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  1. i agree, but then people will take as an excuse to ignore the next warning. then the next time is often the real deal. should be interesting to see why the predicted surge didnt occur and how to fix the forecast next time though.
  2. yeah the impact on the bahamas will be more than enough to get it retired
  3. thats what i was wondering. hurricanes do wobble a bit sometimes when they encounter land
  4. you weren't kidding. that is a gorgeous looking storm. huge difference from a day or 2 ago.
  5. im certain this will be retroactively upgraded to cat 5. this storm is pure madness
  6. i will wait for official NHC confirmation, but regardless the panhandle coast is screwed right now. Praying for them right now
  7. That would be nice. Thought I was in the banter thread for a second.
  8. seriously, i feel like its undergoing nonstop ERCs for the last 2 days already. She's clearly been bulking up for the big hit.