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  1. I am sure all of PA would take this storm again.
  2. It seems like every wind advisory happens on Sunday night. That's because my garbage pick up is Monday morning and have to HOLD DOWN the cans!
  3. 4 inches here all coming between 6 and 10 am. Light rain now and 34. Pretty much expected. Nice little storm. Now we have one more month for the big one.
  4. All snow here. Still getting 1 inch per hour rates.
  5. Heaviest snow here now. 1/4 mile visibility.
  6. HRRR short term gives most of Allegheny County 4-5 inches between 6:00 am 11:00 am. Then changes over. It would be nice to see 1 inch per hour rates tomorrow morning. I have a meeting scheduled at 8:15.
  7. This would be our largest snowfall of the Winter so far if this materializes.
  8. HRRR short term models looking good so far.
  9. Euro ..........used to be........King. It needs to be re-crowned.
  10. Normally I would be thrilled too but I think I remember the last storm the Euro and Nam had us getting some good snows and the GFS didn't and the GFS won out. If GFS is correct we get a quick inch and then slop sleet a couple hours to heavy rain. If the NAM, Canadian and Euro win out we get anywhere from 3-6 and a slower changeover in the afternoon. Hoping against the GFS. Fingers crossed. If we do get the 3-6 it will come in a short period of time with Heavy snow for a couple hours with good rates. Something we rarely ever see anymore in Western Pa. I would like to see it at least before the warm and rain returns later in the week.
  11. Yes but the Canadian is looking better. 3-4 now up from 1-2 at 12Z.
  12. Am I wrong to think we may be looking at a nice 2-4 surprise quick thump Wednesday morning before we go to freezing slop? I know these front end deals fail us almost every time but models looking better. Thoughts?
  13. Just had a downpour of hail. Lasted about 2 minutes. Whitened the ground. Pea sized maybe a little bigger.
  14. I just got back from Erie. Left at 2:00 overcast. Hit some light dusting snow from Meadville down to Grove City. Had 5 miles or so of heavy snow....big silver dollar snowflakes covered the road from 422 to Zelionople. Rain sleet snow mix thru cranberry and then straight rain from Wexford exit to home.