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  1. It looks like tonight's little wave is further south which doesn't give us much...... but the 2nd wave tomorrow night into Tuesday gets brought further south and keeps us colder which gives us borderline freezing and better chance for frozen. It also was looking at warmer for Christmas but now looking like some cold snow showery weather coming down at that time. No big storm but hoping we can have a couple inches on the ground for a white Christmas. We are due for one. Plenty of time for changes either way.
  2. This worked out just as I thought. Last night was minor and I was sleeping anyway so I didn't miss much. Today I spent the morning and early afternoon in Butler and just drove south through these snow bursts. A heavy burst right now and about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground. Like I have said before I would rather have the snow falling when we can enjoy seeing it fall as opposed to waking up to it already on the ground and shoveling it. As much as last weeks light snow under-performed, today was an over-performer.
  3. Looking like an inch or less overnight which shouldn't be too bad. What I find interesting is some models are showing a few possible squall lines moving through tomorrow afternoon. It should be interesting to see how scattered or strong they will be.
  4. Looks like Tuesday morning may be our first snowfall. I'm guessing at this point 1-3 or so. LONG TERM /SUNDAY NIGHT THROUGH FRIDAY/... WINTER-LIKE TEMPERATURE EXPECTED EARLY NEXT WEEK... A strong cold front and deep upper level trough is progged to reach the upper OH River Valley late Monday, with rain changing over to snow after the frontal passage. Models remain fairly consistent in this transition by early Tuesday morning, with accumulating snow becoming more likely for all areas. Cold NW flow in the wake of the passing front/trough will keep chances for lake enhanced snow showers through mid-week. Though the finer details on sfc low positioning, location of banded snow, and amount of moisture remaining in the post- frontal environment remain inconsistent, confidence is high that a watch is unlikely as snowfall amounts will likely remain below thresholds. Very strong cold advection behind the front will drop temperature to well below normal areawide through much of the week. Most notably, there is potential for near record to record low maximum temperature Tuesday, with winter-like wind chill expected through Wednesday.
  5. Thanks for starting the new thread. I am ready for a cold snowy winter.
  6. I’m listening to a police scanner out of Montgomery Ohio. Lots of damage from a massive tornado that just went north of Dayton. May be many injuries and fatalities. Very scary.
  7. Just had 45-50 mph gusts with this line that just moved through.
  8. Forecast for Tuesday now partly sunny and 62. Long term models seem to be getting worse.
  9. Haha just thinking the same thing but the cold is getting to me. I need warm.
  10. Just hit 77 degrees at my house. Hope we can get a thunderstorm in here tonight but it looks like they will be dying off as they get here around midnight.
  11. I don’t want to be the first to say it but here it goes. I am looking forward to some warm air, sun and thunderstorms. It won’t be long until we are back here in 8 months again to take our annual medicine.
  12. 1-3.....2-4 we know the story. It always ends the same for us.