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  1. It’s from Wikipedia.... I’ve been using it while looking up a lot of towns out west for a possible move and not all towns/cities have one or one as extensive as others... Scroll down and click on geography https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo,_New_York
  2. Idk the first thing about the market but i just made a appt with Brighton securities for later in the week to try and get an understanding on my options
  3. Hey guys... gf and I have started exploring CO as a possible spot to relocate to...(previously had been Wy but just don’t see that working out) anyways curious on the weather in the woodland park, larkspur, woodmoor,CO springs block...Will take other options these areas just seem to best fit most of our criteria..Btw no kids or plans for them so schools are of no concern. I know that WLP is the most remote and highest thus the most extreme in terms of winter. I’ve read elsewhere that there are some crazy hail storms in parts of CO but no one gives specifics or is it the whole state? I’ve also seen it mentioned many areas along the front range are prone to flooding. Again is this everywhere or specific spots? Is there a lot of wind in the area given the location to the mountains? Ideally we want rural-ish(10-15k people) but within 45 minutes to Denver/COS. Summer temps maxing out 75-80 w/o the east coast humidity(Ive read the humidity wont be an issue )I’d like something in the 100”/yr snow territory. Any other area tidbits welcomed.
  4. What’s the timing for the worst weather in the buf roc corridor tonight and tmw??
  5. I’d be tempted to try the 9 run... tho I think you mentioned rt 41 and that wouldn’t be my road of choice in the dark and a snow storm
  6. Yea I follow 511, I just happened to be reading the Burlington afd and they mentioned observing road temps , so I wondered if other offices had something... I tried googling it and only came across an office in Georgia with a useful map... https://www.weather.gov/ffc/gdot_rwis
  7. Does anyone know if buf or bing have road temperature maps somewhere on there nws pages?? I
  8. Are you going to Jackson hole mtn resort or snow king? while Jackson proper may warm a bit the snow should still be amazing.... Have taken 4 snowmobile trips out there about 45 minutes outside of town and I’ve never been the slightest bit disappointed. Actually was there this past September again, with any luck I’d like to be living in that area in the next 5-7 years... Enjoy, hopefully you have a window seat, the view is nothing short of amazing as you’re coming in...
  9. Probably about 6”... let up for about 10 minutes now starting to pick back up
  10. Haha, I spent a few minutes thinking how I could word it to not have it sound that way... trip wasn’t bad, snow and snowy rds from Adams on up... glad I got out of there when I did snow seemed to expand quickly behind me
  11. I see nws talking about a brief burst of 3-4”/hr rates E of Ontario... I need to get up to Watertown to drop a load of salt in the am. I can unload in literally 30 seconds so if I am up there around 5-530am and turn and burn back south should I be ahead of it? Thanks
  12. It’s likely to get worse once you start heading East past the toll at Williamsville... you’ll be driving away from the warming influence of the lake and it changes quickly... A helpful link... At the bottom of the page are various sections of the thruway to click through... this is the Syracuse section which looks the worst at the moment https://www.thruway.ny.gov/travelers/map/text/twytextcameras.cgi?region=SYI90