive from start to finish. I think canderson was right that even with lower temps overall, the omnipresent humidity made it seem worse to me. (I also think the excessive heat in July distorted my memory of the entire summer). Reminds me of what a few of you were saying about Orlando; that the high temps themselves aren’t extreme but the constant humidity from May to October is what makes it unpleasant.
  9. We planned our festivities for the 3rd this year. I was digging last week’s look that had us in the mid 70s, even when it included chance of showers. I got a pretty deep cut on my finger last week while pruning and doing general garden/landscape maintenance. Wonder if the weather gods would accept that as a “blood sacrifice” and reward us with a mid 70s - low 80s and sunny weekend with periods of abundant rain before Saturday and after Sunday …
  10. Thank you, I thought maybe the humidity (and not just the actual temps) was what made last June and much of August feel so oppressive. July was a double whammy with the record setting heat.
  11. I wasn’t sure if I was misremembering, but my memory of last summer was that it felt like a start-to-finish heat wave. Even June and August seemed ridiculously hot but that might have been more an issue with insane humidity than heat. I went for a long, leisurely walk with my elderly dog tonight between 7:40 and 9:00. When we were coming back the garage thermometer showed 67 degrees. It was a glorious evening. Normally I really enjoy the heat but my tail-wagging companion doesn’t do so well in it anymore, so I have a much greater appreciation for these cooler days and nights. (and a newfound dread for the real heat we’re probably going to see soon)
  12. Yep! Been in the office so far but just stepped outside and there’s steady rainfall. As of 6:15ish this morning it was just on and off drizzle, so I don’t know how long it’s been raining like this, but I hope we (all of us in this area) get a lot of it.
  13. Are any of the models more reliable than others right now? If I’m remembering correctly, last summer the Euro was more consistently accurate with the heat while other models were undershooting by a few to several degrees. (I know it’s all just guidance and I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I’m really rooting for some rain here.) Beautiful morning in York county — 63 and clear skies at 7:23 am.
  14. Sounds like they’ll be arriving here shortly, then. I’m about 15 miles SE of Roundtop.
  15. Nothing here in York yet either, and I’m not complaining. They never used to bother me but the past couple years they’ve been getting quite loud. On the upside, I’m glad to see the fireflies have finally been out the past few nights. If I’m not mistaken, they used to show up sometime during the 3rd or 4th week of May, but both this year and last year they had a late start. I read somewhere that the unseasonably cold weather in May delays their usual cycle.
  16. Don’t forget about the white flakes just a couple weeks ago in late April!
  17. Yes, you definitely had it worse than we did here in York! Here's hoping we see enough rain this spring/summer to rectify that.
  18. Delurking to say, I'm glad we're getting some slow, steady rain today. York County didn’t show up on the drought maps last year and there were numerous days where storms were in the forecast, but very little actually made it to my backyard. It became something of a hobby to be outside watching storms as they headed east, just missing us to our north, while my poor lawn was dying. Some parts of York county did fine, but our section of Mt Zion hill was definitely hurting for lack of rain. A lot of homes in this area (including mine) rely on wells, so even mild droughts cause a bit of stress for everyone. I know the snow helped a bit and we’ve also had some rain over the past few weeks, but I don’t think we’ve recovered yet from last year’s deficit. I admit, I'm a Warminsta (sp?) and I love sunshine, but right now if the snow is over for the season, I'm hoping the sunny days will be scattered between lots of steady rain and thunderstorms.
  19. It’s coming down pretty heavily now in east York. Until about 15 minutes ago I was starting to wonder if the whole thing might have shifted far enough north to miss us, but it looks like we’re going to have a decent event here.
  20. I’m a few miles away in east York and it’s the exact same pattern here. Little to nothing all morning and now sleet.
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