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  1. Half a dozen stabs around the yard with a tape measure yield an average of 15.4”… I’ll take it…. I was up at 100am with heavy heavy snow had just started… however at some point we must have gotten some freezing rain even here as there was ever so slight glaze on my gf car this morning
  2. Got up about 10 minutes ago to decide if I want to bother with going to work. Maybe 1”/hr here currently. Looking at Radar and all you guy’s reporting the 2-4” snow just to my south and moving north. Nah no thanks, no driving today . But what I did notice and I don’t recall who said it but the snow sounds crunchy/icey as it’s falling . Wow in the couple minutes typing this things have exploded in the snowfall rate dept….
  3. In addition to this a lot of salt is used perhaps more often than necessary because towns/countries/Dot budget X amount for salt. (just like anything else, no secret here) Well say this yr is a light winter they still keep spreading as much as possible so that there budget allotment stays the same. Then if the following year is twice as bad as normal there’s not as much of a deficit to overcome. municipalities are also required by the state as I understand it, to take X amount of salt no matter if they use it or not. I delivered some to places that had no where to go with it back in early December. I also do believe all salt orders go through the state in some form. Your local highway super has to “call”in to the state and then the order comes back to the mine. Sand seems to be more popular in areas with any type of hills (obviously) and also areas with a smaller tax base. Don’t quote me on these numbers but you can get say 400 ton of sand to one 40 ton load of salt. But all the comments on drains and whatnot I’m sure factor in as well. As for environmental concerns there are more towns using a treated salt that sticks to the rds better and isnt suppose to runoff as much as regular. I also believe it reduces the temperature at which it’s effective to as this is pretty widely used up in the adks. Someone with better knowledge of all this will probably correct me, as I’m just a steering wheel holder who delivers a lot of the vehicle corrosion enhancer around the state. You’re all welcome….
  4. I’d guess 8-10”, solid 3-4” on 81 at the Mexico exit coming back. Seemed like the band consolidated a little and moved N. Hit snow near sandy creek but out of it by central square
  5. Hit snow just south of driver’s village. Lost sight of the rd around Cicero with the worst from about Oneida lake up to parish, especially closer to parish. As soon as I hit exit 33 shut right off and was more intermittent til near Pulaski where it briefly picked up again. Rds cleared up around pierpont roughly, dry in Watertown . Headed back down in a few minutes…
  6. Ohhh yea I figured, I get to drive in plenty of them I just try to plan to miss as much or the worst of a band whenever I can. I just wasn’t sure when the 3”+ was going to get rolling as I could get going a little sooner Hope to be back to Syracuse and westbound by 6-630 if at all possible . Thanks for the info!
  7. I’m sure I’ve missed it along the way but what time does the band look to get really cranking tonight/early tmw? Have a delivery in Watertown tmw morning around 5am…
  8. I heard there was 2-3’ in the south Hannibal , granby area…? True?
  9. This escalated quickly … National Weather Service Buffalo NY 655 PM EST Wed Dec 22 2021 NYZ002>004-014-230800- /O.NEW.KBUF.WW.Y.0029.211222T2355Z-211223T1000Z/ Orleans-Monroe-Wayne-Ontario- Including the cities of Medina, Rochester, Newark, and Canandaigua 655 PM EST Wed Dec 22 2021 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 5 AM EST THURSDAY... * WHAT...Lake effect snow. Snow accumulations of 3 to 6 inches. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph. * WHERE...Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario counties. * WHEN...Until 5 AM EST Thursday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions.
