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  1. I like thunderstorms. Nobody on here likes destructive weather as you call it. The line is weakening. General thunderstorms now moving through. Sitting on my porch drinking a beer. Steady rain with thunder and crickets. Great sleeping weather too. Can’t beat it.
  2. This may be a historic night of thunderstorms. I have had 4 different storms go through in the last 2 hours. This line moving back north has strong winds and intense lightning. Worse than the other storms. Flooding will be an issue.
  3. For not having any thunderstorms in April and May...... June July and August are overperforming.
  4. I can't believe the airport hasn't reached 90 today. My car thermometer was 95 and my weatherstation has 92.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Last night’s storm was one of the better overnight thunderstorms in a while. It was kind of like some storms I remember lying awake to when I was little. Light winds, steady rain and lots of lightning and thunder. No severe wind or hail threat but only lightning strike probability. I was one of those complaining as I myself, like thunderstorms (not too severe however) its been a great 2nd half of June and so far in July. I’m getting some distant rumbling as I type this so we may be in for more today.
  6. My station is reporting 93. I don't know how accurate but my dewpoint says 74 and heat index is 103. I am looking forward to some thunder tomorrow and 70's later this week.
  7. My home thermometer just hit 90. With less cloud cover out there now I believe airport should reach 90 today.
  8. I agree 100%. I live 1 mile next to a neighborhood that lost close to 100 trees in a 5 to six block area.
  9. Rain is easing up a bit. Picked up .76 inches of rain. A few cloud to ground strikes still around. Keep alert over in Eastern Ohio. HRRR showing a possible second line developing and moving through the metro area in the next several hours.
  10. Rain pounding here. .56 so far. Winds haven't been too bad. Maybe 45 mph gusts. Flash Flooding may be the new threat as storms training a bit.
  11. Not so fast. Getting a decent thunderstorm here now with some decent lightning.
  12. Not looking for severe thunderstorms but would like to sit on the porch and watch some lightning and general thundershowers. The damn warm air aloft strikes again.
  13. We got hit pretty good here. Luckily my street survived but many neighborhoods around us didn’t. Power just came on. I am guessing a microburst hit. Our winds had to be over 70mph. Trees were uprooted and the ground wasn’t very saturated. Hail was 1 inch diameter. It lasted a good 15 minutes or so.
  14. For someone that likes thunderstorms, I have yet to see a flash of lightning yet and we are heading into June. Only a few distant rumbles of thunder and some strong winds that’s it. I don’t need severe storms just general pop up thunderstorms with a lot of lightning especially at night.
  15. I would rather have the humid and a chance of thunderstorms mixed in with the rain as opposed to steady rain and cool.
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