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  1. Stupid wind events... every god damn time it goes over 40mph my power goes out and I’m on a pretty decent line... pain in my ass...this will be fun setting up generator in this crap....
  2. I started snowmobiling in 97 at 14, but had to give it up in ‘16. My lack of time due to work demands in the winter and the disappointing storms like what we just had was driving me crazy. I’d get so grumpy because of it. Now I just vacations to WY for a week and ride. Now when the disappointments like yesterday happen I can just shrug it off. Im hoping to be able to move Wy/co area in the next 5-10 years and get back into riding.
  3. I know I said earlier that I was thinking about 7” here. After cleaning for 2 hrs and taking some measurements I actually came in at about 9.5-10”...
  4. When I left home at 2am I had 5-6” and it was still snowing decently but tiny flakes. Judging by my cameras I’d say 7” is a good call. I’ve heard nothing from friends I know towards lyndonville about 18+.
  5. Ahh gotcha. Been 2 years but delivered salt to both of them ... back to regularly scheduled discussion...
  6. I see Don Paul is coming back a few days a week
  7. I’ve been trying to get on board with the wunderground radar but that thing showed rain for most of today... not overly detailed but for me this one is h go old enough most of the time... https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=BUF-N0Q-1-48 as for the snow, still snow in the air but probably about done... handful of measurements in the yard gives me a 7” average... I’ll take it... Batavia easily had a foot when I was coming home around noon
  8. Off topic sorry, but does anyone know if there’s a way to get other people’s location (that would show up under their avatar when they post something) to display if I’m using a using the site via a phone?? Look through the settings but came up empty. Thanks
  9. Giant parachutes falling at 1230 when I left for work. Maybe 2” down and snowing at 1” per hr....snow had stopped by the time I got to Batavia
  10. 10 miles north of Batavia thruway exit, just into orleans cty..
  11. About 6” here since 330.... fairly dense to
  12. I swear at least for my back yard and this especially pertains to lake effect, if they issue a advisory or warning, I plan for little. If the setup seems possible but no headline just about guaranteed it will over perform. It happened twice just last week, with that shallow lake effect both times they put on a wwa the snow died off. Dropped it picked back up. I didn’t have any expectations for today, I’m sitting here looking at 3/4”-1” hr snow fall.
  13. Can one of you guys explain what I keep reading regarding stocks... that is shorting... Call me dumb but I’ve googled it and still don’t grasp it .. I’ve just bought stocks and let them ride, though I did do a quick flip back went Kodak went to the moon in the summer... that said I’d love a GameStop run on EV stock im currently 600 shares deep on...
  14. Once I graduated high school, 18 yrs ago I swore I’d never weekend ride up there again. All mid week riding, the difference was amazing...
  15. Up towards your old stomping grounds had a nice burst first thing this morning.81 from Pulaski up to at least Adams exit 42 was pretty crappy with a good 2-3” in a hurry
  16. Wasn’t totally expecting the 3-5” that was forecasted here, but figured we’d end up with a bit more than an icy driveway.... Ohhh well...
  17. Wouldn’t it just seem like 2020, to have all this voter nonsense be proven true ??
  18. Thanks! It is a sucky move but to top it off we (well at least me) am 100% confident it was my one and only immediate neighbor. Even more odd is we were always on good terms the entire 10yrs I’ve been here... Buy he’s the only one that would’ve reasonably known we weren’t home despite cars being in the driveway. Then he told me he wasn’t home but in Rochester and he left at 7 but were home at 630 and he and my dog were already gone. I saw my dog hair on him and in his car (he has no dogs)and rochester was where my dog was found. 34 miles away.... didn’t mean to go on but I’m still peeved about it all...
  19. The way I understand it is you can have a subscription and save in the cloud or you can use a usb/flash drive and store it yourself. After the 3 free months that’s what I’m planning to do. By using the “local” storage, if I remember right you lose the instant access to videos...
  20. Off topic.... what cameras are these?? Recently had my dog stolen (we did get him back btw) I bought a pack of Arlo pro 3 on prime day after some family recommendations but jury is still out
  21. 3rd from right standing behind the guy with the peace sign is the Erie cty executive whose been preaching the mask and bashing Trump ... he then tweeted out it was a lapse in judgement but claimed the health dept says you’re ok to stand next to someone for up to 10 minutes before it’s an issue if I remember correctly... kinda like when Cuomo went to Georgia don’t have and hugged people and claimed since he was there last then 24 hrs he couldn’t get it