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  1. Feels like even small adjustments to track could add a good bit with this one for sure.
  2. Really can't decide what to do about work tonight. Was planning on calling off without a doubt but now?
  3. Just want to point out that in the 13 years I've been on weather forums that this is by far the most active our sub forum has been
  4. I had something similar to this typed out a couple days ago but didn't post. You nailed it. We have had so many letdowns in the past that we can't even sit back and enjoy a great winter while it's happening.
  5. Good news is that it won't take much of a trend back the other way to be in a high end warning scenario? Am'rite?
  6. Nws call seems to be pretty good at this point. Even with the big swing on the nam we are still at a 6" storm
  7. Just one run but it is concerning considering how consistent it's been with a thumping the past couple days
  8. How much further north can this thing really go? From what I can tell we're in a really good spot if you like 6+ snowstorms.
  9. Has to be close to 4" out there. Too cold to do an actual measurement lol. Coming down good.
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