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  1. Past my bedtime but Lamar is phenomenal to watch
  2. Icon starts off 0z suite with 2-3" north of i70 for the Monday storm . 1/2" line just tickles DC verbatim
  3. Nam with this beautiful heavy snow squall/shower Saturday evening along with 35mph gusts verbatim. Ah...would be fun but it'll be gone next run lol.
  4. A bit quicker onset per nams for i81 corridor
  5. Yea...Icon is actually close to delivering 2 separate rounds of frozen early next week. I'd easily be content with a couple light events
  6. Eps holds the block look to the end . Very workable. Interesting times ahead
  7. Looks like both Eps and Gefs really starting to show signs of lower heights in the 50/50 region AGAIN...around Christmas. That's been a fixture this season. PSU mentioned this weeks ago . Storms r just continually gravitating there all season ...why stop now . Consequently both models look cooler for centered around the 25th and maby we'll be tracking another threat as well .
  8. Off run and all but Eps looked to take a baby step towards the Gefs looking at hr 144 .
  9. Mesos picking up on possible freezing drizzle/ light zrain early Friday. Something to watch. By late Saturday night latest nam actually throws out some snow showers with that vort pass
  10. Weenie run man !! You could see it setting up by day 6 or so ..if only
  11. When is the December torch going to start. We r running out of time.
  12. Gfs ...Pretty nice setup at h5 around hr 200 . Biggie 50/50, Greenland Ridging.
  13. Got home and surprised to see snow still in all shaded areas , in the woods and on north facing roofs .