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  1. Significant ice on the trees in Fairfax, pines are drooping quite a bit. This winter really has been unbetter than nothing. Ice and sleet and continuous cold, and almost no snow.
  2. Mostly light rain/drizzle in Fairfax, was a dusting of sleet.
  3. Honestly I don't personally consider this a bust at all. Just because some group predicts significant snowfall doesn't mean it is a likely outcome. Organizations that forecast weather do what they do for whatever reason, but there was never going back a week a high likelihood of significant snow around DC. Never.
  4. Still sleet in Fairfax, although under the orange returns seeing the cooling aloft happen in real time with clumpy sleet and even a few flakes making it down. We need sustained orange to get there, guess we have a chance in the last couple hours based on radar.
  5. For sure, it's number 50 on my list of 100 things that needed to get done on this old house since I bought it. I'm hoping given its age it's been through this before.
  6. I'm sweating at the moment. I expect little snow as this setup doesn't support significant snow at DC's latitude, but have an 80 foot pine bent about 35 degrees with the entire crown past vertical hanging toward my house. I'm hoping this is mostly sleet, like the last storm, but definitely very nervous. Of course this would be the year we get ice.
  7. I'd appreciate some sun at some point... getting to be pretty miserable. Another cold and dreary day.
  8. Getting needle/column like ice now with the sleet in Fairfax.
  9. Icier sleet now in Fairfax, maybe we can get some snow at some point with heavier rates.
  10. 90% sleet still in Fairfax. Hopefully the freezing rain stays away... forever.
  11. Not when it's presented in my dining room, no. Rooting hard against any ice, especially given condition of a few bent pines around my house. I'm on a four bust streak here, happy for a fifth.
  12. Honestly, nothing unexpected with these storms given history. I lived not far from DCA for 15 years starting in the early 2000s and what you're describing is SOP. And the orientation and track of storms this year has not been good for areas around and below DCA's latitude. It's not just BL temps that have been poor, the upper levels haven't worked out either. We're not doing any better out here in Fairfax. We had less than DCA here for this one... about 0.1" at best.
  13. Mix of snow and sleety rain but the trees are just wet so remains above freezing at surface in Fairfax.
  14. Trends always go the wrong way for the DC area, it's not really a question of verbatim or not. But I would agree that the models aren't the problem. In my personal opinion, the problem is the forecast office personnel who keep putting out unrealistic short-term forecasts. Busting low consistently for years means something isn't working right.