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  1. Yes about 1/2 inch here and my side street and driveway is covered. Visibility under a mile.
  2. You know we are in a bad stretch of winter weather when I get excited driving an hour ago and we start to get some light sleet.
  3. It looks like next weeks storm is just south of us. If it comes north we will be in good shape as long as it doesn't end up cutting.
  4. Yes NWS nailed it. Maybe an inch before the switch. That last batch moving in last hour was a dud. At least the rain line will be all the way up to Buffalo this afternoon so we really won’t miss much close by. We’re all in the same boat. Maybe tomorrow will outdo today with some off and on snow showers.
  5. 2 or 3 hours of moderate to heavy snow could give most of us a surprise 3 inches. I'd take it. Forget the forecast it's nowcast time
  6. That hole has filled in and it is now snowing hard. Just wait until NWS ups that less than 1/2 inch soon. Enjoy the morning.
  7. No. I'm just getting older. This model watching is always bad when you are waiting for something that happens 10% of the time. Look at the glass half full.
  8. Too negative guys. I like the trends. Some back end as well and maybe this weekend. I can see 4 or 5 inches on the ground after this weekend. Tomorrow morning may be a nice surprise. I'll take 3 inches if it falls in 3 hours.
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