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  1. Yea..Gefs has been hinting for several runs now ...and as you pointed out has really increased that signal ...for now anyway. Of course Cmc has been harping this for days as well. It has the steady Ukie in its court ..albeit. .little weaker then 0z run but still there.
  2. Gettin..real muggyyyyyyy out.Dripping sweat on sweat. ..lol
  3. Ukie goes to 144 only Extraping the Ukie it looks to go north of the CMC for sure and with an approaching cf over the great Lakes it might recurve before our latitude. I'm actually rooting for a low to develop near the gulf and throw remnants at us . That's probably our best shot in the next couple weeks.
  4. Gefs has a cluster near this area and timeframe as well ...fwiw.
  5. Don't forget the Ukie...996 eastern Bahamas Hour 144 Cmc same time. ..
  6. 12z Gefs low clustering. Nice cluster eastern gulf day 7-10. Day 8..
  7. 24 hours ago Nws had 20% pops for yesterday and today. It rained on and off yesterday here for hours. This mornings Hrrr shows 2-3" + for areas near DC and east. ..lol . This wouldn't happen in winter.
  8. Didn't even know it was going to rain today. It looks like it's here to stay for a while. Just light but so much for grass cutting. It's almost a foot in spots.
  9. Even at day 5 both Gfs and euro look intriguing . Hopefully good tracking ahead.
  10. Check out the traffic jam on the Euro.... 1...2...3
  11. "Greenage"...lol . You get a nice storm?
  12. Line really weakening as it approaches mby. ..lookin lame.
  13. Quarter size hail possible in that cell near Frederick per warning
  14. See some lightning off in the distance and plenty of thunder. 80/74