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  1. 1st accumulating snow for N.Va along i81 per latest long r Gfs. The digital snow thread should be hoppin
  2. @C.A.P.E. looks like your parched yard and tumble weeds are getting more rain atm. By Wednesday ...our drought ....( I mean your drought) will be over
  3. Tied lowest temp of this fall last night with 37. Thurs looks to really look like fall if the Euro is right with the bombing ne low . Has gusts in the 30s with 50s highs for most . I do like the trend this early season for strong lows . Already 2 historical storms in the northern plains/Rockies . This weeks bombing coastal. Anyone see yesterday's 18z Gfs day 11 . Pretty wicked storm giving ne Pa on north there first snow . Hopefully the beginning of an active season of storms
  4. Just read in latest AFD out of Grand Forks office that a town called Langdon,ND is near 3 foot accumulation...impressive.
  5. Here's a web cam from Devil's Lake area http://www.woodlandresort.com/page17.html
  6. Pretty legit for Devil's Lake and surrounding areas. NWS snippet... BLIZZARD WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1 PM CDT SATURDAY... * WHAT...Blizzard conditions. For this entire event, one to three feet of snow is expected. Winds gusting as high as 60 mph will result in whiteout conditions with large, impassable drifts. * WHERE...Towner, Cavalier, Benson, Ramsey and Eddy Counties. * WHEN...Until 1 PM CDT Saturday. * IMPACTS...Several days of impossible travel. Disruptions to travel will last through at least the weekend. Localized power outages. Tree and structural damage from the heavy snow load. Disruptions to agricultural and livestock activities. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Snowplows are having a hard time plowing the wet, heavy snow. Ditches are full of water in many locations, adding an additional danger for persons trying to travel. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... Travel should be restricted to emergencies only. If you must travel, have a winter survival kit with you. If you get stranded, stay with your vehicle.
  7. Devils Lake area looks primed for a lollie ! Yea.. I think it is pretty anomalous as well. 6 inch snows with 50 mph winds are run of the mill norm up there . 1-3 feet + 50 mph winds definitely are not. Would love to be there . Drifting will be out of this world up in some of those wide open areas . Absolutely epic . If we just concentrated on our own yards for interesting weather ...I know personally that would drive me crazy. I definitely like tracking anything interesting..anywhere year around man Any given day during the year just doesn't provide enough of the ol' weather fix around these parts to keep me satisfied. Must track it all baby ( we r Diehards)..lol
  8. If you are under " North America " under regions for example then the individuals won't show up . Only United states or closer in .
  9. Look above ^ Go to "Ecmwf mean " Change region to United states or east coast or mid Atlantic then the parameters will have individuals in them . I have an Android device so maybe its different on a PC desktop Lol . Your drinking combo is like I do often
  10. At first I hated it but now I've gotten used to it some and its tolerable but I miss the by state and city individuals . The swipe feature and hold feature are nice
  11. Drought begets Drought " or something like that lol. Yea I got WB . No Md or DC for close ins just Mid Atlantic on individuals . Hopefully they add them before December Go under ( Global ensembles)-Ecmwf mean or Gefs and change region to United states or closer in and then individuals will show up
  12. That line this morning was headed your way . How much you get . Don't say .001" either
  13. Nice heavy batch pushing thru Baltimore city towards Baltimore co, Harford, Cecil . Mesos really didnt show much for these areas that I see but its happening lol 1.10" since Sunday
  14. .73" past 24 hours .12z Euro definitely backed off with round 2 . Only meaningful qpf confined to northeast Md . Surface low looks a bit further north and east this run and stronger .