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  1. Nice catch! I hadn't seen it. Funny thing is I've done electrical work for John Davis at his personal house and he's very approachable super nice guy . I didn't know who it was the 1st visit ...until he spoke lol...then I thought I know that voice . We talked cars alot . He actually lives a modest life . He doesn't have a dozen hot rods or exotic cars sitting in the garage . ...cool dude .The show was in Owings Mills and he lives in Carroll county
  2. .95" here. Still some heavy downpours in your yard. I was going to go to Cars and coffee down at the Hunt valley Mall but it's too wet unfortunately
  3. Looks like OC is in for a rocky overnight per 3k 2-4" swath thru there
  4. I actually didn't expect severe here . Temps were mid 60s here most of the afternoon evening with low 60s dews. Usually I do well with surface temps near low 70s and upper 60s dews minimum.
  5. To be fair..there was a handful of tor warnings in the forum ...Va / Washington co / Fred co Md and last week of course was pretty impressive. I dont think I can recall a week in mid April around these parts like this ever to be honest .
  6. Looks like latest Hrrr likes @C.A.P.E. yard east towards the beaches overnight for final rounds
  7. 3knam agrees with this targeting western Md and west pa around 2-3z and the beaches around 8-10z tomorrow early. Current radar looks east of the 3k fwiw Hrrr seems to have a better handle
  8. Latest Hrrr has some lollies of 4-5 inch totals around central Md/DC. Sun trying to come thru but mostly cloudy here between Harpers Ferry and Fredneck
  9. Current 3 hour flash flood guidance
  10. Hrrr has multiple rounds of storms and gets surface temps to 75-78 range for most . Long range 6z run crushes the i95 corridor south of DC thru Baltimore with 2-4" swath in a narrow band .
  11. Looking at h5 on both nams ...there's definitely a more negative tilt and a lil better consolidated vort package then 18z for tomorrow afternoon
  12. 12k per Pivotal gets DC briefly to 81 surface temp tomorrow afternoon ... Steamy
  13. Hrrr doesn't look bad fwiw. Significant tornado par. Ninjd by Yoda
  14. I like seeing the upper 60s dews stretching north even imby on the 3k nam . Best pwats look like i95 on east for the most part which hints to me that things look more progressive atm. Usually when that good tropical moisture builds back towards i81 it's a decent sign for multiple rounds of precip potential. I guess we shall see how things look tomorrow. How much sun we get as well.