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  1. Wonder if we’ll see a broad area of light snow develop across the Niagara Frontier tonight as the cold front approaches. Upstream radars are fairly active over southern Ontario. Probably won’t amount to more than an inch or 2, but anything is welcome at this point IMBY to cover the grass again.
  2. Yeah it does, and the radar in lower MI is juicy right now. I haven’t really looked at the forecast for Lake Erie lake effect but just based on what’s upstream I would guess the southern part of Erie County and points south will get another nice hit tonight. Will be some great skiing and shoeing down there for at least the next week. Winter is alive and well!!
  3. https://www.northernchateau.com/northernchateau.htm
  4. About 10” of new snow in Sardinia (far southern Erie County). Nothing fell during my hike (9-1), little over 12” OTG there. We had maybe 0.5” last night IMBY, enough to whiten things up until the temp climbed over freezing again and now back to all green.
  5. Nice! I’m headed to ECF in Sardinia for a sunrise hike tomorrow, might actually need the snowshoes.
  6. Awesome! Not thrilled about the wind though. I think that favors the Ravens as it could slow down our passing game. Starting to get windy here with a few pretty good gusts.
  7. So jealous! Kicking myself for not heading up there for the long weekend.
  8. The dam has to break at some point, right? Between last January and this one BUF has had 5 days where the high has been below 32 degrees. That’s 41 out of the last 47 January days above freezing! Ouch! Impressive actually in a dark humor kind of way for winter enthusiasts. Really hope the extended cold showing up in the models holds. Those are my personal favorite patterns. Doesn’t need to snow every day but we don’t have to stress about melting and cutters after a nice snowfall.
  9. Amazing the difference 15 miles can make in seasonal perception....We’ve had no snow cover here for the last couple weeks. Definite pre-spring vibe, especially the last couple days when temps warmed up a bit. Plus the grass is so green it’s actually not as drab as usual. Pretty good conditions for chipping golf balls around the yard with how dry it is. But just 15 miles away you’ve been “feeling” winter this whole time.
  10. Good call. That was stressful, but so good to get a WIN!!!!! Go Bills!
  11. You’re making me nervous! But good points. Need our offense to stay hot, then nothing Frank can draw up to stop us. Go Bills!
  12. Ok...If someone can make an intelligent argument based in reality on why these protests are justified I’ll recant the “sad” comment. Dozens of court decisions confirming the legitimacy of the election seems pretty airtight, but maybe I’m missing something...
  13. First thing, feel better BUF Weather/Rich! Second thing, what’s happening right now in DC is off the hook. Sad, really...
  14. Glad you noted this. I was thinking the exact thing yesterday waking around the neighborhood, such green lawns for January. Bit ironic actually...we were bone dry and brown June through mid Sept. Green in January. Welcome to the British Isles.