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  1. Boring Weather pattern here. In 3 months we will be getting ready to track winter storms.
  2. Right on schedule, models had this line falling apart as it gets here and low and behold it is...At least over North Central Alleg Co.
  3. Snowing in Pittsburgh! Not sticking anywhere but in the air!
  4. I hope I will be able wake up Saturday morning and take some historic pictures, even a inch on the trees would be nice. What a way to end a wacky 2020. I can just see some of the funny posts in the future such as .......... ” This winter has been bad For snow. I’m ready for spring” then someone can say “Don’t give up, remember last year we had that snow event in May” lol
  5. Be optimistic. 6 months from now we will be getting ready to track winter storms again. haha. Maybe 2020-2021 will be our year of the big snowstorm or 2 . We are due!
  6. Glad you’re ok. That wind was nasty. Our house was shaking.
  7. I'll give you this, for as bad as our Winter was snow wise.... We have made up for it with a stormy 2019 and so far in 2020.
  8. Not only are they fast moving but the wind did not go down after the gust front went through. Winds pretty much were sustained with high gusts for 10 to 15 minutes or so. I'm sure there were gusts over 50 in spots.
  9. It looks like we could be getting some decent thunderstorms again Tuesday. Then for fun I just pulled this off the 12Z Canadian.
  10. Someone needs to update our thread title or start a new Spring one. Currently 71 at my house and waiting on another batch of thunderstorms. I hope everyone is hunkered down and safe. The weather never takes a break. haha
  11. Clouds are trying to break over here in Pittsburgh and our temp has finally gotten out of the 40's and has climbed to 56. Probably later tonight into tomorrow the somewhat warmer air will make it's way over to you guys in Central Pa.