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  1. I don’t have time to check this, but the last warm April I remember must have been 2015 (following that frigid winter).
  2. They actually have a robust public health system that has kept epidemics to a minimum (no small feat for a country with hundreds of millions of people living in genuine grinding subsistence poverty), but this is no match for them. Social distancing will be very difficult for the vast majority. I agree with you, this is almost certain to be very bad.
  3. My coworker has a moderate case, but she’s getting through it. In her late 50s, relatively healthy. Her husband isn’t showing any symptoms so far.
  4. My wife just found out that a friend is in a local ICU on a ventilator. Public school teacher, 40 years old, healthy and with no pre-existing conditions. Two kids.
  5. Very sad to say that legendary singer-songwriter John Prine is in critical condition with COVID-19. He’s in his early 70s, and is a cancer survivor in not great health, but he was still touring and recording. https://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/03/29/john-prine-critical-hospital-coronavirus-symptoms/2937229001/ Other sad news from Nashville: Opry member and 90s country star Joe Diffie died from COVID-19.
  6. Irrefutable and damning. It’s very hard for human beings to admit mistakes, but I really pray that people wake up to the fact that Trump failed, and that his failure has been catastrophic. We don’t have to expect this little out of our leaders. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/28/trump-coronavirus-politics-us-health-disaster?fbclid=IwAR1f9vq0h6JfRqQMJahGmBMXhS_VscPGlyvJusnvgBHp1zGxB7DFnPr0v_4
  7. Apparently a UB frat was promoting a big party they planned to hold. Rumor has it that the Buffalo police and UB told them that wasn’t gonna happen.
  8. I bought a switch the day after Trump’s “oh shit” speech (the one that caused stock indices to collapse), figuring we might get a lot of use out of it. Animal Crossing came out a week later, and my wife plays it for hours a day. Even our toddler loves to watch the little critters on the screen. Best purchase I have ever made!
  9. You can download games, or order them from an internet retailer, so the need (as such) can be met without exposing workers to a potentially fatal infection.
  10. My concern is that the social distancing efforts will be diluted so we have a flatter curve, but one that still exceeds our care capacity by several times. A total failure of social distancing would result in millions of US deaths. We won’t hit that, but if the NYC area alone gets to tens of thousands of deaths, a million nationally isn’t out of the question. I suspect that the virus is still being passed freely in much of the country. How much, I don’t know, but if we see 15+ hotspots in two weeks, we are on target for catastrophe.
  11. This is absolutely bonkers. The source is a religious information website in Kansas, but the story goes back to completely implausible, conspiracy-mongering sources like the Epoch Times and Breitbart. You can’t make 21 million bodies vanish. The PRC did their typical thing of trying to hush the virus story, but it was too big to be hidden. With extreme social control and contact tracing, they lowered the infection rate, but the virus is still out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the infection and fatalities are higher In China than reported, but in the last few days it seems like there’s an increased desperation on the part of the Trump-sympathetic media to claim that China undercounted deaths by orders of magnitude. Why the sudden attempt to make these explosive and unprovable claims? I think that as the horror of the coronavirus situation in the US becomes evident, there is an incentive to inflate the problem elsewhere to make Trump look better by comparison. This has been and still is being catastrophically mismanaged. What should have been a difficult but manageable public health crisis has turned into a runaway disaster in the US. Let’s be clear: at the current rate of infection increase, we are headed for an absolutely historic disaster, demographically and economically. I don’t see much being done to stop the biggest crisis in this country since the Civil War. We should be terrified and we should be enraged at the elites who brought us to this point and who still are trying to play their usual games. It is dumbfounding to see regular people try to fit this into their usual simple formula where everything is the fault of the other party. Every single person in power has failed us, and the people with the most power have failed us the most. We will be very lucky to escape this with only a million deaths and no social breakdown. But if you don’t hold the elites who let this happen to account, you actually deserve the immiseration that is likely going to hit us all.
  12. I think a return of the virus is likely for epidemiological reasons, largely because most western governments won’t do what it takes to track cases effectively. But there is good news that may keep the rate of return slow: apparently the virus has a very low mutation rate, so antibodies and (fingers crossed) a vaccine should be effective for some time to come.
  13. Unless we’re talking about virology, there are no non-political facts to discuss. Somehow, a small elite desperate to ensure they stay ungodly richer than everyone else is ignoring epidemiology and the scale under which the healthcare system can operate without breaking down.
  14. Not the least bit surprising that the same crew that for years has screamed about how many people have been killed by “socialism” are dismissive of the enormity of the death toll caused by forcing a return to capitalism far before we have flattened the curve.
  15. Does it really need to be explained to you that car crashes and heart attacks don’t increase exponentially every few days?