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  1. I got I got .68" a couple days ago but it's been fairly dry for 2 weeks .
  2. ^ Nice in Fredrock tonight . Its breaking up fast to the north though . I don't expect anything here .
  3. That line is weakening but the speed might let some showers or sprinkles reach my hood .
  4. I've chased Les lots of times in Erie, Pa area and Erie sits at 800' but there's a little town just east of there called Edinboro and it sits at 1600' . The locals say they double Erie's totals almost every time. Kind of a mini Tug Hill plateau lol.
  5. Looks like a squall line on radar . Enjoying my west coast IPA at the fire pit
  6. I can see lightning off the hill of my yard wayy west of my house coming from Washington county
  7. Hard to believe with a surface low straddling land on Delaware/ NJ that we had sunny skies here . Very compact system.
  8. Blue skies here in the Catoctins
  9. Latest Hrrr definitely west of previous runs with respect to rain. Places like Bel Air , middle river, essex might see some showers .
  10. You'll know in a few hours lol. Enjoy the tropical weather!
  11. Looks like the strongest winds are currently south of OC . https://www.windy.com/38.340/-75.080?gust,37.749,-75.081,8
  12. Heavies are on Salisbury's doorstep and in western Delaware. Pushing west onto your porch soon . Put down the sprinkler lol.
  13. Quick look ...its very similar to 12z for central Md