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  1. It’s been so long I forgot how nice these little clippers can be. Several hours of fairly steady snow with a couple hours of SN+ all while temps in the low 20’s. Kind of gives you the vibe of being up north in Canada with those temps as snow falls on top of a deep pack.
  2. BUF: Heavy Snow 21°F -6°C Humidity 81% Wind Speed SE 7 mph Barometer 29.70 in (1007.1 mb) Dewpoint 16°F (-9°C) Visibility 0.25 mi Wind Chill 12°F (-11°C) Last update 24 Jan 3:54 pm EST
  3. Snow picked up nicely here in the last half hour. Pretty steady and accumulating quickly.
  4. Thing that bugs me the most about the already infamous final 13 seconds is letting Kelsey run free and uncovered on the last completion. How is that even possible? There needs to be 2 guys on him and Hill. Hold them if you have to, it’s only 5 yards. And the Bills called a TO right before that play too.
  5. This is more for banter thread but this is special occasion so…GO BILLS! Need everyone’s support today!
  6. Only couple inches here but a very nice snowy morning. It’s been pretty steady since sunrise. Nothing like snow on top of snow. Congrats to the southern Erie peeps - surprised to see those big numbers!
  7. Nice! That dog park is fantastic. Rammed around it a bit with this guy this evening before hiking at sunset.
  8. Yeah, looks great too. My favorite hiking conditions…mid winter at dusk with clear sky, deep snowpack, and fresh arctic airmass. Here’s a couple shots from this evening at Knox Farm, East Aurora.
  9. Heard Giants might want Bills OC Daboll too as a package deal with Schoen. Price you pay for being a top team!
  10. Great end to this event here in WNY...Steady snow for the last couple hours, added a couple inches to pad the stats. I can't give an "official" measurement b/c I haven't measured since about 8 am (16.5" at that time) but this last burst probably put me at or just over 20". At least for WNY the modeling was phenomenal for this event. Starting showing a big storm with WNY in the bullseye around last Tuesday. Don't think any major model every really lost that idea at any time.
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