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  1. This confused me . 60s 70s can happen 12 months out of the year . Snow chances are only a few . I'd move to Los Angeles ,Ca if you don't like active weather
  2. Turgeon was always know as a excellent recruiter but not a very good college coach . That really hasn't changed much in 10 years .
  3. Brother sent me a text saying Now Pepe Le Pew is being erased .
  4. Ukie looks to be the most aggressive with the ns . And of note Canadian ensembles are a huge improvement over 12z at h5 UK 144 end of run
  5. Still uncertainty within the Eps. Mean H5 depicts as u said a flatter wave and quicker then the op and also with confluence hanging on a bit longer . Almost 7 days out but at least we r tracking. Imo beats tracking 60 and sunny which is a dime a dozen lol.
  6. Improving for day 7/8. This isn't hour 360 12z Eps
  7. A couple Gefs member Hecs hits for Virginia Sun/Mon.
  8. Gefs looks wintery Sunday / night
  9. Looks like tracking ramping up by mid week for possible frozen chances starting early next week Edit. Gfs with some mixed stuff Sunday night Nice little winter event verbatim.
  10. Don't try to justify sweating profusely at 36 F with big words no one understands I thought that said Homosapien at 1st
  11. 36 and sweating . Is someone holding a heat lamp over your head while working
  12. Watching Fast and furious 4 with my car in it ( Buick Grand National) finally some respect for arguably the most detuned American factory car ever made . I spent less than $1,000 to turn 12 sec flat ETs back in 1997 Best ET to date 10.90 @ 125 mph