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  1. I sort of feel in our areas that separating lake effect from synoptic snow totals is dicey since a lot of what BUF and maybe to a little lesser extent ROC receives is a hybrid of both - e.g. lake enhancement. If BUF gets 10" of snow from a clipper due to several hours of lake enhancement, does that count as lake effect or synoptic...I would call it synhanceffect .
  2. Still have a few inches on the ground IMBY. Don’t have stats to back it up, but I’m guessing it’s highly unusual if not unprecedented to have snow OTG for this many consecutive days before Nov 15. The cold weekend should keep it going for a couple more days. BUF is about 10 below normal for month to date, really impressive.
  3. 11" here. Biggest early season synoptic storm that I can remember in a very long time. Will this be BUF's largest synoptic event of the season? Time will tell, but it's a nice early season bar to set.
  4. Beautiful spot. I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 96. More snow falls here in C/WNY, at least from my few years there, but way better pack retention from noticeably colder temps.
  5. Nice 30 minute burst here a bit ago, big flakes, over 1”/hr. Leveled back some now, still moderate snow but closer to 1/2” hr. About 3” OTG. .
  6. I remember that video, epic! Having been in the middle of several “mega bands” off Erie and Ontario, I gotta say the heaviest snow rates I’ve experienced are always with no wind. Winds on the band edges might be 10 or more mph, but the real crazy heavy stuff is calm with near 0 vis from the falling snow alone. That’s the euphoria zone.
  7. You’re not alone...I rival the biggest snow lovers, but moved last year from N. Cheektowaga to Snyder, a bit further from the snow belt. Couldn’t justify leaving so many conveniences for what amounts to about 10 weeks of lake effect snow potential. I’ve mastered the art of the chase at this point, so no big loss. Anywhoo...psyched about the early storm coming up. These are rare...Couple inches of slop before Nov 15 is typical, but this not so much. Much more likely IMO to get a late April pasting than an early November synoptic hit.
  8. Spot on! I was amused at first, then found it hard to keep reading without getting angry. Anyway..."real" snow falling in Lancaster. Pretty good size flakes and sticking on vegetation nicely. Evergreens are frosted.
  9. Most wintry early November period incoming since the Little Ice Age...
  10. Lake shadow has been stout in my area the last 6 weeks. Pretty amazing at times actually watching the radar and seeing how L Erie both energizes (lake breeze boundaries) and deflects (shadow) rain and thunderstorms.
  11. Yeah, lakes probably close to their peak temps now. Erie is a toasty 75 deg, Ontario not far behind at 74.
  12. Spent the day in Kingston, ON (great little city...lots of pubs, outdoor restaurants, shops, and incredible views of the St Lawrence River and L Ontario - ferry ride across the mouth of the St Lawrence from Wolf Island was fantastic too). Anyhoo...amazing watching all the rain and storms get shunted to the north and south all day, just like back home off L Erie.
  13. I’m with you man. I think we’re closet southerners trapped in WNY bodies. I love the snow and changing seasons, but I could settle into this for the majority of the year.
  14. 54 degrees and pouring rain here right now at 11:15 am on June 16, yikes! We’ve lost the lawn at our cottage on Chaumont Bay to Lake Ontario. Water is now at the cottage steps. On the plus side, I can launch my paddle board right from the porch! Climate change, bad luck, biblical scourge...?
  15. Another beautiful April day here. Sun is shining with temps in the 50’s and a stiff breeze. What, it’s June 14th? No way!!! I’ll stand on the year without a summer train until the pattern we’ve been in since March changes. Until then, rain, cool, and gray dominates with temporary teases of summer.