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  1. I just had a light rain shower. Barely wet the pavement. Not showing up on my rain gauge. Will the airport get more than a trace or will the streak continue?
  2. I like the weather for temperature but I miss the thunderstorms and we need humidity for that. Still a lot of summer to go.
  3. Heavy rain at Home Depot in Ross. Can't even get to my car. The forecast of light sprinkles had busted here.
  4. Boring..... Bring on the humidity and Thunderstorms.
  5. Yes same here last hour. Any snowfall maps posted for tonight or tomorrow am?
  6. Let's remember 6 months from now we get to start tracking again.
  7. HRRR did a great job with today’s thunderstorms. It had the line fizzle out and redevelop just to our east. We did have strong winds from the front but hardly any rain and no thunder. This happens a lot.
  8. I guess I may have been wrong. Severe Thunderstorm Watch.
  9. Looking like the line coming in for this evening is weakening. Maybe storms but severe less likely.
  10. Yes same here. We had a light shower and winds gusted close to 50 mph last hour. These things are moving super fast.
  11. Hoping for some more thunder early tomorrow morning.
  12. Hoping for a thunderstorm early tomorrow morning.
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