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  1. Op gfs crushes us late week with rain ..3 -6" worth. Wpc sorta agrees it seems. Gefs has 2.5" mean through day 7.
  2. Same here. I thought it would be hot..but ended up below nws predicted high of 87 by 5 degrees.
  3. Wow ..you guys are torching. ..only 82/66 here.
  4. Gfs has my area only hitting around 60 - 62 tomorrow. ..I actually hope so because I'll be outside all day at a track meet and upper 80s in April isn't my thing . Hopefully Wxwatchers house still hits 90 though
  5. 75 /67 here with hazy sunshine .
  6. Hope you get your game in. Heard some thunder a couple hours ago here.
  7. Sounds like Denver! I'd be willing to be that kind of person ..lol
  8. West Kansas looks to get crushed with up to 20- 30 inches of paste and 40 -60 mph gusts according to Euro. Pretty wild for almost May.
  9. Hrrr at 6z-7z looks busy..
  10. 3knam also had some 2 inch pwats popping up tomorrow and Sunday. That should put down serious brief heavy rain for the few who get it.
  11. A couple discreet super cells showing up on the 0z 3knam Sim radar for Saturday. It wasn't showing much before.
  12. Latest Gfs agrees with your thoughts ..has a east wind on Sunday for Md with highs only in the low 60s. You have to go well south of DC into Va. to get 80+.
  13. Checkout day 8 high temps on Gfs . Near 80 in S/E Va. and low 40's in N. MD. Don't see that every day.
  14. Hey ...lookie here ...May snow for Garrett County on latest gfs. Check out the high temps day 10
  15. Quick look at nam looks mostly dry today...hope so ..so I can finally cut my foot high grass. This system ended up being much less qpf then models depicted even a couple days ago. Latest Hrrr does have an area between DC and Baltimore getting near .50" ..so there's that fwiw.