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  1. I want an explanation lol Nevermind ...I don't
  2. Hrrr is lookin snowier and snowier for E. NC and Se Va. Checkout the 1 hour rates. Like 2.5"/hour ...fun stuff.
  3. Even a wind swept dusting would scratch the itch...at least until next weeks Mecs
  4. Yea...its "Weenie hysteria unhinged ". Maybe someone could write a book lol
  5. This season 6" is a big dog. It's all relative
  6. Parts of Se Va really starting to look good for nice hit . Kind of thought that yesterday but latest guidance really looks solid for them . I thought @C.A.P.E.would be chasing. Even S. OC should get some light snow .
  7. Pretty significant change in 12 hrs looking at the Eps vorticity maps.
  8. Man...this is close to a wicked setup . Look at the energy at the base of the trough in Louisiana. I have a feeling Eps will start throwing out some nice hits within the next few days if h5 looks like this one on the ops keep showing up .
  9. Euro digs deep next week at h5 . Gets some snow to areas along the M/D line .
  10. It's not over yet . If only Scotty could beam me down there lol .
  11. @showmethesnow .Looks like a baby step in the right direction on the 6z Eps with the follow up energy dropping into the conus a bit further east allowing for a further south and east trajectory at 144 hr compared to 0z .
  12. Agree with front running wave separation. I also noticed on that run that the angle of the follow up energy better suited us . It was diving in on more of a southeast trajectory instead of digging in like a tick back in western Oklahoma like the 18z run and other runs . I'm sure the western ridge alignment at 0z had a hand as well. But hey ...at least we aren't tracking 55 and partly cloudy
  13. Lasts nights Gfs run really looked close at 500 . Not many of its ensembles if any agreed but still lots of time . 0z
  14. It was close imo. Surface wasn't exciting verbatim but h5 was real close to a possible hit. Wayyy past my bedtime. See ya tomorrow
  15. Gfs digging good at h5 at hr 153 . Let's see what it does at the surface shortly .