  10. Yeaaa...Ill try to keep it as short as possible.. For the 10+ yrs ive lived here we had always been friendly, talked maybe 1 or 2x's a month. We helped each other with simple little projects around our property's You know neighborly stuff.. I live out in a rural area, one neighbor to my east and nothing to my west or across the street for 1/2 mile. We left to get take out dinner on a Sat about 430, with my gf car in the driveway, Noted my neighbor outside working in the yard per usual. I have a sunroom where we leave the dogs when we are gone with a doggy door to come in and out and I have about about 3/4 of my 1.5 acre lined with PetStop invisible fence. Which they were trained on and never EVER left the yard. So we came home about 615 saw my neighbor was gone and immediately knew something was up as the pups didnt come out to greet us. Her dog was there, obviosuly mine was not. Spent the next several hrs til about midnight looking around the area. Well about 1000 my neighbor came home so I went right over to talk to him. Tell him that Hogan was missing and did you see anything. He said "oh no I've been gone since mid afternoon" Me- Really cause I saw you when we left at 430 and I think I saw you on the main rd like 5 mins before we got back. Him- No I was shopping in Rochester(noted that he had nothing in his hands for shopping) YEa, I dont know probably the coyotes called him over the fence and attacked him.(if anyone knew my dog you'd know that would never happen. He wasnt much for other animals like Im not to most people, almost like he was introvert like me) This also struck me as odd cause that seemed like 0-100, also found it odd that he never commented hope ya find him, let me know if you need any help etc. just the coyote comment. At this point he was obviously trying to get away from me and inside. Turning around I noted what seemed like fur on him. HE only has cats and one thing about Hogan is he would shed 24/7/365. Fast forward to next morning I slept maybe an hr and at 330 I go outside to walk around and see if I can hear anything. I eventually took a causal stroll past my neighbors escape looking around the interior and the back seat was covered in what sure looked like fur. Regrettably I didnt take a photo not knowing if it would do me anything good or get me in trouble. Spend all morning with both families out looking for about 6hrs and nothing. As the morning wore on and I was talking more about my interaction with said neighbor the more suspicious I got. About 1 pm I sent everyone home because I didnt know what else to do. The night before I was convinced he wasnt in the area because he just didnt have that much ambition but i was even more convinced by noon Sunday. I hadnt eaten in over a day by this point and need comfort food(pizza/wings) As im pulling out the driveway my phone rings and it was the microchip company calling to say they had just gotten a ping on his chip(I had reported him missing to them earlier in the morning) at the Verona animal shelter in Rochester. ABout this time I got a call from said shelter as well. I couldnt believe it and made the lady text me a picture of him. As the crow flies its about 34 miles to where he was found in someones back yard who called it in. It was not a great area of the city either. I wonder if he was hoping he become a bait dog or something... He was missing his collar with his tags but the 250 dollar collar with the invisible fence receiver was still on him(probably hoping it was shocking him) Anyways I got him back the next day, called troopers told them everything and plead my case.It'd be pretty brave to drive by and just come into a driveway and swipe a dog with cars in the drive. Plus the dogs dont lay in an area thats visible from the rd when driving by. In 11.5yrs Ive been here ive had maybe 3 pull in and turn around so that opportunity seems unlikely. I even told them about the fur in the car. Plus why wouldnt you take both dogs!! TO which I figure Hogan was familar with this guy and would like go right to him where as Maggie didnt know him really and was more like to bark and retreat. It seemed really convenient and stupid that he was found in Roc right where he had just come from. The few other houses in the area are either older people or younger families with their own dogs. Everything just seemed to come back to him. The trooper pressed him but he wouldnt confess( I wasnt there but thats what the trooper came back and told me) Also commented how he got really weird when the trooper said we had got Hogan back. But without any confession or video I was SOL... I did go through his garbage that week looking for the collar but no luck. Anyways ever since then if he's out walking or in his yard and Im driving by he will look down or away when I get close enough. He stops mowing his yard if I start to mow mine. The other day he just turned around and stared at the wall of his garage as I drove by real slow. MY goal is to make him as uncomfortable as possible going forward. I've of course got a few cameras now and im in the process of getting even more...
  11. I did adopt another guy here a month ago, Tigger. It’s early but it’s not quite the same and it’s hard some days.
  12. I feel for ya. My girlfriends 6-7 yr old dog got what we think was some form of cancer and we tried everything for about 5 months to limited success and put her down late June. Then my 10-11 yr old guy suddenly collapsed on a walk in mid August. Ultrasound at emergency vet found a mass on his spleen had ruptured. 25% it was non cancerous and 75% chance it was cancer and even with surgery was only giving him 2-4 months. It was the worst decision I’ve ever had to make….My guy had a rough last 10 months as my jackass neighbor stole him back in oct 2020 but thanks to microchip we got him back after 18hrs… My guy Hogan on the left, gf Maggie on the right .
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