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  1. I’m already not getting my hopes up for Thursday. Waiting for jwilson to weigh in...
  2. Yes please! Could it be possible that by the end of this winter we will have had more snow than Erie?! Are we already ahead of them?
  3. Seems like cars aren’t the only issue out on the roads tonight: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wtae.com/amp/article/airplane-skids-off-taxiway-at-pittsburgh-international-airport/35475104 Yikes!
  4. I have not seen one plow go through Squirrel Hill. Roads are horrendous.
  5. They just talked about Pittsburgh on the weather channel. They said we could see more than 52 hours of snow, more than any other city. So we may not have the explosive totals but at least we might come ahead in something!
  6. All this snow to end off 2020. We needed this! Almost makes you forget there’s a global pandemic raging. Here’s to more!
  7. Just saw on the weather channel, they had Pittsburgh at 11.5 inches. Official.
  8. I measured close to 11 in Squirrel Hill. Anyone know where NWS gets their data from? It seems everyone is measuring above their 9.4 mark.
  9. I’ve been following the radar, watching the snow line creep up. I caught this image on my weather channel app and thought it was classic Pittsburgh!
  10. I know we moan and groan about our area(and I’m originally from NJ and miss the nor’easters) but this from the weather channel picked up my mood just a tad this evening(I hate everything Boston!): https://weather.com/storms/winter/video/boston-has-had-less-than-one-inch-of-snow-this-winter
  11. Thank you for that detailed response, it was really helpful! I’m learning more and more as I continue to read this thread. I never knew how complicated the weather and predicting the weather is. Jerry Seinfeld always made it seem so arbitrary!
  12. I’m new to this forum, and weather forecasting in general. Can any of you tell me what the difference is between all of these models? Also, I usually check the weather channel or accuweather for the forecast but I’ve noticed tremendous discrepancies between the two. Which is more reliable? Thank you for your help and here’s to a new year filled with happiness and snow!
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