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  1. Buffalo was on a course about 8 years ago at this time to drop to a sub-90” 30 year normal. A couple significantly higher than average years and several average years kept us from that ignominy.
  2. It’s officially spring if convective systems crap out right as they come off the lake into Buffalo
  3. Did high precip rates help the snow overcome the warm air near the immediate shore?
  4. Not that commercial growers have an easy solution, but tomorrow afternoon I’m putting up a tarp supported by a couple ladders to protect our sour cherry tree. Hopefully another pollen producer will make it through the freeze so we can get our fruit crop this year.
  5. I’m planning my garden irrigation for this summer, and I’m scaling my tubing for the contingency of severe drought.
  6. Yeah my understand is that B.1.1.7 has taken over in most of the east coast and Great Lakes states. I think they’re scaling up sequencing over the next month, so we should be able to have ongoing accurate variant data soon. Sorry you and your wife are getting hit hard - are your symptoms mostly respiratory?
  7. Yes, you’re correct, but the relevant measure, assuming there are equally efficient distribution systems, is % of population vaccinated. The Canadian government placed pre-orders tor seven different vaccines. That hedge didn’t allow them to overcome the leverage the US has by its market size and power over pharma companies. In retrospect, the only move that would have allowed Canada to keep up would have been to bet big on one vaccine, negotiating a guaranteed large early supply in exchange for a higher price and bigger order. The risk, of course, would have been getting a less effective vaccine (or worse, paying for a failed vaccine candidate). That was a risky choice, and Canada is falling behind because of their safer bet. EDIT: just wanted to add that difference in market size has negatively affected Canadian consumers for generations, ever since improving technology allowed for mass production of consumer goods.
  8. Frankly? Largely because there’s limited supply and the US is taking most of what is approved and logistically practical for Canada. They also have a suspension of the AstraZeneca for under 60s, but that was only ever intended to be a piece of a bigger vaccine mix.
  9. We did a week long loop several years ago that started and ended in Las Vegas that included the Hoover Dam/Lake Mead, Grand Canyon (south rim), Sedona, Lake Powell, Grand Staircase, Bryce, and Zion. Great trip. I recommend driving east along the Grand Canyon rim then along the Little Colorado canyon. Stayed in Flagstaff — great town, and at 7000 feet they get plenty of snow, though we were there in the summer. The main regret was that we didn’t go to the North Rim, but that’s a very long drive or a brutal hike in summer heat.
  10. This thread has really become a toxic waste dump of denialist BS.
  11. The wind was wild, but the peak gusts were between my measurements (I think the Tempest senses wind speed and direction every six seconds).
  12. That was a hell of a storm. The anemometer on my tempest didn’t register the most extreme gusts, but contrary to KBUF’s claim in their warning that there was little lightning in the storm, there was quite a bit as the line passed through.
  13. You’re totally right on this. 100% of one party and 99% of the other party exist mainly to give rich people everything they want. COVID is a classic example of crisis capitalism.
  14. Those tenants sound like trash and I’m sorry your dad has to deal with them.
  15. It sounds like he has the world’s worst tenants. How do you even need big TVs sent to you every week? Bad tenants aside, does he have more than 10 rental properties? If not, he qualifies for mortgage relief. And if his lawyer doesn’t know that or can’t challenge a false attestation, he’s a bad lawyer.
  16. The federal government increased the money supply by about $2.3 trillion over the next six years with the 2017 tax cuts (effectively deficit spending, since they are offset by hypothetical increases down the line that are so politically toxic that they will never happen), along with two stimulus packages in 2020 that totaled about $2.3 trillion. And that’s not counting the $3.5 trillion in pure deficit spending between 2017 and pre-pandemic FY2020. It’s absolutely bonkers that people who aren’t actually rich look the other way when the wealthiest 1% back up their armored trucks to the US Treasury so the politicians can fill them up with public money, but wail and rend their garments and pray for the future when a pittance is used to help regular people. Are there scumbags out there who cheat the public trust so they can get some extra food stamps and rent support? Yeah, just like there are scumbags whose have nothing to offer society but whose parents give them money for all the cocaine they want and buy up every politician who is for sale and end up lording it over the rest of us. I’m not the slightest bit interested in sticking it to all the people who have had every break go against them since they were born into this world just because a handful of small time crooks run obvious scams. I don’t know where you’re getting this “never have to pay rent again” BS - the eviction moratorium requires an attestation that you can’t afford to pay rent because of COVID related job loss but it doesn’t wipe debts clean. That money is still owed. And landlords have rejected false attestations and won, but the problem who can get get to move in when the tenants with money aren’t renting cheap housing. And actual small-holdings landlords (less than 10 units) get full protection for credit worthiness and against foreclosure. And what the hell is wrong with free college or health insurance? My parents went to college in the day when it was so cheap that it was basically free. And my wife’s parents had their health insurance premiums paid by her dad’s employer, with no copays. We have been told that we can’t have “free” things (which we actually work and pay taxes for) by people who have far more money than us, and took what we used to get so they can have a fourth house or a third yacht. Maybe you’re a rich guy, lucky you, but if you’re not, don’t be a chump.
