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  1. Solid 3-4" here still this afternoon. Left here at 330 this morning so not sure what the depth peaked at. Definitely a slop fest out there now though.
  2. Going to final tally at 25", which matches some other nearby reports I've seen. Had a couple hrs of probably the heaviest snow i saw from this system after I made my prior post. Im satisfied and impressed. Got about 3/4 plowed out before wind was to much on the quad and you wouldnt even know I did that now.While it was windy this morning it has noticeably picked up since the snow tapered and sun poked out a little.
  3. 3 separate groups of 3 measurements around my yard yields 20.5" so far and still coming down...
  4. Haha drove through leonardsville about 6am and again at 11 this morning. They were well on their way to that 34" then with s solid foot
  5. Haven't roc airport measurements been questioned in the past?
  6. Pretty decent, probably 1"/hr. can definitely tell when it picks up as flake size increases to. Good 10" here attm
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/AMHQ/status/841621661656981504/video/1
  8. Have to make a trip to about 30 miles south of Utica tmw morning, arriving around 7am. From what I've glanced at here and on the afd it doesn't seem like it should be overly heavy rates (2"+/hr) and while not ideal it shouldn't be horrible driving either at least not that early in the day. Should be heading back by 830. Am I correct or should I plan on this being more out of control by then?
  9. Thanks for the links... Better than nothing and interesting to read if nothing else!
  10. Hopefully this is ok to post here, I'm looking for some traveling advice... While being laidoff for the winter I'm going to be doing a few days trips a week down to the Sharpsville area. This is in a big rig and the route we're running is 90-79-19-358-18. I know I'll be dealing with Lake effect right down through Erie at least but how far down 79 and the rest of the route should I be expecting to deal with that? We do have the ability to push off some loads if the 90 is closed or its really bad in general but not for days on end. Thanks.
  11. Sigh....On top of the 7 or so feet they got last week... TOTAL SNOW ACCUMULATIONS: 5 TO 10 FEET ABOVE 7000 FEET WITH 3 TO 7 FEET AT LAKE TAHOE LEVEL. * WINDS: SOUTHWEST 20 TO 30 MPH WITH GUSTS TO 60 MPH. SIERRA RIDGE GUSTS OVER 100 MPH.
  12. Like the flip of a switch, the wind died off around 9... so close to the west edge of the band but just can't quite get here..
  13. Where's delta, west side is looking like the perfect spot tonight..
  14. Yup, 10 miles due north of Batavia right on the county lines..
  15. It's not snowing as hard nor are the flakes as big as last night off Erie when I was under yellows. But I see yellows popping just north of me and the wind is just ripping. I'd say 1.5"/hr is a good call. I know they dont like to throw around the blizzard word and rightful so but....