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  1. 54 and sunny, very light breeze at the moment but interspersed with occasional heavier wind and some strong gusts. Still tolerable even with the wind, and absolutely gorgeous when the wind settles down.
  2. Good info - I guess we’re all in for the same likely chillier-than-average spring weather coming up.
  3. Has anyone read Kyle Elliot’s latest weather discussion? If I’m understanding correctly it indicates that Bubbler, Cash, losetoa6 and the western crew might see some more persistent spring-like temps over the next week while those of us east of the Appalachians will probably have to deal with unseasonably low temps a little while longer. I don’t really mind the delayed spring as long as “unseasonably low” is mid-50s or higher and without the insane wind (abundant sunshine is always a plus). As a warminista, I’m surprised at how much I’ve come to appreciate “sunny and upper 50s” days. https://www.millersville.edu/weathercenter/forecasts/weather-discussion.php “You might think that 80-degree warmth is a guarantee with this type of large-scale pattern taking shape. Unfortunately, the return of Greenland blocking will throw a wrench into the works. This "atmospheric road block" is indicative of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) going strongly negative, which can create a forecasting nightmare in the form of "backdoor cold fronts." These fronts get their name from the fact that they approach from the east or northeast, or "come in the back door," as opposed to the more traditional approach from the west or northwest. Typically, these fronts occur when a cold, Canadian high pressure system settles over southeastern Canada or northern New England. To the south of the high, east-to-northeasterly flow near the ground directs cold, moist air from the Atlantic Ocean westward toward the Appalachians. Because these fronts are very shallow, they rarely make it over the Appalachians and can be responsible for a 20-30 degree temperature difference between eastern and western PA.”
  4. I'm affected similarly by the weather and I've noticed for the past month or so that I'm often about 5 or so degrees warmer than you. Not a huge difference, but that 5 degrees is usually enough to tip the scales toward making it a "good" day for me, especially if there's lots of sun and minimal wind. 50 and overcast feels a lot different than 55 and sunny. And I live on a hill now. When I lived along the edge of the city, as a general rule you could add an extra degree or two to the daily high. For reference, Training (approximately 8 miles east of me) is usually around the same temp or a bit warmer than me, regardless of season, and you and Bubbler (approx 50 m w/sw) are usually around 5 (or more) degrees colder. Mahantango is usually colder during the fall and winter, but hotter during the summer. If moving to the deep south or southwest isn't an option, maybe a much shorter move to York or Lancaster would be enough to make a difference...
  5. 49 here, minimal wind for now and mostly cloudy. It’s a bit colder than I’d prefer for this time of year, but with no wind, it’s actually quite pleasant out. And it feels about 15 degrees warmer when the suns peeks through. Been hearing lots of songbirds the past week or two. Spring has definitely arrived here in York, and is picking up momentum, even if the daily temps don’t show it yet.
  6. Currently 35 degrees and snow is really coming down hard at times here in East York. Nothing accumulating on the paved areas yet but it’s starting to cover the grass. I was expecting flurries today, but not this apparent snowstorm!
  7. It’s been pretty good here too. Consistently snowing all morning and afternoon so far. Some slow periods, but at no point did it seem like it was over and at times high wind and heavy snow; almost whiteout conditions. Right now it looks and sounds like a blizzard outside. Impossible to even guess at totals, given the wind, but it’s definitely a winter storm scene here in central York county. I’m about 1.5 miles north of the Mt Zion exit on Rt 30 and we’re usually just far enough south to miss the good stuff. Hope the Lancaster crowd gets to cash in soon.
  8. “Glorious” is a perfect description Only 37 here but sunny and not much wind; when the wind is still it feels much warmer. I did/do have spring fever, but I don’t mind another couple months of winter as long as we have plenty of days like this scattered throughout.
  9. Not looking forward to ice but I’m still rooting for some snow before mid-March rolls around.
  10. 58, clouds rolling in but still mostly sunny. Some decent wind gusts but not bad yet. I knew it was going to be mild but wasn’t expecting this.
