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  1. I agree. It looks like the cold is coming back and February should be fun for tracking. It has been a nice break but I am ready to follow the next storm for us. Let's hope we can get the 8-12 storm.
  2. 5.5 inches total since yesterday. 7 inches on the ground.
  3. I am getting my heaviest snow of the day right now. Over 4 inches so far for the night and day. Not bad. Fluffy snow everywhere. A true winter wonderland!
  4. I got 3.5 inches total since yesterday and I am getting steady light snow now. I told everyone last night that it would snow all day today and I see that NWS Pittsburgh has agreed with me and changed their forecast accordingly.
  5. Nice batch about to move in. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a fresh inch with this batch and 1-2 during the day tomorrow. It will probably be the last snow for a week at least.
  6. I don't know why people aren't posting but the front seems to be slowing down and it looks like we will have light snow riding along it almost all day tomorrow. It only looks like 2 inches or so but it looks like it snows into the late afternoon tomorrow instead of ending in the morning. Not a lot but it will be fun to see snow in the air most of the day. Am I wrong?
  7. I agree and then overnight the southern parts line up from Westmoreland and Southern Allegheny Counties. It's almost like a thunderstorm line that fizzles and then reforms after it passes us.
  8. Getting some light snow now. This looks to be from the first batch that the models had moving thru that I thought would be mostly Virga. I think it is a good sign for tonight as the frontal snow moves in.
  9. Latest HRRR looks pretty good for this evening.
  10. I'm guessing 7:00 pm Monday thru tues morning. Not heavy but right now looks like 1-3 possible. It will definitely be cold enough so we should not see precip type issues.
  11. I agree. I had 3 inches in spots and found higher spots over 8 so I'm revising to about 5.5 average. It wasn't our foot we wanted but it was fun to track. Thanks everyone, it seemed we had some really good posts and participation. Remember it is only mid January so plenty of time for a few more. Time to get some rest from being up all night and shoveling. Go steelers!
  12. Taking a break from shoveling. It's cold out there It's tough to measure with the drifting. I have 3 inch spots and 6 inch spots so I'll go 4.5 pretty safe call.
  13. Wheeling was getting heavy snow last hour. Back edge seems to be filling in yet more scattered. I am guessing there will be periods of heavy to moderate snow for at least several hours.