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  1. 34.5/33.5 and flakes are falling here in Bealeton VA
  2. 75F here in Bealeton, peeks of sun
  3. A crunchy 4.1" measured IMBY. 29/27 and puking ice balls with some SN mixed in.
  4. 29/22 and right at 3.8" here SW of Warrenton..however beginning to have P-Type issues as it's switched over from SN to Sleet/ZR. All my snow has a glaze now..
  5. 31/20 here SW of Warrenton. Radar starting to juice up just SW and S..
  6. 36/16 out here on the southwestern front in Warrenton, VA. Down 3 degrees last hour.
  7. You done yet? Do this thread and the board a favor and scram. There are individuals on this board who work tirelessly for LWX, who didn't see a paycheck for 30+ days and may be in the same boat again come Friday. So commenting on their pay and shitting on their forecasting abilities isn't welcome, considering we appreciate their feedback on events...unlike yourself.
  8. Inch on the ground in Warrenton and still ripping SN+. 33/30
  9. 34/28 here in Warrenton and PUKING SN. No mixing.
  10. Nabbed a pic with the drone before it got too dark. Visibility way down as you can usually see the Blue Ridge Skyline from this vantage point. Moderate SN and 32/29.