  11. Chilly and blustery here in east/central York county, too. It felt very mild out around 11 am when the sun was shining and the wind hadn’t really picked up yet. Mostly cloudy now, 49 degrees and nearest Ambient station says highest wind gust so far is 21.7 with regular gusts around 13 mph. That certainly feels accurate. All in all still very tolerable/expected for mid February. Edit: wind just subsided for a minute, sun briefly peeked out from behind the cloud ceiling, and it instantly feels 20 degrees warmer. Always amazes me how much a difference those little things make.
  12. I’m still hoping for a big region-wide snowstorm before the end of the month, but I won’t lie; I’m really looking forward to spring.
  13. Same - I keep that page open in my browser now and stop back regularly to check for updates. Thanks for sharing this, itstrainingtime.
  14. I’m not at all surprised by the high temp for York. I took the dog outside last night about 10 minutes after midnight and I thought for sure it had to be near 60. I hadn’t been expecting a warm up like that for at least a few more hours and maybe it felt milder than it actually was, but imby we definitely spent a decent portion of the overnight hours in the mid 50s, if not pushing 60.
  15. As of 12:30 pm the sun is out, occasional very light breeze, the temp is hovering just under 41 and it feels like what I always expect mid/late March to feel like. (I’m often disappointed in mid/late March because it feels much colder and more blustery than this) I wouldn’t call it “spring like”, exactly, but it’s mild. The K9 companion emphatically approves. I think this is me coming down with Spring Fever
  16. “Sun angle” is mentioned from time to time here more as a joke but about what time of year can/does sun angle truly become an issue? Does it happen as early as, say, mid February? We had partly to mostly sunny skies with no or very light wind today and yesterday, and on both days there was a notable difference stepping out of the shade of the front porch and into the sunlight. We’re only at the beginning of February and I’m sure there’s plenty of arctic cold yet to come, but the sun already seems a bit stronger to me.
  17. First option for me, hands down, but I’m not the snow and cold chaser most of you are. One decent storm (“decent” to me is in the 8 to 12 range) and some smaller events stretched out over a few weeks, and I’m ready to get back to mid-60s and sunny. What I like is the activity and the enthusiasm in here when there are things to track. And I know the activity and enthusiasm are a double edged sword, because it’s that much harder when storms end up missing us, but hopefully our whole region still gets enough to keep everyone happy(ish).
  18. …which (going by the past couple years) means only three more months of winter!!
  19. Do we have an approximate time when this wind will start? I thought I read/heard that Friday would be quite blustery and Saturday even worse but I didn’t think it was supposed to be that bad on either of those days. Does the more extreme wind start on Sunday along with this weather event (whatever it turns out to be)?
  20. I love this kind of info. Thanks for sharing it. Someone (was it you?) also recently linked to an article explaining why the earliest sunset occurs a week or two *before* the winter solstice. I think that same article also mentioned that the latest sunrise was a week or two after the solstice. Good stuff.
  21. 11:30 am, 45 degrees here with no wind/breeze; feels very mild out. I’m grateful for the sections of somewhat patchy cloud cover that allow some occasional sunlight through. Edited to say, I think my mindset is similar to most of the regular contributors here in that if it’s going to be in the 40s anyway, I’d rather it be pleasant than miserable. Any day that I can comfortably be out for a long leisurely walk with the dog is a good day.
  22. It was surprisingly mild in York yesterday mid-afternoon. Bright sunshine and no wind. Actual temp where I was was probably low to mid 40s, but it felt warmer. It’s about 23 here now. Weather Underground says the overnight low was 21.
  23. 46 here as of 12:15 pm. Sunlight heavily filtered by widespread hazy cloud cover but enough is getting through that it feels more like “partly cloudy” than overcast. The mild temperature combined with the bit of sunlight and little to no wind makes it feel spring-like today, especially compared to yesterday’s chilly weather and flurries.
  24. 34 degrees and cloudy as of 8:15am. I usually prefer these smaller trace events, especially early in the season. Still beautiful but no shoveling and (usually) no increased driving risk.
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