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  1. We also have a tendency to over perform w them it seems. For all of the times we have been screwed on big storms there have been equal times we've overperformed on a simple clipper.
  2. I'd rather move to Cranberry if I was looking for more snow.
  3. If we can get 2-4 on Wed then we make up for our lost snow here. Boom.
  4. So basically we ended up about 4 or 5" less than the big snows to our west. Not too bad considering all the obstacles we had to clear.
  5. I can't even keep up w this anymore. Someone just posted 10 min ago saying the HRRR just showed 8-10" more lol
  6. We had a 10" storm in 2018 and nearly a foot last December. Still a chance we hit 10" w this one. I understand the sentiment but recent history has started to reverse this trend.
  7. So consensus seems to be 2-3" otg We really don't seem too far off from where the models had projected us to be at this point. Maybe an inch or so lower? Idk. Mixing should be behind us now, I think we made it out ok.
  8. How much would you say you have so far? I've mixed a good bit but do still have around 2"
  9. Was going to say, probably a good thing. Those bright yellows haven't been kind.
  10. Well if we're all still staying mostly snow at this point we might be able to escape any large dropoffs in totals. Nws was only expecting the mixing possibility until about 8 or so.
  11. Rates have been a little meh for most of the storm. Looking forward to some dumpage. Actually rates are good despite some sleet mixing in still
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