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  1. When I took the masters test in January 2000 ...the requirements were either 4 years of night school ( I had 1 ) or 7 years in the field and your employer could sign off which mine did . I studied the 1999 NEC book for 3 months strait and practiced calculations on my own . 1st time I got a 68% on the local county test . Needed 70% . That only made me hungrier and 2 weeks later I took the Maryland state test after cramming my ass off and got a 86% . I do 90 % residential and light commercial. Being good at math definitely helped overall. I think nowadays the 7 years in the field isn't allowed as a only requirement. I was a bit lucky but very determined. Unions were different. I think at the time it was 5-7 years of schooling but can't remember for sure
  2. You learn tricks of the trade but ..yes it's a bitch sometimes. I recently pulled 200 amp rated 250 mcm wire through 2.5 inch PVC 10 foot at a time 300 feet out to a generator . Owner wanted it in conduit even though direct buried 24 inches is fine . It kicked my ass . I almost called my buddy's temp service to hire a guy temporarily. . Occasionally I get a laborer on weekends to help on hard jobs but thats rare .
  3. . Heard that from my friends parents all the time back in the early mid 90s . I got a full scholarship ( baseball) and never used the schooling . Worked for a master electrician since I was 15 and figured if he can start his own business...why can't I . I saw the money he could make ( granted he hustled his ass off to make good coin while paying 2 helpers ) . I figured if I could be a sole proprietor..( One man show lol ) I could maximize my profit . 21 years of business later . ..still by myself and no plans to change that . I have no regrets. Hopefully the draw of younger people to skilled trades comes back .
  4. Not kidding. All aboard the shorttttt bus lol. The temps not getting out of the mid 30s in the afternoon tomorrow up that way is pretty rare I'd think for May 10th even there . Looks like a consensus for a couple slushy inches in places at a minimum.
  5. Graupel/hail briefly covered the ground 1 mile south of Littlestown . Knocked temp back to 44
  6. 39 an hour ago with moderate rain. Up to 42 now .
  7. ^Yep.. most likely the brake pad indicators close to touching the rotor .
  8. Bradford, Pa flakes Even State College area maby some wet flakes . Haven't had time to look at guidance much lately but a quick looks like some inverted trough possibly setting up . Looks like eastern ,Pa favored for that part if it occurs per Euro / Nam .
  9. Tornado warning to my south in Westminster northeast towards Hampstead. Close to an inch imby