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  1. Hurricane Maria

    thanks. if and how much do you think maria will weaken before landfall in PR. i know its going to be bad regardless, just wondering.
  2. Tropical Banter Thread

    yep. this is definitely the banter thread. lmao
  3. Hurricane Maria

    857mb lol what a joke. anyway does the ERC seem to be beginning soon?
  4. Hurricane Maria

    Man, is that a good looking, healthy eye, incredible. Well dominica is about to be wiped off the map. this season has been insane and its not even close to over.
  5. Tropical Banter Thread

    social media has its bright spots but its mostly trash imo
  6. Tropical Banter Thread

    I'll admit I'm conflicted. if i knew nobody was going to get hurt than yeah i would want the biggest storm possible, but since thats not the case, I'm happy it wasn't worse (still bad though) i empathize with what you are saying; everybody has a morbid curiosity in regards to disasters and see how things can go from bad to worse (you only have to look at the popularity of disaster movies to notice that), but we must also keep in mind that lives and property are at stake here. Another thread on this forum questioned whether it is moral to hope for the worst and i would say that is ok since you hoping and wishing isn't going to matter at all, but its still in very bad taste.
  7. Tropical Banter Thread

    guy might be a troll, but trust me there were weather weenies just like him in the main thread just last night
  8. Tropical Banter Thread

    tell that to the caribbean who got annihilated by irma. it was freaking special to them. don't worry your cat 5 landfalling hurricane will come someday, maybe even this year at the rate this season is going
  9. Tropical Banter Thread

    my only concern is that since this storm wasn't as bad as expected, people will start ignoring the next one. the same thing happened while i lived in nj during irene and sandy. irene wasnt that bad at the coast (inland was whole different story) so people didnt take sandy that seriously (at least at first) irene was way more memorable for me personally than sandy which was basically a long windy night. power was out for 8 days though :/
  10. Tropical Banter Thread

    cry more. thats all you have to say? what are you, 12? lol.
  11. Tropical Banter Thread

    don't be an ahole. everybody is entitled to their views
  12. Tropical Banter Thread

    Protect the hive yeah the mods are all being high and mighty saying that the storm thread is for serious meteorological discussion only, but then they start posting abou their views and experiences. lmao just as hypocritical as the mods on reddit lol. banter over.
  13. Tropical Banter Thread

    its ok to disagree. i think the nhc is def underestimating it. it wont be a monster cat 5, but cat 4; def good money on that. irma is clearly getting together although not without some struggles (anyone thinking otherwise is imo dumb and blind as hell) . either way irma is going to be a destructive storm and there is no way around this anymore
  14. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    the IEW legitimately looks like its finally giving up. Though the process always takes longer than one expects.
  15. Major Hurricane Irma

    Thank you. The NAM has screwed me so much for so many winters.