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  1. I think it would make more sense to drive towards Perrysburg instead of eastern Monroe County. Just as far and higher forecasted accums. I was trying to avoid all the hills/curves in Chautauqua Cty.
  2. Do things still look good for Orleans/Monroe? I was going to drive up to Lockport and then drive east on Ridge Road to go see some actual snow.
  3. Bright sunshine at UB North.
  4. Nothing here, not even flurries. We have been getting shafted in every possible way.
  5. I hope so, this is reminding me of last winter when the Buffalo metro kept sitting out event after event after event.
  6. Brutal dry slot in finger lakes and southern tier
  7. We had 1” and across the city line in Amherst was 0”. So much for the epic 4-6 inch jackpot from last Thurs-Fri. It’s dismaying to think we could get through this entire gold mine of a pattern with maybe 8” over 10 days.
  8. I’m on the medical campus. Coming down pretty good.
  9. I wouldn’t exaggerate what northtown locations got. In NE Buffalo we had maybe 4” from Wed-Fri, and Williamsville and Amherst had at most an inch or two on top of that. Kenmore and Tonawanda looked pretty bare. As you know, a few inches of snow after forecasts called for a multi day monster on a great flow is not a consolation. And I see BUF has knocked the city/north down to 1-2 inches. The epic shafting continues.
  10. My brother lives in south Texas and he has had more snow than us. Brutal.
  11. We went up to the village of Williamsburg for a work holiday party - about two inches there, but more noticeable because the grass was fully covered.
  12. We got maybe an inch of snow up here, so “congrats” is the wrong sentiment.
  13. Not really - we are aligned with the band but it’s very broken up with little intensity.
  14. Had some graupel up here in NE Buffalo, now moderate snow and thundersnow. Huge dendrites.
  15. Yeah, this looks like it's gonna continue a bad run of luck for most of the Buffalo metro. Hopefully this pattern will produce over the next 8-9 days, because if it doesn't, the window for LES closes quite a bit and we may be heading towards yet another well BN winter. If things don't turn around over the next few seasons, the updated 30 year average for BUF is going to be ugly.