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  1. Could have used a little more rain today for the grass. Picked up .32 in a downpour this morning but that was it.
  2. Sun is out. I think we will have some redevelopment of storms but more scattered and less severe. Nice breeze picking up too but still very humid.
  3. Keep the thunderstorms coming. NO damage though......Then let's carry it into some large snowfalls this Winter.
  4. A nice little downpour just popped up over me. Nice to wet the dry grass. I’ll take it. Only lasted 5 or ten minutes. A solid .02. lol my temp went from 95 to 88.
  5. 89 yesterday. Currently 86. Wow. Historic heat. It hasn't been this hot since maybe......every summer since the early 70's. And I didn't get air conditioning until 1989. How am I even alive. lol
  6. Hoping to get a few thunderstorms dropping from the north early this evening.
  7. Last 4 days before last night. 46,43,47,45. Airport readings. My house was down to 40 three of those days. Cold when you take the dog out at 6:00 am.
  8. Yes that showed up well on radar last night.
  9. Being a lover of thunderstorms, this has been quite the start of the year for them. Here's hoping for a good rest of the summer and hoping we score with a nice snowy Winter
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