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  1. Definitely. ..this is the kind of early morning temp you just come out the door and take a deep breath of that good cool air. 55
  2. This weekend also looking like good chances for some storminess starting Friday.
  3. Tonight would be a good night to eat crabs and drink beer ( got the beer but no crabs ...getting real nice out this evening. Btw...saw cases of Zima at the local liquor store...it's back..lol
  4. Gfs has some areas along the West Virginia apps dropping to frost levels by Wed morning I'll take the low 50s it's advertising here though.
  5. Finally. ..Rain incoming for many
  6. Had a light shower come through. Currently 74/73..
  7. Same here ..getting missed by 5-10 miles Harrisburg area must be getting the goods ...surrounded by flood warnings.
  8. We still have time..lol That crest at Lewistown really sticks out. 20 feet above flood stage. Stilts wouldn't even helped your house there.
  9. Radar shows some returns near you. Any rain?
  10. Just noticed a stw up for M/D line on north. Maybe some rogue cells will bleed south of the box. Hrrr has been jumpy all day so... 86/77
  11. 84/76 Looking forward to the overnight lows in the 50s starting Sunday night. Good open your winda weather.
  12. Gotta like the incredible 850 moisture transport even if there are NO storms.
  13. 80 /75...highest dew of the current year I believe
  14. If you live south of i70 don't look at the 3k nam ..
  15. Actually latest Hrrr 18 hour has Cindy's remnant core missing us well north and west late tonight...long range so not buying it especially with Euro on our side. Add 3k nam to the awful ..mostly a miss