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  1. That’s exactly what we experienced during the October 2006 storm. Like continuous musket shots. Don’t envy you at all, the mess is both difficult to clean and depressing seeing the impact to trees. We can still see evidence of the 2006 storm to this day in lopped off tree tops and funky shaped trees.
  2. I’ve been thinking we’ve had a long stretch of weekends with mostly bad weather. So I checked…Every weekend since December 1st has had at least one day with precip. Doesn’t mean every weekend has been a washout or snowy but not a single Sat/Sun with no precip since 12/1. Didn’t look back farther than that…It’s our climo I guess.
  3. Is April really a spring month here? You could make a case for it being a winter month. Mild temps are generally in advance of a cold front and last a couple days or less, base weather is cloudy/damp/cool to cold/occasional snow showers. So Jan through April = winter; May and June = spring; July through Sept = summer; Oct = fall; Nov and Dec = winter. That’s 6 months of winter.
  4. Periods of moderate snow all morning. Deep, deep mud in the yard. Numb hands walking the dog. Thanks April.
  5. That’s absolutely terrifying. Puts the risk of chasing let alone driving in heavy snow rates in clear perspective. And that person literally diving out of the way…
  6. Seems like it’s been raining or snowing every day since end of October, so I checked…Some stats for BUF: Nov 1 to Mar 26 - Precip on 106 out of the 146 days. 40 dry days. 73% of days in that period had precip. Nothing earth shattering in those stats, just goes to show how wet/cloudy our climate is here.
  7. About 2” here. Unliving band just dropped in from the north. Wild out right now.
  8. Overperformer on tap for WNY? Just throw that out there looking at moderate snow currently falling, juicy radar downstream, and an incoming front booster approaching from the west.
  9. Can’t copy/paste it right now but BUF’s late evening disco is an interesting read. “Potent”, “phase” and “”bomb” all included in the same paragraph. They’re clearly on notice.
  10. Ice blocks along the Ausable River are amazing. Some are over 6 feet tall and plowed over trees along their journey.
  11. Awesome day in the ADKs today in the Lake Placid/Keene area. 12-16” of fluff fell, highest amounts obviously the higher you went in elevation. About 14” at my location above Keene. Did a bit of hiking along the Ausable River in Wilmington, lots of driving around backroads between Jay and Lake Placid. Super fun plowing through the powder with snow pouring down. Didn’t look like a great event here until about 11am when cloud deck lowered, flake size exploded, and we averaged a couple inches an hour for several hours.
  12. About 3” so far where I’m staying near Keene, about 2K feet. Steady snow, not especially heavy at the moment. Forecast 6-10” here.
  13. Coffee and Bailey’s on the deck at The Cottage in Lake Placid…mild here too.
  14. View of Whiteface across the Ausable River valley during a hike this morning. If you zoom way in you can see Buf Weather hiking at about 4,120 feet…
  15. Don't know if it's the low dewpoints or what but the snowpack here isn't budging. Fully expect to be making snowballs on the 4th of July this year.
  16. I’ll come find you if you need a rescue! Heading to Keene area on Saturday for a week.
  17. 36 out of the last 43 days at BUF with at least a T of snow…snow depth over 6”for weeks…basically deep winter from Jan 1 to mid Feb. Pretty amazing stretch in these parts.
  18. Turned into “storm snow” here around 3pm (good flake size, nice rates, bit of fog thrown in…storm snow). Continues to come done nice and steady. About 6” storm total so far.
  19. 1000%. Nothing worse than the sound of splashing water as the cars go by on a main road during a snowstorm!
  20. Radar looks a bit spotty right now but steady snow here with good flake size. As others have noted it’s a full paste job on trees and such, looks great!
  21. First signs of snow in the streetlight here! Full flip in progress.
  22. Opening in theaters on February 4, 2022…The Third Wave! Produced and Directed by Vortmax. Starring Vortmax. Soundtrack by Vortmax. Costumes by Vortmax.
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