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  1. 21/18 and getting absolutely pelted on every window of the house
  2. Bealeton VA- Pingers have begun, full changeover. Had fattiest for about 20 mins.
  3. Anyone in Fredericksburg that can report on the band over you now?
  4. 18.3/16.3 in Bealeton, VA. SN+ absolutely ripping. 2” from what I can see now. Seeing the mix line moving in quickly through from the SE, knocking on Fredericksburg’s door now.
  5. 19/13.6 Bealeton VA Dusting this far..Roads caved instantly, but the flake size will likely lead to compaction if it continues this way.
  6. 19.9/10 here in Bealeton VA. SN just began few minutes ago. Low overnight was 14.2.
  7. Hard pass. Half inch ice is devastating to infrastructure and no fun for anyone.
  8. Quick question because I mostly lurk here- but is Bob Chill still around? Haven't seen him post recently.
  9. Rippage out here in Bealeton, VA! Been going on since 10AM
  10. 28/24 at 310 feet here in Bealeton VA. Just changed over to straight pingers. Shame because the fatties were puking for a good hour or so.
  11. 26/23 at 310 FT here in Bealeton, VA- already below last night's low.
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