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  1. Off topic.... what cameras are these?? Recently had my dog stolen (we did get him back btw) I bought a pack of Arlo pro 3 on prime day after some family recommendations but jury is still out
  2. 3rd from right standing behind the guy with the peace sign is the Erie cty executive whose been preaching the mask and bashing Trump ... he then tweeted out it was a lapse in judgement but claimed the health dept says you’re ok to stand next to someone for up to 10 minutes before it’s an issue if I remember correctly... kinda like when Cuomo went to Georgia don’t have and hugged people and claimed since he was there last then 24 hrs he couldn’t get it
  3. I’m seriously considering that move as well. I’d like to be out there in the next 5-7 yrs, but will see. I’m hoping to be further west, ideally south of Jackson but real estate is big money out there. One thing to be aware of in that area is that the Laramie area can be crazy windy. I’ve been looking down through the front Range of Colorado and the wind is a common theme at least down past Denver but not all the way to Colorado Springs. I found a nice bedroom community nw of the springs but Colorado doesn’t enjoy the same benefits of Wyoming. That’s a major sticking point for us currently, Laramie maybe better. Jackson is limited, focused on tourism/hospitality. Do think it might be better for my gf who works with animals, if the right job came up within Teton park or Yellowstone it would certainly help my cause. The job situation is what pushed me into looking into Colorado. I could live in the mtns outside the springs but be to a major metro area for work/play in half hour. Was hoping to get out there and look at the area this summer but Covid squashed that.
  4. We were up there from Saturday til yesterday... good for you!! we drove up Whiteface and hiked the cobble lookout next to it.. that was good enough for me. it’s nice up there for sure but I was kinda disappointed in the area in general..Covid shutdowns didn’t help. Only one place open for breakfast yesterday in all of lake placid.. i guess I just like the actual rocky aspect of the mountains out west versus the green tree filled mtns up there...
  5. Severe weather seems like a swing and a miss....
  6. Nws BUf is looking for a weather spotter in Osceola...
  7. Thanks to local news outlets putting the story out Monday I made a couple dollars....
  8. The wind sure died off... maybe the lake breeze won’t be as strong with a possible second round
  9. Just got home and absolute gully washer here and by the looks of things it’s been like this for a while... pleasantly surprised figured the cloud cover was gonna squash things
  10. It’s from Wikipedia.... I’ve been using it while looking up a lot of towns out west for a possible move and not all towns/cities have one or one as extensive as others... Scroll down and click on geography https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo,_New_York
  11. Idk the first thing about the market but i just made a appt with Brighton securities for later in the week to try and get an understanding on my options
  12. Hey guys... gf and I have started exploring CO as a possible spot to relocate to...(previously had been Wy but just don’t see that working out) anyways curious on the weather in the woodland park, larkspur, woodmoor,CO springs block...Will take other options these areas just seem to best fit most of our criteria..Btw no kids or plans for them so schools are of no concern. I know that WLP is the most remote and highest thus the most extreme in terms of winter. I’ve read elsewhere that there are some crazy hail storms in parts of CO but no one gives specifics or is it the whole state? I’ve also seen it mentioned many areas along the front range are prone to flooding. Again is this everywhere or specific spots? Is there a lot of wind in the area given the location to the mountains? Ideally we want rural-ish(10-15k people) but within 45 minutes to Denver/COS. Summer temps maxing out 75-80 w/o the east coast humidity(Ive read the humidity wont be an issue )I’d like something in the 100”/yr snow territory. Any other area tidbits welcomed.