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  1. Edit...this was back in the day when local forecasts from the likes of Wayne Mahar were divided between “north and south of the thruway”. As in, “6-12” likely north of the thruway, trace to an inch south of the thruway.” Accuracy has improved just a bit since then... Of course, growing up about 1 mile south of the thruway those forecasts were always devastating.
  2. Cato special. Brings back memories of growing up in Weedsport and driving about 3 miles north on Rt 34 to hit the snow.
  3. Yeah, thinking the same after breezing through the 12Z runs. Temps might actually come in around normal, but not seeing much in the way of snow chances either. Hoping the sun can make a regular appearance next week if nothing good to track. Too many gray and damp days this winter with temps within a few degrees of 40. Today is a nice exception.
  4. A handful of robins showed up today around my house, and a bunch of other birds are buzzing around. Looks and sounds like late March with all the bird activity. Maybe word is spreading in the avian community that the AO is off the charts positive and predicted to stay that way through February...
  5. I hope we get there, but gotta say the seasonal trend of fast flow, sheared storms zipping along fronts, and lack of wraparound snow worries me. I say that just from what we’ve seen for weeks on end, this storm I’m sure has more going for it. Although if I was just looking at the current radar and surface maps I wouldn’t be too excited for WNY... Pay no mind to me though, I was walking along the beach in Jupiter, FL this morning (business trip) with temps in low 80’s and full sun...I’m having a hard time processing the walk to a snow/ice covered car at the airport in a couple hours.
  6. Just a couple ops runs...but I'm liking the look of the ridge poking up to Alaska around the end of next week on the Canadian and GFS. Now THAT would be a pattern change...all these other modeled snow threats and shifts to cold IMO have been doomed as long as the polar vortex has been raging between Alaska and Greenland. If that modeled ridging holds into early next week, I'm keeping my snowshoes in my truck. If not, they're getting tossed into the balmy waters of Lake Erie and replaced with my golf clubs.
  7. All this talk to of New Zealand is so much more interesting than the current weather pattern. And you’ve got me thinking about planning a trip. Champy’s pics are incredible.
  8. Yeah, our best and most consistent snowpack was early to mid November. That was as anomalous as the warmth and lack of snow we’ve had since mid December.
  9. We need a rally...It looks like January at BUF will end up with very ugly winter stats. +8.2 degrees for the month to date with 11.2" of snow. Every day from now until the end of the month should be above normal. Maybe not warm enough to push the departure up to double digits, but at least +5 for the month seems like a lock. If we squeeze out a few inches of wet slop this weekend we still won't end up close to the normal 25" of snow for the month. I don't know what happened...I thought we were guaranteed to have a colder than average winter because it snowed in southern Siberia in October... .LONG TERM /MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY/... Looks quiet once this system departs on Monday. Even though we are entering into when we should be a climatological min for temps, we will be far from it for this week as strongly positive Eastern Pacific Oscillation (EPO) teleconnection pattern favors strong jet pushing into western North America off the eastern Pacific which keeps coldest air bottled up well to the north, across even northern Canada. Weak little shortwave may bring some isold rain and snow showers or sprinkles/flurries Tuesday, but looks dry otherwise in a non eventful zonal flow. Yet another warmer system in the southern stream lifting along the northeast coast late in the week will bring the next chance of precipitation to the region.
  10. Oh yeah, Nordic. At Lake Placid Club, nice trails with views of high peaks.
  11. Quick report from my trip to Lake Placid last Thursday to yesterday...About 4" of snow fell Wed night into Thursday morning, which was good b/c the snow pack up there outside of the higher elevations was pretty much wiped out before that. A few more inches fell Thursday night, driven by a cold and somewhat moist northwest upslope flow. While not prolific like we see in the lake effect belts, those upslope mountain snows are great. Several hours of big flakes parachuting down. Friday was a bluebird day, and very cold (my car thermometer ranged from -5 to +3 driving around to various hiking spots during the day). Below photo is facing the Great Range from a place called Henry's Woods outside LP. Snow started again Saturday afternoon. Accumulations were initially held in check from downsloping off the high peaks. Snow picked up early Sunday AM as flow switched direction to the northwest. About 8" fresh snow as we left town Sunday evening, probably double that up above 4K feet. All in all a well timed trip to the ADK's preceded by a prolonged winter hiatus.
  12. Posting from Chaumont (bit NW of Watertown)...moderate snow here this morning, about 3” OTG. Ground was bare when we arrived last night. Back to the non winter news...Chaumont Bay has been totally ice free the last week. Father in law reports never seeing this in mid-Jan in his 70+ years being here (parts of the bay are quite shallow, no business being open this time of year). I guess that’s what +11 departures get you from Christmas to now. I also heard from a couple people back in WNY that their magnolias started budding, others report opening taps on maple trees to start some maple production. Surely all signs of the apocalypse.
  13. In my experience microspikes are more than adequate for ADK high peak winter hikes (a good pair though). I hiked Gothics in December when it was quite icy, and microspikes worked just fine. Make sure to have at least one hiking partner. And choose your peak(s) wisely. I hiked Wright a few winters ago. Got above tree line and had difficulty following cairns to the peak with 50+ mph winds and near 0 vis. Summit of Wright is notorious for high winds and severe conditions. I'm heading up to Lake Placid tomorrow, mostly cross-country skiing rather than hiking this trip. That is if the snow makes an appearance in time. Will post some pics to get you jazzed up for your trip!
  14. For those keeping score...BUF came in with a +29 deg departure yesterday. Sitting at +11.5 for the month. Not a single negative departure day at BUF since December 20th! Looks like each of the next 6 days will be above average. If that holds, we’ll be at about 30 straight days with + departures. Remarkable.