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  1. It's funny...I don't own a snow blower and never have simply because I guess it's a superstition in a way . A good friend bought a $2K SB in late 2003 and we didn't get a Hecs till late 2009 . My last 2 houses have had 200 foot driveways to.
  2. Same here but less lol. The good thing is with those 3 frosts in a row I might have the earliest last grass cut ever ...and by a couple weeks probably. Between the frost and super dry conditions. I'll be gasing up the snow blower soon . Wait a minute. ...I don't have one . Oiling up the and sharpening the shovels .
  3. I'll get this drought out of the way in time for the November through March frozen qpf train
  4. Latest Euro is further east with the mid week low then 0z ...and takes the rain for mby with it . I95 and eastern shore do well ( that's a surprise )
  5. Looks like I was too high 0.00"
  6. .60" September Euro fwiw brings a 998 low right over central Md Wed so that should deliver some rain
  7. If it's only one... then it better be feeeeet long lol
  8. Yes sir! I started reinstalling it last night but HH quickly took over. Still lots of work left .
  9. Definitely some truth to the eating lots of crap ( my parents were guilty of feeding my brother and I happy meals everyday) but many parents these days limit there kid's sugar intake. Halloween is a sort of once a year indulgence for many and this year imo its more then that . It's about getting little Jane and Joe out of isolation even if its for a evening to breathe some autumn air , dress up in there favorite character costume, proudly showing it off to others , being social again. And them seeing other kids doing the same . Its extremely safe being outside if you use some common sense .Kids could Definitely use those few hours of a sense of normalcy .
  10. I saw a Eastern shore town tried to cancel Halloween Trick or Treating lol( Pocomo City). And they got big push back ( no surprise) . Word is they walked that decision back on Facebook to saying they discourage Trick or treating . Another example of no rationale or common sense in decisions.
  11. I'm calling 0.01" for mby through tomorrow. Eps shows days 6 through 15 low mid 60s here . Fall is here to stay .
  12. Wasn't there a Mecs/ Hecs Feb 2014 . Pretty sure but my memory isn't what it used to be I remember Gfs down to game time showed only 3-6" and Euro schooled it . 12-20 inches + I thought
  13. Carroll looks to be the first county to push forward at the local level...Awesome. Hopefully most other counties will follow suit . I believe Md was one of only 7 states in the country with no start of fall sports yet .
  14. Latest Euro took most of that away now Relying on the Wednesday Through Friday time frame