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  1. Snow falling in southeast Fairfax area... right on the edge.
  2. Well, we got crushed here on the south side of Fairfax, and more coming. The storm revealed a broken gutter pouring water right next to my sill... night before I leave for two weeks. I'd guess 2+ inches
  3. I just measured about 1.5" in the GRASS here at 417 feet ASL, but not sure what that really means. 0" on concrete, so maybe 1"
  4. Nothing but rain... already way ahead on the year... miserable.
  5. Transitioned to some rain/freezing rain... still mixed with a bit of sleet.
  6. Just seeing a few snowflakes mixing in around Fairfax despite all the sleet.
  7. Light to moderate sleet in Fairfax, just under 4" on the ground. We're probably done with accumulating snow now.
  8. It was challenging posting an obs from Old Town when I lived there. It was almost always "negative." But I couldn't help it.
  9. Sleet now the dominant p-type in Fairfax. We have about 3" total snowfall.
  10. Had maybe 0.5" before the switch... now changing over in Fairfax.
  11. About an inch in Fairfax on existing snowpack.
  12. Tracks with me near Bonnie Brae, accounting for losses during the day. At the end of the storm we had about 7 inches OTG.
  13. Just curious, what do you have on the ground right now? I'm near Robinson and only have about 7".
  14. Ever since my move out of the Old Town heat island, that area has been doing oddly better compared to the western suburbs. We got boned between bands this afternoon and evening... and we're almost surely done with about 7" OTG in Fairfax.