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  1. Interestingly, BUF is less than 1 deg above normal for June and less than an inch below normal for precip. So basically average for June so far. It’s felt much warmer and drier to me at least.
  2. Ugh, sounds dire for my early tee time tomorrow. How about a monster MCS that rolls out of BUF by 7am. Everyone wins.
  3. Yeah, common theme all late spring/early summer of “over the top” (terrible yet awesome Stallone movie) heat. Guessing day after day of full sun at max sun angle produces this home grown heat? I always thought northern heat had to originate down south and get funneled our way, clearly not...
  4. 89 (90?) at BUF at 745 pm. Incredible heat transport up the west side of the Apps.
  5. Ideal. Don’t like the look of the upper level trof dropping in next weekend, hopefully that flattens out as we get closer.
  6. Wondering what BUF did to anger the atmosphere so much (purposely lose at hockey??). After bullseye-ing BUF last night and to a lesser extent this morning, a narrow little storm just popped up and sat on....BUF! I know the storms are fun to watch and all, but...i have dead flowers/garden plants from hail, water ponding in the yard, and it's basically been nightime in early June for the last 18 hours (dark as night most of the day today). Freaking enough already.
  7. Absolutely unreal outside right now. Lighting is now basically constant.
  8. I’m not a big fan of severe, but I’m absolutely mesmerized by the sky right now. Just constant flashes with thunder getting louder by the second. Almost surreal really.
  9. Sky is lit up right now! Dropping down fast. Great call Delta.
  10. Oh cool, we’re the headwaters of an MCS. Thanks.
  11. I’m confused...is the first MCS the one still way out over WI and MN? Seems like a long way to travel to get here before 2am...I’m not seeing anything else upstream other than some weak showers north of L Ontario.
  12. Bring it! Today is nice in a mid October kind of way. Need some sustained heat to warm up the lakes so I don’t have to worry about hypothermia when I’m out paddle boarding.
  13. Pretty wicked cloud to ground lightning here with this current line of storms. On our 3rd round of torrential rain here too. BUF should come in with an impressive precip total today.
  14. Nice pics! Looks like a great day of hiking. Won’t be long before you bag all 46 high peaks.
  15. I was thinking the same. 93 is a high bar for BUF!