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  1. Euro says wait a minute... we r still tracking winter weather Should this come to fruition should we add this to next season's total or last season's Control lol Pretty wicked h5 setup depicted by the control leading in . ..holy confluence Batman!
  2. losetoa6

    COVID-19 Talk

    I feel I have a good perspective on the people I see out and about since my schedule has been unchanged and sadly I've seen more older people then younger everywhere . I guess these older folk are set in there ways and / or simply don't want to be bothered by some "dumb flu". Its a bit alarming. I gave a guy a estimate recently and he demanded to shake hands . ( probably 75 years old) and I did like a dumb ass. I got the job though
  3. losetoa6

    COVID-19 Talk

    Was in Home Depot this morning to get electrical supplies and what a surprise ( not) . It was a 1985 Cocoon convention to say the least at the paint counter...again. Around 10 old timers buying paint caring less about anything else . Essential items only I thought lol. At least the depot should only limit 2 at the counter at once . They're doomed lol .
  4. Low mid 30s tonight .Frost likely for n+w areas . Maybe someone gets to 32 . Euro day 8-9 absolutely crushes NH with 2-3' . Chase ?
  5. There's no doubt imo if this had room to really amplify at h5 and came further north off OC at sub 985 this would be a interior wet snow hit. But it doesn't so we are left with cold drizzle lol.
  6. I might be essential by definition and feel very fortunate but to be honest I don't want to catch this crap . I want to make coin but it's a fine line. I'm careful as i can be and have work thru next week but the calls for new work have dwindled which I expected. In a couple weeks I'll be home most likely if not before . I'm at the point I don't want to be working around more then 1 or 2 other Construction workers at a time . I do wish you luck in getting rehired as soon as possible if you got let go . What a mess this stuff is.
  7. Did you see the " Mothman" right before you hit the deer . I've actually hit deer 4 different times . Guess I'm a magnet lol.
  8. @showmethesnow I went to the Home Depot up your way on Eisenhower dr. Sunday to get electrical supplies and they are definitely taking lots of precautions. I noticed in the paint section they stacked up 3 rows of orange 5 gallon buckets all around that main paint mixing center which totally encapsulates the worker - pretty crazy but dont blame them. They also put tables in front of the cash registers and have a person guarding entrance and exit so u go strait in and strait out . My main electrical supply house in Timonium we are not allowed inside anymore. We have to call ahead and they bring stuff out . It's a whole new normal for sure and sadly only the very beginning. I've also noticed the Construction workers I run into ..most think this is a elderly problem only and everyone should be working as normal other then them. So definitely still people out there not taking this seriously.
  9. Lightest rush hour so far in the past 2 weeks coming down to Timonium this morning. It was 43 when I left .
  10. 48 currently. Never went above 55 yesterday. The WEDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE meant business.
  12. I got 2 man!! Picked em up last week ...saving for emergency only