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  1. Same here. Been snowing everywhere and pretty much melting. If it was a cold winter month the storm would have probably been our typical 1-2 inch kind of Clipper snowfall. As much as I like snow.....boy am I ready for the 70's on Friday!
  2. It looks like another batch of Light snow about to move in from the West.
  3. Looks like one inch or so here. Roads were slick too as temp down to 27.
  4. It's been a fun week. Snow threat, Thunderstorm threat, Snow threat. I will take this until the warmth gets here. Better than dry and cold any day.
  5. Spring 2018

    It's been snowing at a moderate clip here for the last 30 minutes. Have close to 1/2 inch on grassy surfaces and trees. Walk and roads are still wet.
  6. Staying up just to see the snowfall rates.
  7. Just my thoughts exactly. Winter came early....White Christmas Cold and some clippers...Bad February but finally a nice surprise snow to top it off. I do enjoy the posters on here and I enjoy doing it again Next Winter. I will also be here all spring and summer to because I love a good thunderstorm and hoping we get many chances this summer. Thanks All!
  8. Central PA - March 2018

    Congrats Mag! We here in Pittsburgh have been in the same boat as you all these years. We received 8 inches to 10.4 at the airport. All of ours came today too. We only picked up an inch with the first wave yesterday. Thanks for coming into the Pittsburgh thread and helping out with the forecasts. Because you are so close to us you are welcome anytime. Congrats to everyone in PA who scored and hopefully we can all have a nice 2019 Winter next year.
  9. My snow stopped a couple hours ago but in the last 30 minutes I have been getting a nice steady (snow globe) snow. According to radar one last band coming across.
  10. I ended up with close to 8 inches of snow. When I typed this last night I had no idea so much of it would pertain to this storm.
  11. Looking at radar some heavy bands coming into Allegheny County. I am thinking we could get 2-4 and end up with 10 if the bands keep coming.
  12. I just looked back at the models and the models from Monday did a better job than the models from yesterday. What does that tell you?