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  1. Keep going, you've attracted all the right people.
  2. Pouring rain at 33... maybe flood watch will verify?
  3. Wet rain continues... making it hard to see out my window.
  4. That sleet line is jamming north now; family just turned over in Sterling.
  5. Mostly rain now, took about 30 mins to transition over here.
  6. 90% sleet now, got about an inch+ of snow. Better than my old snowhole though in Alexandria which looks like zilch as usual.
  7. Going over to sleet now in Fairfax, bit of a mix.
  8. Just having our burst of huge flakes... sleet about 1 mile away according to traffic cams.
  9. Hooray for December sun angle. Still riding the line here in southern Fairfax, melty flakes, sleet close by... getting close to an inch at 420 feet.
  10. -SN but seeing signs of warming a bit upstairs with a mix of tiny and large flakes... riding the line I think at this point.
  11. Loud sleety flakes in Fairfax at a light rate, expect things to pick up in about 20 minutes.
  12. Flurries in Fairfax last ten minutes or so.... hope we can hold onto the sleet for a bit longer than expected.
  13. Yes, IAD only goes back to like 1962 or something close to that.