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  1. Op 6z gfs already vastly different then 0z at H5...starts around hour 150 which leads to big differences past day 8 or 9. I'll still keep tracking because I don't know when to quit ...lol.
  2. Past day 12 looks like lower hieghts replace higher hieghts in the east though.
  3. Yea...comparing 6z and 12z gefs. Features don't look as robust but op is an outlier with its almost non existent trough..imo
  4. Gefs looks better then the operational .Has a sharper trough day 8 on forward .6z gefs was better but op seems to be an outlier
  5. Big differences between Canadian op and gfs at day 8..Canadian looks more like last night's Euro at 500mb
  6. I know it's long range fantasy and beyond but nice to see ops spitting out setups like this. How appropriate( March 13th)
  7. You mean this...
  8. It does show up to an inch Friday for parts of the region...so there's that.
  9. What a difference outside. Currently 36 at noon but feels colder. Denver weather...lol
  10. I would think Rehoboth has to be at climo for the season.
  11. Op Gfs continues to look cold Friday and Saturday with highs in the 30s . Hopefully the clipper can dig a little more so we can squeek out a decent little event.
  12. Still some ironing out to do looking at H5 . Here's day 9 Mrefs 18z. ...far from consensus it appears which is not surprising with that far out in time.
  13. Intense hail up here. Been a long time since I've seen the ground get white almost by hail.
  14. Crushed by hail up here. Nickel to quarter size.
  15. This is the vort I think you're referring to and it's close to being something decent as you said.