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  1. I’m listening to a police scanner out of Montgomery Ohio. Lots of damage from a massive tornado that just went north of Dayton. May be many injuries and fatalities. Very scary.
  2. Just had 45-50 mph gusts with this line that just moved through.
  3. Forecast for Tuesday now partly sunny and 62. Long term models seem to be getting worse.
  4. Haha just thinking the same thing but the cold is getting to me. I need warm.
  5. Just hit 77 degrees at my house. Hope we can get a thunderstorm in here tonight but it looks like they will be dying off as they get here around midnight.
  6. I don’t want to be the first to say it but here it goes. I am looking forward to some warm air, sun and thunderstorms. It won’t be long until we are back here in 8 months again to take our annual medicine.
  7. 1-3.....2-4 we know the story. It always ends the same for us.
  8. NWS pitt just changed to 1-3 inches for most of allegheny county. Good call.
  9. I am usually not critical of NWS Pittsburgh but I am disappointed in a decision they made last night. My mothers power went out last night around 6:30 pm and I had to go to her house and bring her to my house. This was around 8:00 pm. I walked her to my car and the winds were howling possibly the strongest sustained of the day. I got home and had trouble getting her out of the car and into my house because of the wind. I get in the house and within 15 minutes my power goes out. 2 big branches crash off of my pine tree in the back yard and the house is shaking in the dark. Then I log on to my iphone to get updates and I get this from NWS Twitter page. The High Wind Warning has been downgraded to a Wind Advisory for all but the eastern edge of our forecast area as wind gusts weaken below warning criteria this evening but remain elevated overnight. For the next 5 or 6 hours after midnight I have no power and the house continues to shake with strong wind gusts over 50 mph or so. Did they really need to issue a downgrade at this time? Because when I told my wife this she thought things we getting worse outside. The only difference I saw was with the advisory winds were gusting to 50 and the warning winds were gusting to 60. What is the difference? It is damaging wind. By using the word downgrade how many people thought it was safer now and relax?
  10. Power out all over ross, mccandless and west view. Sitting in the dark.
  11. It seems like every wind advisory happens on Sunday night. That's because my garbage pick up is Monday morning and have to HOLD DOWN the cans!
  12. 4 inches here all coming between 6 and 10 am. Light rain now and 34. Pretty much expected. Nice little storm. Now we have one more month for the big one.
  13. All snow here. Still getting 1 inch per hour rates.