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  1. This 942 mb super Nova Scotia bomb on the Gfs really acts to pump higher heights into Greenland . ...and drag some cold down
  2. Add 1993 as well . Definitely 5 days + out was good agreement and that was 27 years ago. 2016 was uncanny from inside 160 hours
  3. If you use the h5 vorticity maps and fast fwd frame by frame ( I use wxbell) the shear number of shortwaves interacting is nuts . Do it with the op Euro or Gfs . Point is ...its busy . I wouldn't be surprised if a clipper or a storm pops in the near medium range( day 4-5) or short range (inside 3 days ). Far from boring. Really all one could ask for in early December .
  4. You mowing asphalt? You really should stick to grass .
  5. Only iyby lol . A few Gefs members pop a new low just east of us on Tuesday . Some areas could see a burst of wet snow . If your looking for WSW then no.
  6. Idk about that . Tuesday looks interesting That whole Gfs run was interesting for sure as has been for days . Drops some pretty cold temps down day 8-10
  7. Looks even better at HH . Some real strong vort energy blowing through Tuesday . Some members actually pop a new low Tuesday to our east after the initial Monday surface low goes north. Gefs . Some individuals
  8. U live in Florida ? 54 here . Just a thin long sleeve and I'm good
  9. Canadian with similarities with the Gfs . A bit further south + east and n+w would get some action. Verbatim some wet flakes mixed in. Not alot of cold air but being December a good track definitely could offset boundary issues especially n+w . I like the active pattern. Something could pop
  10. We can get a group together and take a a double decker bus so we can socially distance easier .
  11. This is wicked impressive. Slight adjustment and we are good .8 days to adjust Gets to 959 mb off New England coast
  12. Love seeing that 960s bomb on the day 8 Gfs . Verbatim its rain with 50+ mph winds. Probably a Apps crusher as depicted.
  13. Yea..lots of strong vorticity coming through Tuesday with decent moisture at 850mb . Curious to see when mesos get in range. Boundary temps won't be good but a moderate snow showers or squall would be fun .
  14. Gefs has up to 1/2" mean snowfall through Tuesday