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  1. Nice little snowfall tonight. Picked up an inch. Nice sites and snow accumulated on trees.
  2. I have a solid inch or inch and a half on the ground.
  3. I have a good 1/2 inch on the grassy areas now.
  4. Hey it's snowing..... Not a lot but Flurries will do.
  5. Had no power overnight. Came back on around 8:00 this morning. Most of my Oaks still have many leaves so I have been keeping an eye on them. Lost some big branches but nothing serious so far. Picked up about 2.5 on top of the ice from yesterday.
  6. Moderate snow here. Big flakes
  7. Sleeting here now. NWS has updated for earlier change. .NEAR TERM /UNTIL 6 AM FRIDAY MORNING/... An early eve update was issued to adjust precip type as cold mid lvl air is generating a quicker mix/change to sleet and snow across the region. This transition will continue through the evening as the mid level slides over the immediate area.
  8. The surface temperature along/south of I-80 will likely rise above 32 in the next few hours so that a transition from FZRA to RA will likely be observed. This may be short-lived as the comparatively cold mid-level system enters the area. With colder mid-level air in place, precipitation will transition back towards a wintry mix, and eventually all snow. This transition will likely take place along/north of I80 by around sunset and elsewhere by 10PM or shortly thereafter. Snow accumulation will be highest in the north and along the ridges, where 6+ inches is possible. The Pittsburgh Metropolitan area will likely see varying accumulation from upwards of 3 inches along hilltops to possibly just a dusting in the vicinity of downtown PGH. Of course, exact amounts may vary on exact placement of mesoscale banding around the low tonight. Snow totals will be updated as needed. Snow accumulation will be minimal back towards eastern Ohio and the Ohio River Valley area of WV, where just a brief dusting is possible. && I wish the Canadian would verify. It shows a changeover to snow around 6 and some decent snows until 11:00 or so.
  9. Light rain and 32 here. Some ice on the car this morning and some ice high up on the trees. That's about it. I could care less about ice. Hoping to see some flakes mix in this afternoon.
  10. This was one of my most memorable storms in November. I wasn't sure of the date and I looked it up and found it in the archives. Almost 38 years to the day. I remember going to college downtown and it took me 3 hours to get home from Allegheny Center to Ross Twp in my car. I was lucky because I normally took the bus and overslept that day. The bus never showed up. https://www.newspapers.com/image/88794636/?terms=pittsburgh%2Bpost-gazette
  11. Good points. This should be an interesting week because temperatures will be up and down and with precipitation falling off and on we may get some surprise changes in precip. I can remember a few storms in the early 80's where rain was mostly forecast and we had a couple of big wet snow events out here in the suburbs. Location and elevations will be key. Plus remember it is only November 12th!
  12. OZ NAM on board for 2-3 inches.
  13. Not going to post a map yet as we all know it is way too early but it now looks like we will have a storm on Tuesday. The only issue will be temperatures and whether we get rain or snow. Time to start checking models again. Good grief
  14. I don't know how much it helps the public but it will be good for our forum for short term events. When we always complain that we always get nickel and dime snows it will be almost like a severe thunderstorm warning in summer. Better than a special weather statement.
  15. Snow Squall warnings just like Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. This will be another thing for us to track this winter. I like it and I think it is needed. Thoughts? https://www.facebook.com/NWSPittsburgh