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  1. 6z JMA is tight to the coast compared to most guidance. Probably would even have mby well west of i95 in the game for light coastal love .
  2. Verbatim doesn't matter. H5 improved with a better vort consolidation. That's my takeaway . Overall net positive and 3 1/2 days to go
  3. Nam 700mb moisture transport looks decent well west .
  4. Yea...the trend on the EPS has been undeniable since Sunday's HH run. Steadfast
  5. Definitely to the bolded Just noting the rare verbatim coastal Georgia snow
  6. For a period it was due north and agree nne from there but the further gain in latitude from a north position is more . Nice sharp trough as u mentioned
  7. Nam H5 suggests an almost DUE NORTH SLP trajectory at 84
  8. Most agree Nam is useful inside 48 hours . So the fact its leaving less energy behind at 48 is all the positive I need . Good net run already .
  9. Look at the individuals if u can Plenty of solid member hits for Baltimore on the Eps as is ..(several 6"+) My fun bar is 4" up here . I think its doable but so is a dusting lol
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