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  1. Yep...makes sense ..not to mention holding off the flip to mix a bit longer with this process ongoing .
  2. What about the VV at 500 or 700 mb . Do they come into play at all ?
  3. Do you use Eastwood Co . rust incapsulator ? I've used the 2 step process for years on 80s turbo Buicks under carriages with great results.
  4. @psuhoffman mentioned earlier about the mid level winds direction and u can clearly see the trajectory is much better this run . 12k nam
  5. There's no doubt the flow looks a bit flatter over us on Saturday per Nams . This surely has directed a bit more juice in our direction.
  6. Yea...it makes you wonder ...since they can be very amp happy at times. Inside 36 hrs is in there " wheel house" so hopefully globals follow .
  7. Here's the 12k nam qpf . Its juicy for central Md If this were to hold ...I'm curious to see what NWS would do ...WSW ? 1-3" snow followed by .25" + ice potential.
  8. Noticeably weaker low depicted by both Nams .
  9. Yea ..3k is the coldest run yet and history sides with it imo. A 1040+ high going in ...and its January...and CADs our bread and butter. Favored areas almost certainly won't hit freezing until well after the last of the moisture is gone .
  10. Nam juiced up . Not surprisingly. Srefs looked wetter as well...fwiw. Nam almost worthy of WSW material verbatim but its overdone most likely
  11. Currently watching Barrett Jackson Auto auction and a Good Humor truck came across the block . That brings back memories from the 1980s in Baltimore city . Usually I'd watch everyone else get there icecream because I never had any money lol.
  12. Frederick looks inline to get some flakes.
  13. Washington County area has had several SS go through the past hour or 2. Hopefully you get snow on snow
  14. Yep...any frozen is good frozen That's just it . Typically most in the forum get to or near climo by Nickeling and diming our way there with possibly 1 WSW event a year . We've scored minor events very often in craptastic patterns and also in total shutout patterns . 1-3"s , 2-4"s that's par the course .That's how we typically roll .
  15. Winds been howling here . Surprised there's no wind advisory. Nice snow shower just mist me to the west by couple Miles.