  17. This map sent me on a hunt for annual snowfall numbers for the midsection of the US. That area of blue in central and eastern KS through central MO (with a bit more blue in and near St. Louis) looks pretty bad, but those are areas which only average 12-15 inches, so they're not far off the mark. The Dakotas (especially ND) seem to have gotten the shaft this winter -- ND looks to average about 35-45 inches across most of the state, but the SE of the state maxes out at 2 ft+, and a huge chunk of ND was at 1 ft or less. Of course, they can get late season storms, so it's not over for them like it probably is in KS. I didn't know South Dakota did so much worse that ND - the snowiest part of SD seems to be the Black Hills, which look more like ND, but the rest of the state seems to get snowfalls totals in the 15-25 inch range on average, closer to places like Idaho , northern Illinois/Indiana/Ohio than to MN/WI, which are due east.
  18. Lol KBUF issued a SWS at 6:12 for a squall to sweep down the Niagara Frontier, bringing a burst of heavy snow. I checked the radar around 7:15 and the squall was over North Tonawanda and sweeping south ... but by 7:30 the western flank of the squall had fallen apart. I saw a couple of flurries at 7:40 and that was it. Perfect recap to a week and a half of bust after bust for most of the Buffalo metro. But congrats to the usual suspects (Springville, Eden, Holland, East Aurora) — probably the most impressive band off Lake Erie all season.
  19. We have been looking in the near southern tier (Chautauqua and Cattaraugus) for a place with lake frontage, but we haven't seen what we want, and we're not in a hurry, so we can keep looking until we find it. Chautauqua Lake would be ideal, but a single family lakefront house is way out of our price range. The little glacial lakes in northern Chautauqua would be almost perfect - 1300 feet of elevation, good year-round fishing, and situated in the part of the Chautauqua Ridge that jackpots anytime there's a little cold air and a breeze from the west. Bear Lake is at the same elevation only 10 miles SW as that coop observer in Perrysburg who reports at least 200" every winter. I could be happy living in the relative snow desert of the northtowns if I could get all the snow I wanted by driving a little over an hour from home.
  20. Appointment on Friday. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  21. While the next few days look good for basically everyone on this forum, this is the kind of set-up where Rochester cashes in. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out for you guys.
  22. This is the kind of setup that would bring crazy winter weather to Tennessee when I was a kid. Going south to north over a few hundred miles, you would get severe thunderstorms (sometimes with embedded tornados), the an ice storm where was overrunning the issue, and a stripe of 6-10” snowfall north of that. A deepening low tracking along an arctic front was was guaranteed to be wild, and was more exciting that the other kinds of snowmakers in the south (weak clippers putting down T to 3”, and the lottery ticket of a cut-off low).
  23. Great videos! The weather gods must have read my weenie complaining this morning, because that three hour period in the early afternoon including the best daytime LES conditions I have seen in the N Buffalo to Amherst corridor in several years. More than an hour of the 3”/hr whiteout stuff and around 2 hours of heavy 2”/hr snow. I have a three year old who insisted on making a snowman in those conditions. One of these years we’ll get one of those old school Northtowns crushers that sits in place the better part of a day, but this afternoon’s whiteout band mostly made up for the overall bust (we ended up with maybe 10-11” including last night’s minor accumulation). Hitting the February and March snowfall averages might bring us within shouting distance of our 30 year climo average.
  24. That’s near Smallwood, right? You and I basically live on the same heading relative to the lake, about 2 or 3 miles apart.