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  1. Just another normal summer night at BUF sitting at 86 deg as we approach 8pm. So warm, so late, all summer. Interesting...
  2. That really is remarkable. April was such a blip on a warm landscape. Good research.
  3. Race to 90 degrees. BUF currently at 88, Roc and Syr at 89.
  4. Bone dry here. Lake Erie, even as warm as it is, has redirected all the rain away from us the last few weeks. Serious rain shadow. I’ll water tonight and looks like nothing incoming for the next several days.
  5. Wow, don’t remember ever seeing a tornado warning issued for that area of the ADKs. Back country campers take cover!
  6. Amazing. Looks like a week or so of near normal temps coming up, then back to a big torch? Global op runs seem to be showing that anyway.
  7. Every day this month at BUF has been at or above normal. Today will come in above, tomorrow could actually be close. Anyone know if BUF has ever run the table on a month with above normal temps? Temps haven’t been too high the last couple weeks, but I’ve been impressed with how high the mins are staying. Every time I check the temps around 11pm BUF is still in the 78-80 range. Tropical.
  8. Kinda interesting that the entire Niagara Frontier is draped in a solid cloud deck this morning. Forecast from BUF and discussion was full sun with stabilizing lake shadow with strong SW wind. Perhaps the lake temp has warmed to the point that the typical shadow affect isn't activating...?
  9. Yeah, pick a good day for the Mt Washington hike. I have a great book of hikes gone bad in the Presidential Range. Can go sideways up there real quick.
  10. Great pics! You’re turning into quite the peak bagger.
  11. I would normally call you loco...but some cooler days sound nice. Think I might be permanently scarred after the great Buffalo heat bomb of July 2020.
  12. Doesn’t look like the line has weakened much to me. Pretty gnarly looking on radar anyway.
  13. Yeah, that MCS over MI/Lake Huron is chugging along. Looks like a solid cloud deck out ahead of it is approaching WNY though. Will be interesting to see how well that complex holds together over the next few hours. Wonder if temps, at least in WNY, are held down today with the incoming clouds.
  14. Yeah, they look impressive. Anyone with views down the lake right now, please post pics!
  15. Looks like a pretty thick cloud deck in WNY. Wonder if that will limit severe potential there later. BUF still bullish per the SWS issued this morning. Conversely, full sun here at Chaumont with a roaring south wind. Hoping to see some storms roll across the lake later.
  16. I see the “T” word in the forecast discussion by BUF and some local mets for tomorrow afternoon and night. Looks like some interesting weather incoming.
  17. Some obs from the cottage up on Chaumont Bay...It’s tropical! Water temp has to be at least 80. Obnoxiously warm actually as you don’t get much relief when swimming. Had a localized monsoon fire up last night from about 3-5am. Tropical-like downpours have been popping up all morning with sky high humidity, locally enhanced I’m guessing by the super warm water. Pretty cool conditions fueled i would guess in part by the freak 7 day heat bonanza that laid down a blanket of ambient heat.
  18. Sitting here at 88 deg at 915 pm. Thunderheads building all around but trapped beneath an immovable heat dome here in the northeast burbs of BUF. No movement to the air, crickets, or whatever those bugs are, are chirping loudly, thinking it’s the end of August already. What an absolutely incredible stretch of heat we’ve had this week around BUF. Unrelenting and holding firm as a tropical cyclone swirls just to the east, which seems fitting.
  19. At least we’re not Phoenix AZ... I just checked the point and click to see if I could find somewhere hotter than BUF. Just a tad warm there, to the tune of 110-115 for highs the next several days. I thought with the dry heat out there the lows would drop way off into the 60’s for nocturnal relief. Not so much. Lows the next few days are 90! Ouch.
  20. I’ll back that up. The last few days have been incredibly hot here (I’m only about 5 miles from the airport). I’m surprised it’s played out like this with BUF being the hotspot, but I have no doubt it’s legit.
  21. What an airmass! BUF sitting at 87 deg at 840pm. SYR and KART were both at 91 at 8pm.
  22. Never thought I would experience prolonged heat like this in BUF.
  23. Feels like 120. Freaking hot out!
  24. Southwest breeze kicked in here and our temp plummeted to 87 now at 830pm. Breeze does feel nice though.